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    Today, I drive to Pasadena with Kristina. Kristina tells me that I can drive her car to Pomona after the end of April. I really appreciate their kindly assistance. In the near furture, I hope that I can drive to different view destinations in California with Debbie, Jesse and Pauline. After having a lunch (Shabu Shabu), I try to walk to Art Center College of Design, which is very famous for its art design especially the vehicle design. However, it should take me approximate 30 mins to walk to the school. Finally, I give up the walking for the time limitation. I believe that will visit the school later. I also drive to 168 supermarket to buy some food. At night, I treat Kristina to dinner in a Thai restaurant where Thai food is very delicious and authentic.


    It is my first experience to Disneyland in my life today. For collecting the teaching materials about the theme parks, I drive to Disneyland with Kristina today. It's the first time that I drive in the L.A. highway. The speed in driving in LA highway is faster than in Taiwan. This makes me a little nervous in the beginning, but I am used to the speed later. Due to we have 4-day hopper tickets, we can save 83 USD per person to visit two parks ( Disneyland Park & Adventure Park). In the parks, I take many images of cartoon-like "buildings". Their dynamic forms are like the Gehry's architecture. All the illusive images in the parks seem to reflect the living phenamena of  Americans. These phenamena make the confusion between the reality and the virtual in their lives. This is why Baudrillard uses the concept of  " Simulacres Et Simulation" to have a fling at the American cities, specially LA. Honestly, I should say that I do not like Disneyland at all. Maybe it is too childish for me.



    It is very sad to hear that a massacre happened in a beautiful campus yesterday. There are 33 (including gunman) people were shot to death in Virginia Tech in USA. The massacre is the breaking news in all American media such as CNN. This news makes me a little bit uncomfortable and  nervous due to my ethnic status and current life in a USA campus. I believe that how to amend the gun law will be the emergent issue in USA. I have received my permanent insurance ID card today. I believe that my CYUT students have received theirs too. To check out my payment situation and parking information, I go to the office of the University Village before going to the campus. Later, I also go to the architecture office to check out the situation of my office key and Bronco ID application. 


    After taking Prof. Wu classes, I and Prof. Wu have a discussion for CYUT students' learning situations. He asks me about each student's situation and problem. I believes that he knows the students' situations already. We also discuss about the issue of the exchange program in the next year. Instead of going to IDC, I go to the library in College of Environmental Design to look for some references that I am interested,  specially in the digital design. I am happy that I will have lots of readings to read tonight. In addition, I am very happy to know that the thing Jesse likes best is his family while I entered his web-page mindlessly. I should say that I miss my family (especially Jesse and Pauline) very much. Through the event of the massacre in Virgina Tech, I think that too much pressure is not good for children in their growing.


    My students will have their individual reviews on this Friday (Ben and Eason) and next Monday (Joyce and Jason). Although they are instructed by different foreign faculties, I still worry about their design schedules and works. After finishing the lunch, I go to IDC to have discussions with each student for his/her individual design works. At night, we go to the atrium of Building 7 (Architecture Department) to attend a lecture. The speaker of the lecture is a Mexico architect named Eduardo Terrazas. In the lecture, he first addresses some important urban issues in the global city. Then he introduces his architecture, urban works and paintings. Unfortunately, I am not easy to understand what the relationships between these issues and his design works. His paintings, which are similar to the patterns of the urban zoning, are very interesting to me.

    The thing, that I am really impressed, is that all faculities (including Dean and Chairman) attend the lecture besides students. Before the lecture, Dean Hana introduces me to the speaker. After the lecture, she asks me to introduce my four students. She and the students have short conversations with each other. Also, there is a reception, which provides several kins of food and beverages, for the attendants. I and several faculities have some discussions. Prof. Sasha (got Ph.D degree from UCLA) invites me to join their tomorrow review (a little formal). I and Prof. Axel (worked in Morphosis) will meet together for discussing the CAAD curriculum after next week. By the way, the reception helps us save money for today dinners.



    Today is a cold and rainy day, which makes me very uncovenient and comfortable. I wait up early to take Prof. Luis's lecture " Major Trends in Urban Design" at 9:00. Unfortunately, my students do not appear in this lecture until the end of the classes. Today lecture, which I have the similar theme of the lecture in TKU, will be helpful for their current design works. There are lots of urban ideas of the precedents (such as Camillo Sitte, Le Corbusier, Archigram, Leon Krier, etc) which can be applied in their design works. After the lunch. I am invited by Prof. Sasha to join their students' thesis design reviews (草評) with Prof. Paul, who is very good at the architecture in California (such as Rudolf Schindler, Richard Neutra, Frank Lloyd Wright and his son Lloyd Wright, etc). He graduated from Princeton Univ., also taught in Yale Univ. before in Cal Poly Univ. Pomona.

    In the review, Eason and Ben do the good jobs for their thesis designs, but I believe that they can be better than today presentations. In addition, Joyce also works very well with her team members, especially a Korean Guy. Joyce gives him a nickname "小胖". After having the dinner together, Janice gives me a ride to Bob's restaruant in Alhambra. I really appreciate her help in this period.  



    I drive to Bob's restaurant in Pasadena with Kristina at noon. I spend three hours in a bookstore alone. Finally I buy a book "TIMELESS CITIES". It is a very interesting book that the author (David Mayernik) explores the ideas of a good cities through experiencing five Italian cities, including Roma, Venice, Florence, Siena and Pienza. It will be halpful to extend and polish my previous experience in 7 years ago. Due to the restaurant will be transfered tomorrow, Bob and Kristina invite me to have a  sumptuous lunch in the restaurant in Pasadena.

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