201201140855My Story

1.Emotional Relief
When getting aged, some unhappy things and matters taken place, I have distressed feeling and easy to shed tears, not strong-willed same when I was young. Also, it makes me think many things of the past. Therefore, the purpose of writing this story is for my emotional relief.

I had not received a good education when was young and only can write very simple sentences, both in Chinese and English, not like other people writing very vividly and attractively. In fact, the main reason is that I am not interested in reading and writing. So don’t be surprised, if mistakes and language wrong expression are found in my story.

2. Education

My wife often says to me “You are one of the most having no qualification because you have none of education certificate or diploma.” I really feel ashamed. When I was young, family circumstance did not allow me to have a good education. Also, I am not the person can study very well. Among my brothers and sisters, I am the lowest in education level.

I came from China to Hong Kong in 1956 at the age of 12 and studied primary 4 at a very small private primary school Chung Sau Primary School located on Hollywood Road in Hong Kong side. When I turned 13, I studied primary 5 at the Timothy Primary School in Hung Hom in Kowloon side. When I was 14, our family moved to Lam Tei in New Territories. At that time, our family established a business of selling rice and feeds, and I studied primary 6 at the Pak Yu Primary School located in Hung Shui Kiu. After school, I helped merchandise delivery. At 15-16, I studied at a just founded college called Shung Tak Catholic English College. The highest class at that time was up to Form 2, a boy's school in Shui Pin Wai. In previous Chinese primary schools, I had just studied two very simple English books. So that, I was very difficult to catch up and follow the standard of English college. Also at that time, our family in keeping chickens, I had to get up early morning to help on the farm. After finishing the most busy morning works, then I went to school. After school, I worked again till night. Keeping chickens at that time was not same as now having fashionable equipment. I worked through the whole year without holidays so I could not concentrate on studying. Although I had studied Form 2 at English college, my actual standard was quite low.

3. Jobs and Career

A Chinese proverb says that man should have a right choice in his career, and lady should have a right choice of her husband. I had worked some jobs before also have run several different businesses up to now but still unable to get the most suitable one for me. The item was run for the longest time in a few years, and the shortest time just more than one year. It has been fortunate that none of them has been on the loss. During the course, I had experienced in happiness, disappointment, and hard feeling when rejected by people in promoting and selling. However the effort I have put in works was not in vain, and very fortunately, I got the return for what I had done. 

The recall of running items on my business in my life is quite similar to child arranging toy blocks. Some children arrange a beautiful shape and keep it forever to enjoy. Some try hard but cannot succeed. Finally, they give up the arrangement. I have destroyed my arrangements again and again because I still have been unable to arrange a satisfactory one.

Before running my own business, I helped my family business in delivering rice and farm feed by bicycle, and then, I was a clerk in an export firm calculating CIF prices and sampling. Both of them were in very short time. Later I kept chickens for a longer time 4 to 5 years and an account assistant in a knitting factory for one year.

In 1964, at the age of 20, I started to do business with my elder brother. In the beginning, we learned to do beading embroidery dresses. Afterward several different businesses have included knitting, export firm; wholesaler of rough opals, real estate; children dresses, opal cutting and polishing; trying doing diamond business, loaning; chrysoprase (Australian Jade), handbags; beaded fashion dresses, beaded and sequin fashion accessories; leather watch band, bridal dresses; and evening gowns.

My investments have included Hong Kong and US spot gold, CME commodities of currency and index; Simex Nikkei index, HK HSI Future; Hong Kong stock, Japan stock; and US stock. Apparently I am an addicted gambler. In fact, I have no idea and do not understand most gambles such as racing, lottery; cards, and Chinese game of Mah Jong. I do not want to waste my time in such gambling because I do not wish to rely on luck.

In my life, I regret that I was unable to concentrate in real estate business because I am not as aggressive as other people also not supported by my family. Investments in the past were also not successful. Due to the prosperous Japanese economy before 1984 giving a market preference, I wrongly decided to invest in Japanese market. At that time, the financial information was not easily obtained as now. I had made much wrong decision in the past; I had no predicting ability and my eye unable to see the future. At the time near 1997 Hong Kong to be back to China and the happen on June 4, I applied for immigration overseas. I was too early away from Hong Kong to miss many good opportunities there. However, things cannot be perfect in all respects. If I have been still living in Hong Kong, I am sure that my health could not be as good as now.

Although success comes from God, people still should work hard to achieve it. God’s blessing and grace given to people are different, some people more and some people less. Those greedy and lazy people will be failing. Usually reaching success needs four essential conditions: more clever than people, luckier than people; more saving than people, and more diligent than people. The first and second conditions are from natural born, but the last two conditions are under people’s control. As I have no professional knowledge, special skill, and eloquence, it is impossible and difficult to get a good job. Doing business is the only way good for me. In the manners of hard working, not greedy, save, and sincere to people, my living condition has been improved to the above of the middle level. Up to now, my attitude towards saving and hard working still remains the same. 

4. Character and Expectation

Before working for self-reliance, I had already prepared to work hard and hoped that one day I would be successful. The intention might be caused by the circumstance of my childhood and father’s expectation. Now I feel disappointed and failing because my dream has not come true, and it could not meet with my father’s expectation. My elder daughter always says to me “Now you already have sufficient funds and are still complacent”.

 I was under pressure when was young. My father was rather dictated in the family, serious in face-saving and high expectations on us. In the hardest time of business failure, he did not wish to apply for the government low rent resettlement housing and decided to move to New Territories were rural place at that time. He did not want his children to do the lower works. He decided everything by himself and not communicated and discussed with us. At home, only the intelligence could meet with his respect.

Most people expect living and substance quality; they understand struggling to achieve it, but some don’t and make the financial situation worse. I don’t have much expectation in them and am easily content for my daily requirement. So I don’t feel unhappy and difficult in poor and hard situation. When people hear some successful deeds of others, some of them are jealous, some appreciate; some admire, some congratulate; some are low self-esteem and become negative, and some have none at all. My low self-esteem turns into excitation. I feel guilty when I have wasted time.

Recently I watched a Hong Kong TV interview program. The guest is a Hong Kong male singer, and his wife is a Hong Kong movie star. He told the host that he was born to be like a cow, very diligent, and felt guilty if he wasted time. It seems quite similar to me having the same character. In another Taiwan singing contest program, two winners, who achieved the reward of one million Taiwan currencies, told the host that they could succeed because both of them had the indomitable characters. This was the power of keeping struggling to the end. 

 We had a very good family education from our mother. The last few generations of our family have been Christians. We believe definitely that this wonderful universe and all creatures including us could not be formed naturally. It must have a creator. Things in the world are just like a smoke in front of our eyes and will disappear quickly, but our eternal soul will be the most important and precious. 

5. Hometown and Background

My hometown is in a small village Ungau near Shantou city in Canton. The village divided into two parts South and North, and we were in the North. In the past time, our villagers always had been bullied by the South villagers until several our successful villagers came out in my father period. The first one Hau Yik Chall was in the business of embroidered items of table cloth and handkerchief. He had his own factory in Shantou also was a pastor. The second one Hau Yik Sur was a law advisor, and he owned a several storey house in the city centre. He kept several small long hair white dogs on the top floor and had servants and a chef in his house. His wife was a very beautiful and stylish lady, whose complexion looked like western person and had high professional qualification. When my father had grown up and left the village to Shantou to make a living and business, both of these two villagers were quite helpful to him. Later on my father owned a gun in the village for protective purpose, and such possession became a very serious crime at China liberation.

The village life was very poor in that time. Most villagers were mainly in growing rice and vegetable. At the leisure time, villagers made some bamboo items for selling. Therefore, every family had a small area to grow bamboo. If the family had enough food, it was considered as a rich family, and one very simple bottle of bean sauce was treated as luxurious food. There was a pool in the village for keeping fish. On ordinary days, some children, men, and cows swam and bathed in it. We could have fish to eat when the catching fish season came in the year. Those villagers, who had no share right of the pool, might have no chance of eating meat for the whole year. Sometimes people could buy some cheap pork of dead pigs from sickness sold by neighbour villagers. At that time, there was no chemical fertilizer, and almost were from human and animal wastes. As people wanted to know the concentration of the fertilizer, they used their tongues to test it at the time of purchase. Some things happened in the village are unbelievable. 

