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    The temperature dropped abruptly in this morningTh reason is that LA is a desert geography which causes the temperature in LA to change a lot during a day. Additionally, such geography creates a very different urban landscape (disperse instead of centralization) from other American cities, such as New York, Chicago, Atlanta, etc. I work in my apartment today for some academic affairs of our department. Also, I prepare some documentations for applying for the funding support of CAAD Futures'07 conference from National Science Council on line. By the way, I have the conversation with my roommate Mustupha coming form Nigeria in Africa. He is a graduated student. 6 years ago, he came to USA alone for his career. To make lots of money in a good company is his goal. Today conversation lets me think about what is my further goal after I got the Ph.D degree and the Associate Professor title? 


    Today I miss the conversation with Debbie in MSN for my late rising. After Prof. Wu's class, I sit on the soft grass in the Campus Center to read the book "Timeless Cities" during 45 mins driver break (ps: In this campus, there are several time periods for the driver to take a rest). Foliowing the tempo of author's retrospective city history, it remind me that I and Debbie always sat on the grass to pour out our hearts at nightfall in Arts Quad during my graduated study in Cornell University. How wonderful the days were! In IDC, I have a meeting with Eason for his thesis design. Also, I move into my office today. Surprisingly, Prof. Axel invites me to join their dinner in LA downtown  tomorrow with the famous CAAD researchers,including Macros Novak, Robert Aish and Axel Kilian. Because Prof. Sasha will join the dinner too, I will ask him to take me with him.  

    By the way, I am very happy that two CYUT students (宗翰and宛君) that I recommended have got the admissions of differnt good graduated schools. 宗翰 gets the admissions of NCTU (交大) and NCKU (成大).  宛君 gets the admissions of SCA-ARC, University of Michigan, Architectural Association and Bartlett School of Architecture. As a teacher, the most pleasure thing is to see the students, who have the strong motiviation and enthusiasm in architecture learning, to pursue their career goals sucessfully.


    For applying the funding support from National Science Council, it still takes me much time to prepare related documentations right now. I hope that I can finish it before this weekend. After a meeting with Ben for his thesis design in IDC, Prof. Sasha picks me up at PM:7:00, and then drives to the restaurant.This restaurant is a small izakaya-type restaurant in Little Toyko which is in Downtown LA. We have a nice conversation on the way to Little Toyko. In the Japanese restaurant, Prof. Axel and his girlfriend treat approximate 8 guests to dinner including me, Sasha, Macros Novak, Robert Aish, Axel Kilian, Michael Fox, Jintow Lin, etc. I really enjoy beer, sake, and different kinds of the Japanese snacks. All people have the great conversations with each other. I and Sasha leave early at around PM:10:15. I appreciate Axel and his girlfriend very much. By the way, I and Axel will have a lunch together in the next Monday for discussing about the CAAD curriculum.



    Due to Ben and Eason will have the review in the next week, we have the meeting in my apartment at night. In addition, Jason and Joyce also come to my apartment for discussing their paper works assigned by Prof. Luis. I really hope that they all can do the good jobs not only for themselves but also for our school and department. By the way, Dean Hana will invite us (I and students) to have a dinner together on May, 14.


    I have been to here for over one month. Although my students said " time flies", I don't have the same feeling at all. I don't know why I feel not good in the whole day. After dealing with something in the department office, I go to a Mexico restaurant, which is near the Village, to have a lunch. It is my first time to have the Mexico food in my life. I also order a glass of Mexico juice. Honestly, I should say that I am not used to have the Mexico food and its juice. By the way, this week is the deadline for TKU students for submitting their mid-term assignments (on line) in my Urban Space course. I will be busy in evaluating theirs assignments in this weekend.  



    I spend most of time to  read and revise TKU students' mid-term assignments. There are 54 students that take my "Urban Space" course in this semester. In addition, I prepare to apply for the reward of journal papers (including A grade and B grade) from CYUT. If I get the reward sucessfully, I hope that I can have the extra money (reward money) in the next year. For appreciating Prof. Wu's kindly assistance in helping our students and me, I invite Prof. Wu and his wife to have a dinner in Crane Sushi located in Alhambra. Kristina also joins the dinner with us. We have a very pleasant talk in this dinner. By the way, I am the first time to sleep in the attic of the restaurant. I really enjoy it.


    Today Kristina and I go to the Westfield Mall in Arcadia to buy gifts for my family, due to I will come back to Taiwan one month later. I buy the clothes for Debbie, Pauline and my younger sister. I also buy XBOX games for Jesse. I am so happy to find the game "007 Night Fire", which is the most interesting game that we like to play before. For celebrating Kristina birthday (May, 10), I invite her and Bob to a famous Italian restaurant " Sesame Grill" in Arcadia to have a dinner. In addition, the waitresses not only treat us a delicate strawberry ice cream cake, but sing a birthday song to Kristina. How wonderful dinner it is! By the way, I have a very nice phone talk with my parent later.


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