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    Due to Bob's restaurant (Crane Sushi) will be transfered, I go to Pasadena to help them to cart the goods to Alhambra today. At night, Bob and Kristina invite me to join their dinner with their employees in a famous buffet restaurant named TODAI. The restaurant, which is located in Arcadia, is famous for its Japanese sushi and seafood.



    Before coming back to the apartment, Bob takes me to Fry's, which is a specialty retailer of software, consumer electronics, and computer superstores. I am very happy to find the PC game (NBALIVE 06) for Jesse. Due to Joyce and Jason have the reviews (master plan review) today, I go to IDC to join their reviews. During the review, I really appreciate Prof. Paul's statement " Urban design deals with the lives in the urban in the common sense." According to the reviews that I have joined, I find that there are different design disciplines and thinking methods between Cal Poly Univ. Pomona and CYUT (or TKU).

    By the way, we have the dim sum for our lunch in Arcadia today. The restaurant is the place where my family (including my parents, younger sister and I) joined the banquet of the wedding party (Bob and Kristine) 9 years ago. I really hope that the quarter can be finished soon in order to come back to Taiwan to see my family.


    Debbie told me that Jesse got some troubles in his English classes yesterday. I am so sorry that I can not help her to cope with the situation soon. Honestly speaking, it is not necessary for a faculty (especially with a family) to stay here to accompany students in a whole quarter. Due to no classes today, I spend the whole day to read the book " Timeless Cities" and some papers in CUMINCAD web-site. At night, I have a meeting with Eason in order to discuss with his thesis design. 


    Even though the trains are very noisy,sometimes I like to listen to the trains' singing. Such singing is so familiar with my living environment 30 years ago in Shili district in Taipei city. I am very happy to attend the lectures that I am interested in every day. I can learn more knowledge and experience as well as can spend my monotonous life. Besides the general class in Building 1, Prof. Wu have a pre-review for the students' luminary design, which is the competition of lighting design hold by Lesley Wheel Memorial Scholarship Fund. Each winner can get 1500 USD scholarship. I really appreciate that CAl Poly students are very good at the implementation in small scale designs. I think that the implementation is the key issue that CYUT students should learn more.


    After the pre-review, Prof. Wu invites us (including Ben and Eason) to have a lunch (dim sum) together. He try to personnally help Ben and Eason to prepare his exam on this Friday. He also wants to understand their learning situations and solve the problems that encountered during this period.  Additionally, we have some discussions about the exchange program in the next year. Thank him very much for his kindly assistance. Due to I will go to IDC, Prof. Irma gives me a ride to IDC. She also invites me to join their mid-term review (third year design studio) on the next Friday. By the way, I get my Bronco number today eventually.


    Today I go to the two different adminstrative departments (one is the building designed by Antoine Predock) to apply for my Bronco ID card and office key. My office as trailer-like building is located in behind IDC. I share this office with Prof. Alex Pang. Its environment lets me recall my graduated study in Cornell University 13 years ago. At that time, I and my classmates worked together in the trailer-like building. The difference is that the current office has no any windows. I still appreciate Prof. Wu's help very much. By the way, I should start to control my weight, because I find that I get more weight than before.



    I take two lectures today. One is Prof. Luis's lecture which is about the theme of the high rise buildings in urban design. The idea "form follows finance" and "zoning envelop" are the important guidelines for controling the high rise buildings in the mid 20th in American cities, such as New York, Chicago, etc. Another lecture "Transgenic Architecture" is given by Prof. Mocros Novak. He is very famous in the CAAD domain, especially his idea "Liquid Architecture". In this lecture, he integrates architecture design with computational mechanisms (including parameters, algorithm, etc) through exploring the transformation of biology especially cells'. The program about the form mutation impresses me very much. I believe that the computational ability will be the important and necessary skills for designers (and students) to create design works in the near future. By the way, I really appreciate that Prof. Axel introduces me to Prof. Mocros Novak, and takes me to have the front seat.


    I am very happy that Kristina and Bob will visit me today. After having the lunch together, Bob takes me to Diamond Ranch High School designed by Tom Mayne who is the founder of Morphosis. Basically, the parti of the school layout is very simple and strong. Three linear layers of buildings, which have different programs, follow the slope of the site. The layers create different kinds of open spaces for students' activities including dynamic (sport field), semi-dynamic (living street for public) and static (corridors for classes). The layers also are traversed by void spaces to open the distant mountain view. The spatial experience is similar to the mountain city in Italy and 九份 in Taiwan. In addition, their zigzag forms (plan and facade) not only provide dynamic spaces, but create the interesting skylines to reflect the shapes of the distant mountain. I believe that a good design always comes from the simple parti. The school design really impresses me very much.



    For complementing the food for the next week, Bob takes me to the supermarket to buy Taiwanese food. The supermarket is located in Rowland Heights county, which takes 15-20 mins from the University Village. Then we go to West Covina county to see movies. We see the two movies "Next" and "Disturbia" which do not come on yet in Taiwan. It is the good idea to spend time to see different movies in a day. I really appreciate that Bob and Kristina still spend their time to accompany me today, even though they are busy in taking care their restaurant.          

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