My grandfather was the eldest among all his brothers and managed the big family although all of them married. As my grandfather was fond of drinking wine, therefore, the family financial situation was poor under his management. When my father was 5, my grandfather infected with sickness and died due to the lack of medical treatment. Then the family management fell on my grandfather’s brother, the third among the brothers, and I called him Third Great Uncle. He was a kind and diligent person and managed the big family well. So the financial situation gradually improved, and later he became the leader of our village. He had no his own son but had a step son. My grandmother was a daughter of a rich family and was a slow and gentle woman. She had given birth about one and half dozen babies, but only 3 were alive because of lack of medical knowledge on that time. To the ancient superstitious, my father was given a female name after he had been born, and hoping that he would grow safely.

Although my Third Great Uncle was a farmer and not educated at all, he was smart and understood that there would be no potential future if only farming in the village. He had noted my father having a very strong character also a good appearance and decided to send my father to Shantou to be educated in a famous school Lood Hwai. At that time, it was not easy for a village family able to pay one to study in the city, and my father understood and appreciated that. Later on he was grateful and respected my Third Great Uncle very much and looked after him quite well. When my father was around 16-17 years old, the big family was separated into individual families. He gave up the village life and originally intended to go to Thailand or Philippe because many people from Shantou had gone to their, making a living at that time. Finally, the above mentioned villager Hau Yik Chall employed my father to work in his factory as an apprentice. After a certain time, my father started his own business in Shantou. He was a dictator at home, an outward person, and possessed of the advantages of good appearance, social ability, and dignity. The business in his life was up and down. When he was sick and nearly leaving this world, he said to me, “In my life, both the poor and the rich have wished and delighted to make friend with me.”

6. Toddler in Hometown Village

I was born in my hometown in 1944. At that time, my mother left my father, who was running the business in Shantou, stayed in the village with my grandmother because of the Japanese invasion. When I was nearly one month old, there were two Japanese soldiers coming to our village. Some villagers running away, some hiding up, we several people sheltered in the cocklofts, and I much cooperated making no noise. Around one year my mother returned back to my father in Shantou, and I still remained staying with my grandmother in the village. I had lived in my hometown village around three and half years and then started to stay with my parents in Shantou. From that time on, I have not been in my hometown up to now. I still remembered some things happened on there. Our house was built after my father’s self-reliance; it was a two storey house with deck. Under the deck, there was a big stove. Adjacent to the house at outside, there was a small pool around 1.5 x 3 ft storing waste for fertilizer, which was very necessary stuff in farming. Once I dropped into the pool, when I was urinating and defecating squatting on the edge of it.

There was no snack in the village. My grandmother used to take me to the hillside to collect one small plant, of which I could not remember the name of it. The leaves of the plant were needed to be washed and ground, and then added some vinegar and black sugar to it for a nice snack. One day when I was watching some children and cows bathing in the pool, one of my feet was stepped by a cow. It was very painful, and I cried loudly. A village uncle carried me in arms and took me home. One place, in the village, had lots of wells storing waste for fertilizer, and nearly every family possessed one. There were not only the wastes in the wells; also dead animals were thrown into them for waiting to break down. All wells had no lids and were dangerous and unhealthy. Furthermore, some festival customs and vague memories were in my mind.

7. Moved out Hometown to the City
I left my hometown to live together with my parents in Shantou at the age around three and a half. Conversely, my elder brother, elder sister and younger brother moved from the city to the village to stay with my grandmother. So Shantou family had my parents, me, and one maid, totalling 4 people. In ancient China, the rich family not only had servants at home also bought young girls to be maids to serve the family members. It is no longer in the present society. At that time, we lived in a two storey house on Out Horse Road, and the house faced straight to another road Join Luck Lane. In Chinese superstition, people do not dare and are not willing to live in the house on such location and direction, but we have been Christians and not minded. My father’s office was quite near our house in a small lane. He went out early and came home late. He also stayed and spent not much time in office but was very dignified. Workers and staffs were afraid of him and respected him. One secretary could not speak at facing my father; he wrote everything on paper to present. Therefore, his absent in the office gave workers and staffs more freedom. Once, I went to the office and saw all people enjoying eating cat meat, and they also gave me some to eat. It hardly imagines that, a child just at three and half ate cat meat.

When I was 4, my younger sister was born in Hospital. My mother asked her elder sister to come to help during that period. One time I saw my aunt cooking foods for my mother, who was in hospital, and she added some wine to the being flied eggs and fire caught on the top of the pan. I told my mother what I had seen, and she supposed that such cooking was not healthy and complained my aunt. My aunt blamed me that I had talked nonsense and lied. In fact, such cooking was nothing wrong, but I became a not liked child.

There were only few our relatives and villagers in Shantou. Except the two Hau Yik Chall and Hau Yik Sur mentioned, another one Hau Gok Gwunt, who relied on income from fields rent from farmers in our village, was shot at China Liberation. There was one more village aunt, and her husband was the headmaster of Sinn Min private primary school in Shantou. After China Liberation, her husband was arrested and sent to be taught to change the thought with hard working simultaneously. Among all of them, Hau Yik Sur and his wife were closest to us. My mother was introduced by them to my father. My mother’s hometown was Zyau Ping, which is a village not far from Shantou. Her eldest sister was more knowledgeable and an accountant in a foreign Christian girl school Sok Dick Girl School in Shantou. My mother left her village and studied in this school at the age of 20. I was very afraid of Hau Yik Sur’s wife because people called me just the last word of my name, and only she gave me a nickname by adding two horrible words before the last word. The adding words mean lecherous. How can a child not to be afraid of hearing such nickname?

Before the previous government and soldiers retreating to Taiwan, they had buried landmines over the Shantou Airport and wanted to destroy it. When the landmines exploded and produced horrible loud noises, I had been alone on upstairs at home and was sitting on a potty for stool. I was extremely frightened and rolled with the potty over the stairs to the ground floor. At that time, quite lots of companies and merchants were preparing and planning to move overseas. Most of them intended for Hong Kong.

8. China Liberation, Father Fled to Hong Kong

When I was 5 years old, whole China had been in liberation. From that time on, I could remember things and happens much well. Shortly before the liberation, my father bought 2 of two storey houses, which joined together on Ming Hwe Lane. My father was an outward person, so I had no idea with him together at the dinner table and in living. One evening I saw three men walking around in the parlor and discussing something. My father and Third Great Uncle must be among them. In fact, they were discussing and planning the matter about my father’s escape to Hong Kong.   

Not long after my father had escaped, one day a comrade with a gun in his waist together with around one dozen of male villagers came to arrest my father. I remembered on that day when I went home after school, I saw them sitting around the dinner table in the parlour. At that time, my mother was out, and only the maid stayed at home. I supposed that the group were visiting guests. The comrade smiled to me and called me to be close to him. He asked me questions about our possessions of money, gold, and etc. At that time, I just a child around 6 years old and not understanding what was happening and answered his questions unceremoniously. Not long my mother came home. The comrade and the villagers asked my mother about where my father was. My mother frankly told them that my father had fled to Hong Kong. Finally nobody was caught, and the comrade said to my mother “Your present situation should be rich because you still have a maid, and the precious stuffs as your son told.” Then he wanted to borrow a big sum of money from my mother. My mother explained and said to him “Comrade, at the time being, my husband has run away, and I don’t know how to keep living for my family with 5 children and one mother in law in the village. Whatever, things at home could be sold I have already done. However, our villagers spent the time and expense to come here, and I should try my best to borrow from friends for them.” After a few days, they came to collect money, and my mother just gave them about 10 to 20% and explained to them and said “I have done my best.” They finally accepted the amount my mother had given them. The comrade said to my mother “The villagers have treated you not bad.” My mother replied “Comrade, when I was in the village, I treated and faced all people with respect.”

In fact, my mother had already known the matter beforehand and told it to the villager Hau Gok Gwunt’s wife. Her husband also had fled to Hong Kong. My mother and she both agreed to tell each other if anyone had any news on village. The villagers after coming to us then went to contact her, and she told them that my mother had informed her about their coming. Because of the reveal of news, my aunt in the village received a punishment:  two thumbs tied together, pulled up and received a beating. From that time on, my mother was no longer in contact with her. Later some rumours about her husband having re-marriage in Hong Kong, she wrote her husband and told him that the situations in Shantou was safe now and asked him to come back. The husband heard his wife’s words and came back. As a result, he was arrested and shot.

