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The mountain Zhai apple store back:Regular authorization store gross profit only 5%

The street of China Kunming came out a few "mountain Zhai" apple store, it repaired style and regular apple store to look exactly alike, the salesclerks all declare to work for apple company, and this matter causes strong echo among nations.
Industry and business section in Kunming immediately launches a row to check to this, totally discover 5 stores that there is"apple" sketch sign on head in the door, but all didn't obtain authorizations distribution of apple company.
These store with half an eye and the apple regular retail price store is almost exactly alike:The wood system demonstration table of wall outside the glass, shallow color, revolve a stairs and display iPad 2 and the huge of other apple products poster, moreover still has the accessories that the orderliness has a preface,LED Spot Lightsthe salesclerks are dressed in united apple blue work T-shirt and wear to print the Ming card of having the apple marking and absolutely pass imitation for genuine article.
This report reporter's survey discovers that the emergence of the mountain Zhai apple store, the back isn't easily a regular apple dealer.A personage who approaches an apple company says to reporter, the apple gives the door the store dealer's gross profit to only have 5%-6%, and usually breaks goods.
The rigorous policy of apple
Know what happened a personage to tell a reporter, the apple authorization store of different Class enjoys different treatment in taking goods.
A personage who approaches an apple company says to reporter, the apple gives the store dealer's hair price of goods space in door usually only 5%-6% gross profits, this makes the day of some apple dealers not lead.For example at Xu Jia Hui in Shanghai a take of apple store, a position like the store monthly rental in 1:00 be usually up to ten several 10000 dollarses-Be only depend on selling an apple product can not undertake at all.
Retail price system of apple at China from 5**the part constitute:
Among them, the scale biggestly keeps a camp for Peking and Shanghai of 4 Apple Store flagship store, the apple plans in China to open 25 flagship stores.Apple's cooperation dealer in China is again been divided into high-quality Apple dealer,led tube light Apple Shop and Apple authorized dealer and profession is 4 types of authorized dealer, face different customers respectively, sell a different product, also enjoy different treatment according to the different Class.
All requests decoration that all needs strictly according to the apple after the stores of the apple authorization shop front and display a merchandise, the salesclerk also needs after special training.
Know what happened a personage to tell a reporter, the apple authorization store of different Class enjoys different treatment in taking goods.When some tight Qiao merchandises become available in the market(such as iPad 2 and white iPhone 4), the authorization Class higher store can usually synchronously and the apple flagship store take goods, but the Class lower store then possibility for a long time after just get hold of goods, and the amount is limited.
When the consumer gets to a store in want to buy an apple merchandise, the boss pays falter I the ground says "want to separate several geniuses to can take goods"-this circumstance belong to the authorization Class lower store.
"Sometimes the marketing policy of apple makes the person hard to catch to touch."Approach a knowing what happened of apple company personage to reveal,cheap evening dressesTo protect the foot is injured a tool an apple authorization store lately arrived a batch of apples product, the apple company requested them to then can put out in the afternoon, result this store no time for waiting ground put out in the morning.This matter is cruised the apple companies of store and discovers, thinks that that dealer breached apple sale a policy-simply request this store to put goods in the warehouse and press greater half for year to don't let as a result sale with show punishment.
Arrive unstoppable temptation
"These the apple authorize a store to almost be made money by accessories."
Come to say to some apple authorized dealers, sale water goods apple product and haven't yet the accessories of authorization usually is arrive unstoppable temptation-because this can bring higher profits, can make up the circumstance of source shortage in the meantime.
Some regular authorization stores usually could not take the apple source of enough amount, therefore usually face an inquiring of consumer but hard launch sale."The apple usually breaks goods and practices hungry marketing and quota management."Know what happened a personage to point out.led lighting automotive


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