201701171744Add Limited Sub-Items of Middlewares

//  This documents was sync from in www.epoffice.org and in this blogsite. 


Middleware EULA --- Add limited sub-Items 


//  Please read EUAL while installing EP iLogic in workstation.  
//  Please read Chapter 13/14 User Manual of Chinese Version.
//       "(DATE)"    This item was modified on that Date.
//       "<DATE Status>"    This item was modified for status.   (20161226)
//       "<DATE Reserved>"  This item was modified to be properly.

20200219 Add Sub-Item <3-14>
<English>  中置/中階 軟體軟件,請勿被使用在重製產品,且請勿做反向工程。
                 請填資料 (this document) 完成評估。
   <3-14>  Middleware do not be used under reproduct and any reverse engineering,
                 please fill up this document to finish evaluation.
20161210 Add Sub-Item <3-13>
  <3-13>   Define  Registered Middleware  of Chinese Fonts。
  <3-13>   Registered Middleware 中文定義 <制動器軟體>。

  <3-12>    <20151205 Reserved> 
   <3-12>   <20151205 保留>

20150628 Add Sub-Items <3-9> <3-10> <3-11>
   <3-9>   (20150628)  , Modified & Add , Please Check it !!
   <3-10>  Middleware Version ,  Chinese Language Define,   V01  V02
   <3-11>  Middleware@TWICSS in epoffice.blogsite,in which  a part of projects transfer to TWICSS for  business.  It dose not be released, and It is telling every one that fixed project to compare the next goal. 
   <3-9>   (20150628)  , 加註說明。
   <3-10>   中文定義
                  V01    中階軟件
                  V02    中置軟體/軟件  
   <3-11>  Middleware@TWICSS  為 epoffice blogsite (20161126) 一個專案移至 TWICSS  進行事務。  這裡討論的是為索新基方式,並廣告業務。

20150620   Add Sub-Item <3-7> <3-8>(20150628) Items
    <3-7>    <20151205 Reserved>  
    <3-8>    Please do not use un-registered middle-ware to build electric and machinery with(20150628) engineer !!
    <3-7>    <20151205 保留>
    <3-8>    請勿使用未註冊的制動軟體,(20150628) 請勿使用在重電設施機械上 !!
   Add <3-5> <3-6> Sub-Items

      <3-5>  <20151205 Reserved>  
      <3-6>  <20151205 Reserved>  
   增加 3-5, 3-6 項目:
      <3-5>   <20151205 保留>
      <3-6>   <20151205 保留>

<English>   Add <3-4> Sub- Items
      <3-4>  Do not use middleware to do attacking and to do violence  human body.
  增加 3-4  項目
      <3-4> 請勿使用 Middleware 來進行暴力攻擊身體行為。 

<English>   Add <3-1>, <3-2>  Sub-Items
       <3-1>  Before using Middleware, please link to http://www2.epoffice.org/downloading-with-eula  and accept into , you will be permitted to use the information. Do not do illegal way while using middleware.
       <3-2> Do not be using of voilence method to get stuff.  Do not  rent out.  Do not distribute unregistered middleware .
       <3-3>  Define Give ---  You can testing and evalutation in EP iLogic from www.epoffice.org  , after evaluation please delete the middleware.
<Chinese>   增加 3-1, 3-2 項目
       <3-1>  使用Middleware 之前,請至網路網頁確認下載協議  http://www.epoffice.org/download-with-this-agreement  ,才能夠使用。  
                     並請勿使用 Middleware 做出非法行為。
       <3-2>  勿有未取得授權進行暴力購買情況,不可租借。未註冊的 Middlware 請勿散播 。
       <3-3>   <給> 的定義 ---  讓您評估與測試未註冊狀態 。  過了評估期後請自行刪除。

       More description
        <3>  Middlewares are often used in Mechanical Engineering.  When you do not have  registered relative sutff.  It will be dangerous while you are  operating or designing.     

  <Items 1-5 >  Descriptions / Status
  • After getting Middleware you develop the Func and middleware in user's device, please do the solid of code under environments and recoverable the system, when Middlewares are running.
  • Program's memory and flash you must make cetification and evaluation.
  • Middleware must communicate to EP iLogic,  becase they use epCODE protocol including Modicon.
  • When you are expired  that meaning you are finished the evaluation status and the testing,  please get ProdcutID from epOffice to continue use.
  • When you get the ProductID , you will get Middleware Source Code to develop the device.
 <中文 Chinese>

   依據 條列 1-5 做解釋與狀態

  • 取得中階軟件之後,在中階軟件環境下您開發的函式使用在設備理,請堅固環境下的程式並可以回復狀態,當中階軟件正在執行中時。
  • 開發時程式使用之記憶體需要被評估與測試,驗證系統穩定。
  • 中階軟件與 EP iLogic 通訊  使用 epCODE 通訊協定 內支援 Modicon 協定以進行使用。
  • 當您過了評估期後 (找到題目)   請向作者取得 ProductID 產品識別號碼繼續註冊記名使用。
  • 取得 ProductID  後  您會取得中階軟件原始碼,進行開發您設備。






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