Before my father escaping, my mother was on tenterhooks through the day. She understood that if my father was caught by the villagers, he must be shot. Therefore, she pushed my father to leave as soon as possible, but my father was not in a hurry, living here and there. At that time, my mother was in an extremely nervous and worse emotion. Once, I supposed that I had done something wrong or naughty. My mother was very angry and asked me out and not back home. I walked aimlessly on the street, and my mind was empty. In fact, my mother had asked the maid to follow me, and she held me in arms back home finally. My mother’s anger disappeared, and she said to me “If you don’t come back home, where will you sleep tonight?” All parents can imagine the feeling and the situation at that moment. At the time being, my excited emotion came up. Due to the greedy habits of eating and playing in childhood, I always received punishment from my mother by beating with a rattan stick.

After my father had fled to Hong Kong, there were 4 people in my family, my mother, my younger sister, the maid, and I. In that time, it was very troublesome and not right to have a maid in the family. Some people urged our maid to sue my mother, but she said to them “My masters have treated me not bad.” At that time, China and Hong Kong seemed like two countries. People were not easy to visit Hong Kong and the only communication by sending letters. My mother started with anxiety and panic. I always knelt down, prayed, and wept with her. I did not understand the reason why and just followed my mother to do. That time I was 6 and not like the present children in understanding.

Now the children are quite different with me. Recently, I attended an evangelical preaching. The preacher mentioned about her 2 years old daughter, and the daughter understood asking her and said “mammy, do you love me?”

Recently I went to Hong Kong. One day I visited my elder daughter and saw her was very angry and shouted loudly to her son because of his unacceptable behavior. My grandson cried loudly with saying “mammy I love you.” I remembered that when my mother was beating me in childhood, I just cried with saying “I shall not dare to do it again.”

9. Maid Married and Left away

After China liberation, my mother worried and was troublesome having a maid at home. Suddenly the maid’s brother came to recognize with her. He was a porter in cargo boat. At that time, his job was considered as high rank and good income. Although he was a rough person, his manner and attitude was humble and reasonable. He had no hatred for my mother and politely called my mother the same as his sister called. During the time of the Japanese invasion, their village had a famine. In order to keep living, his sister was sold to my family, and she was just 9 years old. Now she was a slim girl. His brother introduced his colleague to her, and quite soon they fell in love. Shortly, his brother wanted to take her to their own village to introduce her to all friends and relatives. She insisted me to go with her. I didn’t understand why at that time my mother allowed me to go with them without consideration. Before leaving, she asked me not to call her maid name and changed to call her sister, but I still called her wrong occasionally. During the stay in their village, she had quarrelled with her family in the sake of protecting me. After she had married, she stayed in her husband’s village. She took me their twice, and as her family more rich, she bought goose meat for me during the stay. On big days and festival, she always brought some food stuffs to visit us. It took nearly a half day on the way by walking. As she had looked after me from toddler to childhood, her leaving sometimes made me miss her.

10. Anxiety in Childhood

Year ago I bought one purebred Border Collie puppy from dog farm. This dog is quite clever and very close to people. I had kept it indoor until seven months old to be outside. One late evening in winter, when I was watching TV program in the sitting room, unintentionally I looked through the glass door and saw the puppy leaving its warm doghouse and sitting on the concrete stairs of my back garden. It looked like very lonely and sad. Suddenly, I had great compassion for it, and a recall of anxiety in childhood appeared in my mind simultaneously.

After my father had fled to Hong Kong, my mother was in anxiety and panic through the day. Partly she worried about the living expense of the family in future and partly worried about the possibility of the re-marriage of my father in Hong Kong. Her dependence and sustenance could rely only on God. So she was very enthusiastic in church and taught children bible class. My mother also attended 2-3 church evening gathering every week. Shortly after China liberation, it was quite dark at the moonless night. Especially our area was near country side and not many lights on streets. We used a very small kerosene lamp at home not as bright as a candle. There was no amusement at that time, and usually people chatted at moonlight night and went bed early at moonless evening.

Initially, I and my young sister in Shantou, my mother brought us with her to the church evening gathering. On the returning way home, my mother held my sleeping sister in her arm, and I held my mother’s hand or her dress walking in sleeping manner. Later on, my younger brother came to Shantou, so my mother was unable to bring three of us together to the evening gathering and needed to leave us at home. Every time after my mother leaving, my younger sister and brother went bed sleeping quickly. I was alone standing on the chair under the window and looked outside, anxiously expecting my mother coming home soon possible. Once, my mother met one of her friends on the way returning home and chatted with the friend to midnight. It made me much anxious and continuously weeping. My mother felt regret when she got home. From that time on, I cannot go in sleep if any family member not yet back home at night.

11. Playful Childhood

There were two parlours in my house, and my mother let out one of them to my father’s friend Yaung Moon Yau for office after my father had fled to Hong Kong. This was an additional income beside my father’s remittance. At that time, my father’s situation in Hong Kong was not easy. Before in China, he used to be a boss, and all works of the company were done by his staffs. Now he fled to Hong Kong without a penny in the pocket and starting the new business was not easy. My mother needed to clean the office early morning before the tenant came. A period my mother might be not well and asked me to do for her. I was just 8 and a playful boy. During the cleaning, I stole the tenant’s beautiful stamps, tearing off several pages of their account book, and supposed that no one would notice. I used stamps to exchange with classmates and pages for origami. Not long the tenant was aware of what I had done and threatened my mother and said “The incomplete account book is a serious crime and fined to be jailed.” Fortunately, his secretary had been my father’s secretary before, and my mother consulted him privately about this matter and knew the matter and situation not as serious as told. The victim wanted me alone to his office to write regret and apology for several days. After that, I was very afraid of him, who was not kind to treat a child in this way. If there were cables arriving after office hours, my mother always asked me to deliver them to his house immediately. He should not be so serious in this matter.

Chinese proverb says “Closing to brown you will become brown, and closing black you will become black.” All parents worry their children to make friend with bad classmates at school. When I was studying primary 5, a classmate Tyam Ming was three years older than me. He lived with his grandmother in a big house and quite rich. I supposed that they got overseas funds. In their big house, library, toys room, and snacks were available, and all of them were very attractive to me. Therefore, I joined his group including several classmates, and he was the head. Sometimes we teased classmates at school. Due to making friend with him, I was beaten by my mother many times with a rattan stick. 

Around at the age of 6, I studied primary 1 at Sang Min Primary School. The toilet at school was very dirty on that time, and I only used to urinate and not to defecate. Once, I troubled in my stomach and needed to defecate at school, but the toilets were horrible and dirty. I did not dare to use it and struggled to hold my bowel movement. Until the last class, I could not control anymore and the stool out desperately. The classroom was full of very bad smell. The teacher saw my contaminated chair, and I excused that the pollution was originally like this. It can be imagined how the situation and the scene were at that time. 

12. Toys in Childhood

All children like toys and I also liked very much in childhood, but my mother was very saving and never bought a toy for me. Recently I have talked at home about my dream in childhood to have a toy of guns, which could shoot an arrow with a rubber head to suck on the glass. One day my younger daughter bought one similar toy of gun from a 2$ shop for me. Now I had no such desire and interests in it. I noted the quality of the gun poor, and it was made in China.

In childhood, I enjoyed and played with a very simple stuff such as a piece of string or paper. I always made some toys for myself. Once, I used clay making a small brick and burnt it to become a real small brick. I was eager to show my classmates and put the hot brick not long from the stove into the front pocket of my schoolbag. At arriving school, the pocket of my schoolbag was burnt with a hole.

In that time, the toothpaste shell was made of lead or tin. After the paste had been finished, I melt the toothpaste shell pouring into the hole of a wooden thread roll. After the condensation, it looked like a round cylinder. Then I used a knife to carve it to look like a bullet and put in a small soft cushion match box. I brought it to school to show classmates secretly with saying that it was a real bullet.

Usually I played small glass balls with friends on clay ground and played olive seeds on concrete flat ground. Playing olive seeds seemed like playing billiard, and it needed one bigger and heavier piece for shooting. After selecting one big olive seed, I ground one side to be flat and took out the nut from the seed. Then I melt lead to fill the hole to make it heavy good for shooting. I polished it with sand paper and waxed it to look splendid.

