201809101840 That kind of ordinary

  I do not know if I still remember his appearance, so long time I never saw him again. Just keep searching on the campus of his shadow, gradually, this search has become a habit, and this feeling is also rooted in my mind.

  I think this is the taste of first love, sweet and serene. I do not know that this is not really the first love, because there is no love, but this feeling is really there, so that later I met "he", I do not want to go to us Love is attributed to first love, after all, he is not the first person to let me heart.

  Later, an occasional chance to let me see him again.looks no memory so nice, his faint smile can no longer set off my heart waves. I think that the original emotions should be gone. But sometimes I will see him in a dream, although I know the dream that person's appearance is not him, but my consciousness still told me, no, that is him.

  Sometimes feel that this thing is really special, it is like a seed can slowly take root. I am a university student once said that she crush a person for ten years, during which they just do a few years of classmates, then there is no contact, and thought that this emotion can be broken, never thought It is left in the heart so long, even her own feel incredible.

  Everyone's first love is not the same, but in any case the kind of sweet and Sentimental emotion is true, it is like a breeze drizzle moment knocking on your mind and when you slowly forgot to remind you "Sometimes, this feeling is like a flavor, when you feel life is not so good, suddenly remind you," Do not pessimistic, life is still full of love. " Ya, happy up, your love is still there waiting for you.

  Some people say that first love is used to recall, and now want to really do so. Even if it was not so good at the time, but with the passage of time and memory of the sublimation, the kind of feelings will be infinitely beautified, so that it will be romantic or aesthetic in our memory. Of course, this aesthetic can only be used for aftertaste, but if you want to find the kind of beautiful love, and ultimately will only become helpless. After all, things are people, even if suddenly look back, that person is still, it is only futile.

  Do not go back to the children, to stay in the emotional ~ to commemorate our passing youth.


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