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  • 200907241937Fans, celebrities mourn the passing of “King of Pop

    Fans, celebrities mourn the passing of “King of Pop

    Taiwanese fans and celebrities expressed their sadness over the passing of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, Friday. Taiwanese music critic Yu Kuang, who promoted Jackson’s tour to Taiwan in the early 1990s, said he was shocked by the news and that he had been working with the American pop idol on his first ever concert in China.

    International pop star Michael Jackson died of a heart attack at the age of 50 in LA early Friday morning Taipei Time. After receiving emergency medical treatment, Michael failed to respond. Music critic Yu Kuang said Michael’s death will surely make him an irreplaceable pop star.

    Yu Kuang
    Music Critic
    He carried Black music forward and was accepted as an icon by people of all ethnic backgrounds, said Yu.

    Yu promoted the Taipei leg of Michael Jackson’s Dangerous tour back in 1993. When he learned of the death, he admitted to having unfinished business with Jackson.

    Yu Kuang
    Music Critic
    Michael told me he wanted to hold a concert in China, but I did not help him achieve his dreams before he passed away, Yu said.

    Having performed five times in Taiwan throughout the mid-1990’s Jackson was one of the more popular Western pop artists in Taiwan and a prime target for imitation.

    Any fans hoping to catch the man one last time on stage at his “This Is It” concert series in London are now left with just his impressive back catalogue to remember him by.

    by Renee 2009/7/25