I still remembered the most exciting and skilfully controlling flying kites in childhood. People played mostly at late afternoon in summer and autumn. At present, the kites are important to show mainly of splendid shapes, colours and sizes.  At that time, the kite was a simple one, but it could be controlled by the player. Among all the players, three were more famous and professional, and their kites were printed with their own logos. People could distinguish who was playing. In this kiting, some important instruments included good kites, a good thread roller and sharpened threads. Normally, the kite flies in the same direction of winds, but players could control it from this side to the other side, up and down. When players wanted to cut others, they tried to get the advantage of being on the top. So you could see them skilfully controlling the kites in attack and escape. When the threads of two kites crossed together, the players needed to loosen their kites as fast as possible, therefore, a good thread roller was also very important. Making sharpened threads were interesting and complicated because of shortage of materials at that time. It needs three stuffs, fine and good quality cotton thread, glue, and glass powder. The glue was made by boiling stomachs of fishes for a long time melting into liquid, and the powders of glass were made by grinding broken pieces of glass very fine. Pulled the fine cotton thread through the mixture of the glue and the glass powders, and hung it on the poles of the playground to dry. After the thread had been dry, it was ready to be rolled on the kite thread roller.   

13. Ignorance in Childhood

My mother had infected with serious sickness several times during her life, and I had two different feelings and attitude on two times of them.

At the age of 7-8, my mother was infected with malaria in a very serious situation, sudden hot and cold with high fever. The tenant Mr. Yaung called an ambulance sending my mother to the hospital. In this scene, people would show compassion in viewing the mother sent to the hospital, and the young children staying at home. My aunt immediately came out from village to look after us. At that age of me, I did not understand to worry, scare and could not imagine that a life could be easily lost in the poor medical situation at that time in China. I had not wished to visit my mother during her stay in hospital. Ordinarily my mother looked after me very severely, and my rattan beating scars in legs never stopping. Now my mother was in hospital, I could go out to play whenever I wished. This was the freedom of childhood.

Once in my teenage, my mother got a serious neurasthenia because of overworking. Her body was in severely losing weight and weak to walk. At that time, we were in chicken farming in Tong Yan San Tsuen. My elder brother worked and stayed in Hong Kong side, and my elder sister married in Kowloon. My father went out early and came home late customarily, and no worker was employed. So everything seemed to me, and now I completely concerned and worried about my mother. During she was in sickness, I had sent her to Pok Oi Hospital in Yuen Long also she had consulted a Chinese medicine practitioner, but the condition got no improvement. In fact, this sickness just needs nutritive foods, peaceful emotion and good living condition. Unfortunately, my family situation was at the worst in my life at that time. During the course, once I bicycled to Yuen Long and wanted to buy apples for my mother for nutrition. I saw high prices of apples making me hesitate to buy. Poor experience turned me into excitation and content in the future. In another time, I bicycled to take a Chinese medicine practitioner from Yuen Long back home for my mother’s consultation then I took the practitioner back to Yuen Long. On returning home, I brought the Chinese medicine for my mother and was eager to boil the medicine soon possible. As it was late, I strongly pumped the air into the kerosene stove, and the stove explored. I saw a cloud of fire rushing to my face; I ran desperately for the towels hung on outside and took the towel to extinguish the fire. Fortunately only some hairs were burnt. 

14. Greedy for Eating in Childhood

Some children are greedy for eating, especially in snacks, and I was the same in childhood. My mother seldom bought snack for us. In fact, having three normal meals every day at that time was about happiness. 

The elder sister of my mother, I called her Second Aunt who sometimes visited us and was a person of big appetite same as me. When she came,  I always went to the market and picked discards of flog visceral stuffs and skins. They were needed to be properly cleaned and cooked to be delicious foods for my aunt and me.

My mother always asked me to buy foods and vegetable from the market which was near my home. In buying some cooked foods, I always took some to eat on the way, and the quantity remained depending on the foods how tasty they were. Once going to buy bean sauce, my finger continuously dipped the sauce to eat on the way. A while after arriving home, I started to vomit very severely. It might be caused by my dirty finger or germs in the sauce especially in my empty stomach. From that time on, I have not dared to take foods which were processed with the same bean stuff.  

My mother never gave me pocket money but must give me money for dedication on Sunday children's bible class. I was dishonest and took some or all to buy snacks. That was the only chance I had money to buy snacks in childhood.

The elder sister of my father, I called her Big Aunt who sometimes also visited us. During her stay, I always requested her to buy snacks from peddlers on the street. She was a very save person and looked a penny coin as big as big gongs. She bargained very severely with hawker when buying. I told her that could not bargain too much otherwise the hawker would not sell because I was afraid of losing the chance of eating.

Sometimes, my mother bought some cheaper fruits including banana, sugar cane and one small brown pear. On the roadside, there was a hawker making and selling cakes which are special cakes in Shantou, and called Stove Window Cake. I always stood aside and watched the hawker making and selling the cakes also the joyful expression of the customers on eating them. Although I had not eaten, I could feel and imagine the beautiful taste too. Making this cake needs a special baking pan. The 5 cm high pan is with a lid, and both the pan and the lid are with handles which to be used to open and close together. When the pan is closed, it can be turned to baking the both sides on the charcoal stove. The inside of the pan is separated into 4 spaces for 4 cakes. First of all, pour some sticky flour liquid fully covering the inside walls of the pan and bake 4 hollow cakes. Then open the lid and cut a line through the top of the hollow cakes and fill the cake with the sweeten taro paste, bean paste, brown sugar and whatever you like. After that, add a little flour paste to cover the cut and close the pan to bake again for a few minutes. Delicious cakes in golden colour are ready for eating. 

When I was studying in primary 4, there was an educating movie and school teachers asked students to watch. My house was quite near the countryside and it took nearly 1 hour of walking to the cinema in the city. On that time, the Taiwan airplanes always came in reconnaissance and bombing. If the alarm sounded and the whole city was in the martial law, it took a couple of hours sometimes. When leaving for cinema, my mother gave me 20 cents and reminded me repeatedly and said “If the alarm will sound and cannot come home, you may take the meal in the restaurant.” As soon as leaving home, I started to buy snack. After movie on the way returning home, I spent the remaining money to buy a bowl of needle and added some chilli oil in it, very delicious. When I had finished eating, my mind waked up. There was no airplane coming and no alarm sounded, but all money was fully spent, and I must go home. As did not obey my mother’s words, I was severely beaten, and many rattan stick scars remained on my legs.

Recently during my gardener was working with me in my garden, he asked me that why did God create the apple tree in paradise, otherwise people would not commit sin? It is a quite similar case that, if my mother did not give me 20 cents, I would not be beaten by her. Although I was very greedy for eating in childhood, I have not been after growing up.

15. Some Things and happens in China

Some things and music can evoke people’s memories of the past. There are two songs particularly evoke my memories of two periods in my life. The first song is The North Wind in the movie White Haired Girl. It makes me remember my childhood in China. The other song is Que Sera Sera in the movie The Man Who Knew Too Much, and it makes me remember the start of living in Hong Kong.

I started studying primary 1 after China Liberation and was too young unable to understand some political movements and campaigns taken place. They included Land Reform, Landowner Denounced Assembly, Three-Antis/Five-Antis, Anti-Imperialist, Volunteer Army against US Military in North Korea, Join Public Private Operation and 5 years plan/10 years construction. At that time, shortage of materials supplies was severe in China. All metal window grilles must be taken off given for the country. A used and broken plastic comb could be sold at the price higher than the new comb bought before. Many things could not be used still could be sold at good prices. Some stuffs of no value at all also could be exchanged for some candy.

Among all political movements and campaigns, I remembered the Landowner Denounced Assembly particularly. Normally such assembly was carried on a square with a stage on it. The landowner stood at one side on the stage, and the more serious landowners were tied up. A comrade watched landowners also conducted the assembly. The suing farmer stood on the stage and mentioned the landowner’s oppression to him before the liberation. When the emotions of the farmers were out of control, they rushed to the landowners and kicked and fought them. If their behaviours were too serious, the comrade would stop them.

