201701171716Add Limited Sub-Items of EP iLogic CAD EULA


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       Add Items from <Item 9> , those item are restricted and forbidden !!
       -- Restricted Item NL-- 
       NL: The relative of EP iLogic , the all of right  transfer to other people by other contract.
       Description:   The other contract conflict with this item,  that contract is useless on this item for all of right.  Because E-mail can not be changed of privilege person.
       增加 < Item 9>  項目,這項目是被禁止的。
       -- 禁止項目 NL--
       NL:  EP iLogic 相關軟體,轉讓或買斷所有權,簽署其他合約作讓與以及所有權出售給其他人。
       解釋: 若合約與此條相衝突,其他合約為無效情況。 (因為 E-mail 不可以改)

<20150526-1>  Add Items from <Item 9>  , those items are restricted and forbidden !!
        -- Restricted Item ML---  
          ML:  They are expired over 30 days , but  the using violence and dis-assemble method to get stuffs and continue use of CAD.
          Description ---  Outside Taiwan not to sell, and  please do not use crack and dis-assemble program to continue use,  Of course in Taiwan is also status.  Just use Viewer the make decision to you !! Because currently under testing and evaluation. <20151205 Modified>  
<20150526-1>  增加項目 <依據項目 9>  ,
       -- 禁止項目 ML---  
        ML:  評估與測試期間30 天已過期 程式破解或是改變帳號 ,再繼續使用 CAD 請況。 
        解釋 :    台灣以外的廣域地區使用已經過期了 , 請勿使用方程式暴力破解智財行為取得行事  繼續使用 CAD 情況。直接使用 Viewer 檢測是去評估您的決定 !!  因為現在是評估與測試階段。 <20151205 修改>

  <2015/05/26>  Add Items from <Item 9>  , those items are restricted and forbidden !!
       --- Restricted Items KM LM ---  
         KM:  <20151205 Erased>  
         LM:  User Sell EP iLogic CAD , and  the source of relative EP iLogic CAD,  
          Description:    EP iLogic CAD can not be sold ,  that we built and made the union  make user join us and develop their stuffs (Get ProductID and Registration ).
  <2015/05/26>   增加項目 <依據項目 9>  , 加入這些禁止項目
        ---禁止項目 KM LM---
         KM  :   <20151205 移除>
         LM  :    買賣  EP iLogic CAD            
            解釋:您必須 研究與發展產生 ProductID 行為進行申請登錄,  登錄過後而您可以對您登錄的  ProductID 進行  商業行為 /專案諮詢 /工業應用 
         M: ( Master Degree)

  2015/04/02   Add  Item from <Item 9-E> , those items are restricted and forbidden !!
         JI.  Use machine or device to force human body and threaten.   <20151205 Modified>
  2015/04/02   依據 Item 9-E   增加禁制條例 
         JI.  使用在機具設施對人身體以及精神上產生威脅等情事。

Please read User Manual of Chinese Version -- Chapter 13/14 ,  more description
     EULA 9  A-HN
  •  Do not disasmble and modify.
  •  Do not re-product to sell.
  •  Do not Setup FTP to distribute self.
  •  Do not  Inverse Engineering,   please directly to use.

        There is no people who is licensed by epOffice have source code of EP iLogic project to sell.
        The source code of EP iLogic do not be sold.  (20170117)
        please  when someone raise this non-authoring event of EP iLogic ,
        mail to us !!  or  (Set up Item 4)   delete !!   ( just delete ,  no ctr-alt-del ,   because epOffice shall mail or post )

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    請查閱 中文使用手冊  十三、十四章節。  依據 <Items 9 A-HN>  更多說明相同解釋情況

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