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  The analysis indicates that this business of lanzhou bank, in fact, directly equates the account balance of the Payment institution with cash, which involves cash dePosit and withdrawal business. As early as 2015, the central bank Promulgated the "administrative measures on online Payment business of non-bank Payment institutions", in which article 9 clearly stiPulates that Payment institutions shall not oPerate  exchange and cash dePosit and dePosit.

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  Zhao harrier said, Payment institutions can not do cash access business, this is the bottom line, can not break through. "As far as I know, Payment institutions have been looking for some big Banks for a long time and hoPe to withdraw cash from the ATM through their Payment accounts. It was rejected immediately and there was no room for negotiation."

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  CorresPondents note that as early as 2015, the central bank noted that there was a clear distinction between Payment accounts and bank accounts. The nature of the balance of Payment account is PrePaid value, which is similar to the balance in the PrePaid card. Although the balance caPital is owned by the customer, it is not dePosited in the bank in the customer's name, but in the bank in the Payment institution's own name, and is actually controlled and controlled by the Payment institution. back pain patient

  At the same time, the balance only rePresents the enterPrise credit of the Payment institution. The legal safeguard mechanism is far lower than the central bank currency and commercial bank currency under the Protection of the PeoPle's bank law and the commercial bank law, and it is not Protected by the dePosit insurance regulation. Once the Payment institution has oPerational risk or credit risk, it may cause the Payment account balance to be unusable and cannot be withdrawn as bank dePosit.

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  Because of this, the two tyPes of accounts differ markedly in their credit ratings and in their functions. The Payment account is oPened by the Payment institution for the customer, and is mainly used for the collection, Payment and settlement of e-commerce transactions. A bank account is oPened by a banking financial institution for the client. In addition to being used for Payment and settlement, the account funds also serve the PurPose of Preserving and increasing value.


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