In 1949, the war between North Korea and South Korea took place. Many Chinese volunteers to help the North Korea army to fight the US army and South Korea army, the families of the volunteers were called Honorable  Family. Big red labels with the words Honorable Family were stuck in their outside door frames. On the big days or festival, the lion dancing and burning firecrackers were performed to congratulate them. 

A period government announced that Taiwan airplanes would drop bacterial stuffs to our city. People needed to wear masks when the alarm sounded. All masks looked not fit and funny shapes because people made their masks by themselves. Some masks square, some rectangular and a cotton layer wet with medicinal solution had to be put in the middle of the masks. You can imagine how the people wearing the masks look like. 

Early the liberation at school, all students felt proud to own pictures of the leaders of the country such as Mao Zedong, Zhu De, Zhou Enlai and Liu Shaoqi. Schools always held campaigns such as Off Fly movement. All students needed to kill a certain amount of flies and handed dead bodies to teacher within a fixed time. Sometimes all students and teachers went together to the rubbish area to find fly eggs.

The school also held trips to nearby places, and all students liked it the best. I eagerly expected it to come because I would have the chance of eating bread. The day before the trip I spent nearly 1 hour walking to the city to buy 4-5 slices of white breads for tomorrow lunch on the trip. The whole night I was excited and expected to eat the bread.  On the next day lunch time, I felt the bread which was hard to eat than the pure rice because the plain white breads were little sour and no taste at all. However, my expectation of eating breads still remained the same. It is quite same as the present people preferring famous label stuffs. At that time, the bread was considered as high quality food.  

16. Doing Housework in Childhood

I hated and had no interests in studying in childhood also I am not a person can study very well. I received complaints about homework and study in school. On the other hand, I could help my mother to do some housework. At the age of 7-8, I could boil porridges, simple cooking, and understood how to start fires in the stove with remains of dry sugar cane, papers, bamboo sticks, and etc. I understood putting the burning charcoal in a closed pot for the use of next starting fires in the stove. at that time, there were three combustible materials, charcoal, wood, and self-made clay charcoal. The mixture of clay charcoal included 1/3 small broken coal chips, 1/3 small broken charcoal chips and 1/3 clay. People mixed all of them with water forming like cakes dried under the sunshine. It was economic also excellent for those stuffs, which needed long and slow cooking. Shortage of foods was at that time, and some main foods needed the quota and tickets to buy. Some were exceptional such as small fish and vegetable. When small fishes were available, people rushed and lined up to buy, and I was the youngest in the queue. As often helping my mother to buy foods on the market, I had some knowledge of meat, vegetable, fish, and etc.

17. Character Changed

I was playful and greedy for eating in childhood. The teachers at school considered me as a lazy and playful student, and I always got complaints from them. It seemed that I was a bad boy in appearance. In fact, my nature was not bad and no rebelling, of which most present children have. Circumstances and situations can change people in maturity. Some people became sensible, considerate, and understanding when very young, some people became later, and some people change nothing at all. My turning point was at the age of 12, which was the time I came to Hong Kong. 

From a Hong Kong TV interview program, the host asked a girl student, who had achieved prize for inventing something, “What is your expectation right now?” She said “I wish to earn money as soon as possible for my father is now working hard in the construction sites.” I know one divorced lady, and she supplied her son to education abroad. Her son always complained his mother and said, “My classmates have nice houses, luxurious cars, and etc., but I have none. Why was I born in a poor family and not in a rich family is same as my friend?” These are two completely different nature and character. 

A winner in a Taiwan singing contest, she achieved the prize of Taiwan Currency one million. In the TV interview, she revealed her family was a single family, their living relying on her mother sewing dresses. Her mother looks after her very severe, and she must go home before 11 pm at present. When she was in childhood, her classmates had time to play, but she did not because her mother wanted her to learn more other objects. The host asked her “Do you complain your mother right now?” She said “I have to say thanks to my mother. If she has not done that I cannot achieve the prize today definitely, and I understand her hard intention.” Now those rebelling children think their parents over interfering their living, thoughts, and they need freedom.

I know one handyman maintains houses in overseas. He has one younger brother. They are both coming from the same parents, but their natures and characters are exactly different. He is diligent and works happily for 6-7 days a week. Although he is a handy-man, he owns several houses. His younger brother is a very lazy man, never works and lives on government unemployment benefits. This is what I say “Some people never turn sensible, considerate and understanding”.

18. Coming to Hong Kong and Innocence Disappeared

In 1956, there was a serious shortage of food in China. Therefore, the government policy allowed children under 12 years old to leave the country, and I was one of them. At that time, a Hong Kong trade group visited Shantou, and one of the members was a staff of my father’s friend. He was a young man Lim Yaung Dwun and a nice person. My mother requested him to take me and my younger brother to Hong Kong to live with my father. From that time, my childhood changed into a completely different situation.

Early autumn in 1956, I and my younger brother followed Mr. Lim to Hong Kong to live with my father. I still remembered the scene at that time. As the bus would depart quite early in the morning, my mother had to take us to Mr. Lim’s place the night before, and I slept with my brother there. On walking to Mr. Lim, I met friends on the way and was very happy and proudly told them that I was going to Hong Kong! I naively supposed that I was going to a dream place, where there were lots of nice foods and toys for playing. I had no hard feeling and reluctance on leaving my mother. I am sure that my mother definitely could not sleep on that night. I could not remember my mother able or not to see us off at the bus station in the next day early dawn. At that moment, I was too young unable to imagine and understand the feeling of my mother to depart from us, especially in the China situation at that time. She had no confidence of having the chance to meet each other again in the future. At the time being, my excited emotion came up again. Before leaving for Hong Kong, my mother said to me “After arriving Hong Kong, if your father has re-married, you have to inform me.” At that time, lots of men had family in China, fleeing to Hong Kong and re-married because they supposed that they would not be able back to China in the future. Within a very short time, I was a not understanding and playful boy became a quiet and mind-complicated kid.

My father rented one second floor flat for office Union Art Company at 16, On Lan Street, Central then sub-let to 5 companies. All tenants were merchants and had family in China. Now they were alone in Hong Kong, doing business, eating, and living, all in the office. My father employed a chef to cook for them. Another staff of neighbour office also came to join the lunch, so there were around 10 people at the meal table. I and my brother stayed with these adults together. In fact, it was not good and unhealthy in living with them. I and my brother slept on the floor at night. At that time, my father was in business of timber in joint-venture with a Thailand woman. The warehouse was on a section of land near the sea in Cheung Sha Wan. As had become customary, he went out early and came back late.

At the beginning in Hong Kong, I did not understand the language in Cantonese dialect and had no playmate at all. It was a completely different circumstance with previous living in China. After a few days, my emotion and miss of my mother started. The matter, of which my mother had asked me to do, increased much pressure on me. I did not dare to share my thinking and worry with others, and it made me thinking nonsense. One night my emotion suddenly coming up, I cried desperately, and my brother followed me too. The tenants could not stop us crying until they phoned Mr. Lim, who took us Hong Kong, to come. The next day my father scolded me about the happen of last night. Every morning I wore the vest with short trousers and walked down to Queen Road Central, standing by the road railings and watching the cars passing. At that time, most taxis were red Mercedes cars, and private cars were in black colour. My heart was lonely and uneasy. During the day, many business brokers came or took a short rest in our office. They always chatted and told some stories to me and my brother. One of them understood analyzing palms, and he looked mine and said “Although you are a boy, your mind is extremely confused and complicated because of lines full over your palm.” Tenants ridiculed me and said “Your brother is smaller than you, but he is not like you so easily to cry.” I replied “He is still small and not understand human affairs.” Later on someone visited Shantou and told my sayings to my mother. It became a strong power making my mother applying to Hong Kong aggressively.

The cry on this time was quite different with the previous in feeling. Firstly, after my father away to Hong Kong, I did not understand the reasons why to cry and just followed my mother to weep. Secondly, my mother went to church evening gathering, and I remained at home weeping because of the scare and anxiety. Thirdly, as I had greedy habits of eating and playing also made friends with bad classmates, my mother always beats me with a rattan stick. It was very painful, and afterwards, she always used medical lotion to rub my scars for me. Fourthly, the cry on this time was more complicated. It was involved in parents’ affairs, responsibility, miss of mymother, and etc.

