201504050053Hint Issued, Why ?

Hint Issued,  Why ?

      epenguin.blogsite.org is written about equation and reference from authoring in University.  That professor used Chinese language to say English's key word is not exactly what his meaning in University.  He did not wirte the key world to display and to exlpain in University, because NTIT changed to NTUT. There have much concludtion we define that is not completed.   When I transfer diagram to www.epoffice.org, we hint it and add eula at web page to describle that from authoring.   Equation figure from CAD refer professor's conclusion of his wife. Thanks alot that class.  I wrote that book's editors and put on our schedule documents after hinting website equation. 

  This 0.1.13 version inside middleware,  that version is internal releasing evalution and testing.  Require the respond and refine the eula avoiding the unsure situation.   When there have any new version is for different purpose or for business released in Institute.


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