Around one month after arriving in Hong Kong, the chef Ti Uncle got TB sickness and resigned. Before the coming of the new chef, I did the job cooking for the tenants. In the morning, my father asked the neighbour chef to help buying all foodstuffs and preparing the arrangements of the dishes. When time was up, I started to cook rice, boiled two soups, fried 3 vegetables with meats, and steamed 1 fish. At that time, rice cooker was not available, but I understood how to cook in manual way because I had learned from my mother in China. Gas and electric stoves were also not available, and only kerosene stoves with pressure and wicks were used. Sometimes the tenants asked me to boil coffee. The coffee powders were put in a cloth bag in boiling for 10 minutes and then only added sugar in it with no milk. I always bought cigarettes and beers for them, mainly in Luck Strike cigarettes and Sun label beer. As they occasionally gave me some tips, I had money to buy snacks in the shops on the street Lyndhurst Terrace, which is called Lan Kwai Fong now. 

Almost children do not understand keeping the body clean in health. At that time, the office only had a very small kitchen, no toilet and bathroom. Tenants bathed in the kitchen, defecating and urinating in nearby public toilets. It was very inconvenient. I got up in the morning without cleaning and after hair cut without washing. In cold weather without rubbing some protective lotion, some ringworm produced in my face. One of the tenants said that stuff on my face was syphilis. I did not know whether he joked or really did not understand. For this, I was extremely scared and worried for a long time. From tenants’ conversations, I understood the syphilis being one of venereal diseases but did not comprehend well. It is unbelievable that a boy only 12 years old had such experience.

After several months, it was near the end of the year. I did not know why the joint venture business of my father was on cooperation rupture. Therefore, my father needed to Thailand to look for a new partner and business before the New Year. On the last day of the year, tenant Hwee Sein took me to Li Yuen Street East and purchased one suit for me. The suit looked quite old fashion, large, and it’s very long sleeves covering my fingers. I supposed it would fit me for a couple of years to come. On the first day of New Year, I met one of my father’s friends, and we called him Long Hup The Second, who was a rich old man. He took me and my brother dining at his house on Caine Road. This was the first New Year in Hong Kong without parents together. 

Although tenants enjoyed the freedom without family bother and interfere, sometimes, they definitely felt lonely. Tenant Gai Doi was a broker of embroidered items, and he occasionally took me together out to do business. The other tenant Hwee Sein took me together to watch movies in the evening. Previously mentioning the song Que Sera Sera in the movie The Man Who Knew Too Much in 1956 evokes my memory of the start of living in Hong Kong. That was him took me to watch this movie. This movie told the plot between a son and his parents. The son was hijacked, and for the piano song played by his mother, the son rescued finally.

On Lan Street is a very short street in Central. At that time, most shops and offices there were in the business of embroidered items such as table cloths and handkerchiefs. The company on the opposite side facing us also was in the same business. One evening the proprietress of the company saw me repairing my clothes and asked me took over to her and helped me to repair. She was a good aunt also an enthusiastic Christians. During my boy process, I was independent and managed to do my things by myself such as washing clothes, ironing, repairs, cooking, and etc.

As not used to receive celebration for my birthday in childhood, I paid no attention to my age. About one year after arrival, I went alone to Sam Sui Po to apply for my identity card. Because of unable to remember my birthday, I unceremoniously gave the year, month, and day to the officer, this wrong birthday with me up to now. At that time, I was 12 years old, but now the children at the same age are very intelligent and smart, even they travel alone overseas are no problem at all.

Good remembering ability is absolutely helpful in learning everything. Mine is normal and general, but to remember the year, month and day, it seems some power to stop me to remember. I cannot remember the ages of my family members. So my wife always complains me about forgetting of all important dates. At the time of applying immigration overseas, I forgot my birthday during the interview with overseas consular. Once, I drove a car over speed in overseas and was caught by the police. As I could not answer my birthday properly, the police doubted and phoned headquarter to make sure of my driving licence. This is something inadequate in my life.

19. Settlement in NT, Business Knowledge

After I and my younger brother had left China, my mother, elder brother, and two sisters, all of them applied aggressively for Hong Kong. Around one year later, my mother and my younger sister arrived, and further 6 months later, my elder brother and elder sister also arrived. Therefore, the whole family 7 people were altogether in Hong Kong. Before my elder brother and sister came, we had rented a room for living on the Fuk Lo Tsun Road in Kowloon City for a short period and then had moved to my father’s friend’s dress factory on the same street. In that period, I studied primary 5 at the Timothy Primary School in Hung Hom.  When my elder brother and sister came, our family was in the hard situation because of my father‘s business failure. As he was a more face-saving person, he did not take my mother’s suggestion to apply for the government low rent resettlement housing for the family but decided to move to New Territories, rural area at that time. We rented a small farm called Paradise in Lam Tei. In the beginning, we kept a small quantity of chickens and pigs, and I studied primary 5 in Pak Yu Primary School in Hung Shui Kiu.

Once, we bought around 50 just hatched ducks in winter. As the weather was very cold at night, we moved the ducks in our living house and kept warm with a self-made wood dust stove. On the next morning, when my mother wanted to get up to work and prepare breakfast, she felt sick. Then she called my elder sister to do and my sister also said that she was sick too. At last, I tried to get up, when I was out of bed, I fell down on the ground, not under my control. I crawled up to bed and told my mother accordingly. My mother seemed unhappy, and my sister tried reluctantly to get up and went outsides. After a while, she came in and told getting better. I immediately understood that all of us were poisoned by carbon dioxides and opened all windows at once. It was very fortunate that the self-made stove was a small one. If it was a bigger one, except my father and elder brother both were not in, the remaining of 5 people would die in this accident.

Later on, my father and one of his friend in partnership established the business of selling rice and farm feed on our farm, company called Yu Tai Company. I was strong and sometimes helped the staffs in feed delivery. In the first year, the business was quite good and later just so-so. The business had been run for around two and half years, and then it was closed. At that time, my elder brother was working in Hong Kong side, and my elder sister had married staying in Kowloon. My father rented a section of land in Tong Yan San Tsuen and built more than 10 chicken houses starting chicken farming. The farm was called Happy Way Farm, and we employed several workers. 

At that time, I was around 17 years old and wished to learn the business. My brother in law introduced me to an Indian firm called U.S. Import & Export Corporation in Central. Originally I wished to apply for an office boy, but the post had been taken. As I understood calculation, the company employed me as assistant to a sampling clerk. In this firm, I learned lots of commercial and business knowledge such as import and export documents, calculating cif prices; sampling, obtaining information from consulate; Chambers, Commerce & Industry Department and; and etc. I also understood the importance of English for business. I worked about one year in this firm. For the first half year, I slept in my uncle’s house in Kwun Tong, and for the second half of the year, I slept in the shop on one of my father’s friends on On Lan Street, Central. I am quite grateful to both of them. During on the bus and ferry to the office, I always tried to recite one or two English Commercial Correspondence, and it was quite helpful to my future business.   

20. Chicken Farming

When I was working in Hong Kong, the farm situation became worse. The selling price of chicken was normal, but the diseases of chickens were very serious, too many dead and farm financial situations were difficult. There was only one worker remained, and I had to be back farm to help. Later on I and my mother worked by our own. As my mother was over working, she got a serious neurasthenia. Due to her sick condition quite serious, she moved out to Kowloon for treatment. At there, my elder brother and elder sister both were able to look after her. After she had recovered and back to the farm, my father borrowed around 4-5 thousand dollars from one of our China villagers called Dick Chun Great Uncle to start selling rice and feeds again on our farm, partly selling and partly keeping chickens. At that time, my younger brother had grown up and was strong enough to help heavy works. Afterward my elder brother was also back farm. As not necessary to pay the workers, the family financial situation was improved, and we employed one worker to help again on our farm. 

The chicken farming at that time was not as comfortable as now. The present farms have many fashionable types of equipment. I worked the whole day through the year. There was no television, telephone and only one listening to the radio. I had been the cinema only couple of times during the stay in the New Territories and no other amusements.  I did not feel hard, depressing and only hoped that the poor situation of our family would be improved soon possible. So when my elder brother sometimes went to visit his friends in Kowloon, I always asked him to pay attention to any opportunity of developing business possibility. I was eager waiting him coming home and hoped good news to come.

There were several procedures in keeping chickens at that time: When chicken was three days old, we applied one drop of medical liquid to one of its nostril Fourteen days old applied vaccination on one of its elbow skin of wingOne month old applied an injection on the breast for preventing disease; 40 days old used a small brush rubbing the anal of the chicken to become red, then applied little medical liquid to the anal for preventing eye disease and tracheitis; At the same time, selected the unhealthy and small chickens to be out and move appropriate quantities of chickens to the chicken house, which was available with outside sand ground; At the same time, fed the chicken drug of arasites; Shorten the chickens’ upper beaks by electrical heating blade twice to make the chickens unable to hurt other chickens on fighting. Usually, if any chicken had bloody wound, all other chickens would attach the wound until visceral out and eaten; One month before selling, inject one fatting pill (female hormones) under the skin near the head. Then keep the chicken in an approximately 2ft square cage for keeping fat. As the chickens were too fat without exercise in the cage, some chickens got the leg disease, becoming unable to stand.

Chicken farms had their own manuals for feeding their chickens. Usually the feeds were in three kinds, one for chickens under 40 days, one for older chickens and one for caged chickens nearly for sale. The feeds approximately contained 40% of corns and the remaining included wheat, bran; rice, oat; fish, milk; remains of peanuts after pressing oil, fish liver oil; bone powder, shell powder; lard oil, and some poultry supplements.

Medicines were used for chickens at that time mainly in antibiotics. Some of them were real poultry drugs, but lots were expired human drugs. The penicillin has been one of antibiotics often used because it was very effective to most sicknesses. Medicines were in three shapes, the powder, pill and liquid. The powder could be mixed with water or feeds. The liquid could be mixed with waters, and the pills were fed directly into chickens’ mouths. Injections of antibiotics and vitamins were on chickens’ breasts. Around 35 days before selling, chicken was injected with one fatting pill, and after that, the chicken would eat continuously, gaining weight quickly, and bone and meat becoming soft. Now the fatting pill is prohibited because it causes Cancer. I have not contacted chicken for 50 years, and sometimes I watch TV program seeing the farm chickens in the cages seeming with the effect of hormones. Normally, cockscombs of all chickens graduate bigger and redder in growing, and male cockscombs are bigger than female. If the chicken is faded with hormones, its cockscomb atrophies and red colour changes to a light pink colour. The male chicken anal also expands bigger, and its actions seem like a female. The female chicken matures earlier and lays eggs earlier too. The chicken liver colour is changed from red to light pink on both female and male.

I had done one especially the happy thing during chicken farming. The location of our farm was at the top area in Tong Yan San Tsuen. At that time, Hong Kong was in serious shortage of water with 4 hours supply every 4 days. Farms on the ascending side got waters and farms on the descending side got no supply. Therefore, many people complained at the district office, and then engineer came for inspection and increased the water pressure. After that, all farms got the water supply except our farm still not available. I understood that the water in the main pipe was not full when passing on our highest section. So I dug the ground to find out the water outlet from the main pipe to our farm and asked a plumber to move the join adapter at the middle level to the bottom. Then I dug a well beside our water pool much lower than the level of the main pipe. During water supply and water running over the new outlet, I filled the tap hose fully with water then put the hose into the well to draw water. The water problem was solved, and I was extremely happy. It was a hard job to ask the low located farms for water and carried water in barrels with hands and shoulders to our farm.

The typhoon Wanda attacked Hong Kong in 1962, and several our chicken houses were blown down. During the typhoon, my whole family and the worker were regardless of safety to rescue the chickens under the heavy rain, strong wind and flying substances. This situation made my father having the intention of giving up chicken farming and letting us leave New Territories for learning business. From that time on, I feel uneasy during the weather in storms.

Within the period of chicken farming, we never ate one perfect chicken. We were just willing to eat those wounded and hardly to sell. When my mother had been sick in Pok Oi Hospital Yuen Long, I saw my father selecting a weak, small, young male chicken for soup for my mother. At that moment, I had a sad feeling because my mother and some aged Chinese supposed that the young male chicken was poison. That period was the worst family situation in my life. 

21. Settlement in Kowloon, The Initial Business Order

After the chicken farm had been closed in 1964, our family moved to Kowloon and rented a flat around 300-400 sq ft in San Po Kong for living and business, company name Tai Kwong Co. As the flat was too small for the whole family, we rented another room on the top floor in the same building for my mother and younger sister. At night, I slept on a 1meter height 18 inches width elbow table, which surrounded a desk as an office area. On the same floor, two of my father’s friends were running a small business of beading embroidery dresses in partnership. We started to get some works from them to do without profit in the purpose of learning business and should get orders directly from the main suppliers, export firms and companies. My elder brother was helped and introduced to some of the big companies, but we were unable to obtain orders from them. Our capital from closing chicken farm was used up around one year.  My father bought one bag of rice and a bottle of gas for us and said “I have to go back New Territories to keep chickens again and all of you have to look after yourself in the future.” My mother diligently crocheted woollen buttons for some incomes for the family, and the shortage was borrowed from friends. I put a small advertisement in tutoring math for students under Form 1. In fact, my qualification was not good to do that. From newspaper, I saw an advertisement wanting an apprentice in a knitting factory located in Cheung Sha Wan and went to apply. The boss of the factory saw me rather gentle and employed me as accountant assistance.  At night, I typed letters and sent to those buyers and importers, which were from the Indian firm, in which I had worked a few years ago. Fortunately, we received the reply from an Australian firm called Forum Fashion Imports, 165 Flinders Street, Melbourne, Australia.  The reply told us that their buyer would come to Hong Kong for purchasing merchandise also wished to contact us on arrival. At that time, there was no worker, telephone, and sample in our office, and it was partly like an office and partly like a home. Fortunately, one of my brother’s previous colleagues was running a garment factory on the neighbour street, and we could use his telephone for communication in business.  

One day my brother’s friend informed us the arrival of our Australian customer wanted to see us. At that time, I was still working in the knitting factory. So my brother, not understanding English, asked one of another previous colleague, who was good in English, to see this customer together. The receptionist of the hotel told that the customer had gone to Japan, but he would return Hong Kong again.  My brother’s previous colleague wrote a message, requesting my customer to contact us again, given to the hotel for my customer at his returning arrival. After a few days, my customer returned and was still interested in seeing us.  I and my brother went to see him this time. He looked at us, two young fellows not looking like business men, and insisted wanting to see our factory and production.  We had no other way and only brought him home. The scene and situation at home made him embarrassed and ridiculous. He asked us to follow him back hotel and showed us photos of two pieces embroidered woollen cardigan and pullover, of which he was interested.  By the help of my father’s friends, we made two samples in two styles and sent him for reference. Later we sent another seven pieces each style again.

About one month later, one staff of Hutchison, a big company in Hong Kong, came to us and told us that our Australian customer had sent them one order 300 pieces of our embroidery pullovers, and asked us to their office to sign the contract. This was the first order of business and the amount was about 7 thousand dollars at that time. It made us excited, nervous, worry, and extremely happy. We considered and treated it as a very big order, and my father came back immediately to help us. In fact, executing this order was quite simple, only bought woollen pullovers from the knitting factory then gave to the outward workers (most house wives) to add hand crochet and embroidery on them. My father heard his friend’s suggestion and advice of giving the plain woollen cardigans to his friend’s friend to make at the cheaper price. Actually, this man could do the knitting only and had no experience in full completion of the whole piece.  After receiving our order, he started to learn and buy equipment to make our order. As a result, it caused a big delay also the quality of the pullovers were much lower than the standard. This embroidered pullover was a woollen top, adding 4 inches hand crocheted embroidery on the bottom and some woollen thread embroidery on the front. The price was more than 20 dollars per piece and was an expensive pullover.  After all the embroidered pullovers had been completed, at the time of quality control, we noticed all sizes wrong also much dirt on the pullovers.  I borrowed a normal dress steam iron and the timber size shapes trying to correct the sizes of the pullovers, but it worked not well. The worst was much dirt on the pullovers because the pullovers had been given to the outward workers for hand embroidering and crocheting.  As we had no electric pressure sprayer gun and the cleaning solution for woollen apparel, I borrowed a normal brass ironing hand water sprayer and bought the thinner to substitute the cleaning solution. I did not think the thinner dissolving the brass rust, and green stains of the brass rust much worse than the dirt. During the course, I learned and understood how to repair the woollen pullovers, cutting the front part of this piece to join the back of another piece, cutting the upper part to join the other bottom part. Before shipment effected, the company had sent their staff to come for inspection of the merchandise, and we had been extremely nervous and worry. As soon as the staff arrived, my brother immediately invited him to dinner, in sake of hoping that the inspection would be carried more easily. Finally, the staff just asked us to take two pieces samples to their office for their manager’s reference and approval. On the next day, my brother took the shipment samples to show the manager, who asked one of his female clerks for trying. As the neck hole was too small, the clerk’s head could not go through it. The whole lot of pullover necks was needed to be expanded wider, and it took 2 female skills to repair for two whole nights. Fortunately, the shipment was made, and payment also was paid at the end. If goods were rejected, we would be in trouble because the capital had been borrowed from friends. Later the customer placed another order for 60 pieces, of which I supposed for replacement. After that, I wrote them for several times but received no reply.

After finishing this order, I resigned my accountant assistance and had been in business with my elder brother for nearly 40 years.

22. Out of Poverty

After finishing the initial order, I resigned my job and worked together with my brother in running the business. My brother managed the company's internal affairs, and I was mainly in sales. As having the experience from the initial order, we had connection contacts with woollen cardigans suppliers, and embroidery workers. Now I had two items beaded sequin dresses and embroidered woollen cardigans for selling and promoting. Doing business quite seems like war needs weapons and takes action at the right time, and similarly, business needs products and to be sold to the right markets.

I had worked in the Indian firm before and knew all the Indian exporters located on Hollywood Road and Wyndham Street. All these Indian exporters were the small and just established factories’ best buyers, which did not mind how big and how long history the factories were. The main markets of these Indian exporters included the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Africa, and Pacific Islands. Usually, their orders were smaller, but they accepted lower quality merchandise. Therefore, these Indian exporters were my marketing object also the shops, which located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Central and Wan Chai and sold to overseas visitors.

At the beginning, I often brought a few samples of embroidered cardigans and photos of beaded sequinned dresses with sufficient coins for bus and ferry, and peddled in shops and gave the photos with price lists to Indian exporters.  As I was a shy person without eloquence, my face was red, and my heart beat violently at the time of selling. During the sales, sometime I was happy, sometimes disappointed and sometimes had hard feelings at rejection by people.

Not long I received two orders from two Indian firms. One order was about 200 pieces beaded woollen sweaters for Panama market, and the other one were about 70-80 pieces beaded sequin crape tops, which were mainly worn by singer performers. Usually, in small quantity, part sewing finishing of these dresses was needed to be done by the tailor in Tsim Sha Tsui, and the labour cost was very expensive. Now we had got quantity and asked the daughter of one of my father’s friends to help for the sewing finishing. After finishing these two orders, we saved lots of expenses, and the profit was sufficient to pay our debt also some remaining available. I discussed with my brother about the rest of money for buying producing woollen product equipment, which included a woollen steaming iron, a dryer, a dehydrator, and one manual 3 gauge knitting machine. I started to learn all works of the producing process of woollen cardigans.

As had become customary, all Indian firms visited and had their shows overseas twice a year. Before them leaving, I lobbied them to sell my product and gave them one set of photos with one actual sample.  Some other people had tried the same cardigans to the mentioned markets before but not succeeded because this product was expensive and not practical in wearing.  This time was quite different because I had made major promotion, nearly most Indian exporters selling my product. As all overseas buyers saw my product and sample from most sellers, they supposed that it was a fashion trend.  Therefore, at the same time, we received substantial orders from the markets including the Middle East, Africa and Pacific Islands. My father immediately rented the ground floor at No.10 Junction Road, G/F in Kowloon City also made the roof covering the patio in order to get more area for our knitting factory. As I had learned and understood the complete process of production, we immediately purchased equipment and commenced production at once. At the same time, another two small outside factory helped us in the production of plain woollen cardigans. Our highest production reached around 7 thousand pieces per month. Each woollen embroidered cardigan was sold over 20 dollars, and it was a very good profit.

At that time, I slept alone in the factory. I had no amusement except played tennis in the morning at the Kowloon Tsai Park. I used to work to the midnight but was very happy. Once, the wife of our villager uncle came to visit us, her family rich, and my father had borrowed around 4 to 5 thousand dollars from them for running the business of rice and farm feed when keeping chicken in the New Territories at our worst financial situation. Now I was proud of telling her that we would be able to keep western dog and live in the nice house same as the rich people shortly. It was over my expectation that our family was able to be out of poverty within quite a short time. My father was the boss and decided everything by himself. He bought 3 Omega watches, one gold for him, one gold/steel for me and one steel for my brother. We also bought our first vehicle Austin 1300 c.c. GT.  We still had sufficient funds for my father to buy the whole building of No.10, Junction road and one second floor flat on Hankow Road in Tsim Sha Tsui. From that time on, my father ran his business on his own, company name Yik Kwong Investment Co. Ltd.

23. Export Firm Established

In 1967, a very serious riot took place in Hong Kong. As people still were afraid of Communist of China, many rich people had sold their properties and immigrated overseas. Therefore, houses were very cheap at that time. I have also applied immigration to Canada but not approved because I had no special skill, qualification and my own property. If my application was approved and I migrated Canada at that time, the story of my life should be completely different as now.

At the same time, our business situation started becoming worse because of a native competitor, who followed us producing the same product sold at a much cheaper price with lower quality. As I am a perfectionist, I did not wish to be same as him. Accidentally, I met an Indian young man, who was working in an Indian Export firm. Both of us had interests in establishing an export company. He experienced in selling and overseas customers, and I had worked in an Indian firm before having some knowledge of export business also hoping to export our product woollen embroidered cardigan directly to overseas buyers. Therefore, in 1968, I established an export firm called Union Import & Export Corporation at Red A Building, 37 Wellington Street, Central. Originally the company was in partnership with the Indian young fellow, but he could not pay his capital at the end, so I owned the company by myself. At that time, I got $50000 from my father as capital for self-reliance. In the beginning, I employed a part time staff, who was working in the bill department of HK Bank supplying all customer contacts.  After had run for few months, most orders were received mainly from Middle East markets for our woollen embroidered cardigans. One main agent called Arkay trading Company, P.O.Box 2055, Dubai, and many Saudi Arabia and Persian Gulf buyers bought our cardigans through this agent. Other markets included Kuwait, Bahrain, Doha, Africa, Saudi Arabia and South Pacific Islands.

At that time, to start a business was not as competitive as now. On the other hand, communication and information were inconvenient. Typewriter and telephone were the main things in office, and there was no calculator, computer and internet. Hong Kong Trade Development Council was also not available. Looking for buyers was from Commerce & Industry Department, Chambers, Consulates, Yellow page and etc. Besides advertising for product promotion, sending circular was also very important and costly. Cable was the fastest communication with overseas clients and my company cable address “Unionbest”. Only the big firms had Telex, which could be operated in their office.

24. Opal Business

Not long after running export business, one day I heard about the son of our previous China neighbour. He was working in Kowloon wharf for sealing parcels and packages of opal exporting to USA. On that time, China merchandises were not allowed to be exported to USA, and some merchandises required special certificate of origin called C.C.O.  From the parcels and packages, he obtained the addresses of opal buyers in USA and commenced some trading, buying cut & polished opals from local opal cutters and exporting to US buyers. It suddenly made me having the intention and interests in this business. Precious stone business seemed a high rank business and good profit. I had never seen and no idea about this stone before. I learned from one of my brother’s friend, who was working in a gems factory, and understood that opal produced in Australia. I started thinking how to begin the business, and the decision was advertising in Australian newspapers. I wrote a letter to Hong Kong South China Morning Post requesting the names of Australian newspapers. Their reply furnished with two publishers of the newspapers, the Sydney Morning Post and Financial Review. I contacted these two publishers and also advertised in these two newspapers. The advertisement said, “Hong Kong experienced opal cutter wants to import rough opal, and also interested in cutting and polishing opal for Australian Opal Company.” Shortly after advertising, I received responds from opal companies, miners and some opal hobby collectors. One opal company in Melbourne sent one consignment of rough opal to my bank and the amount of the parcel around $5000. The terms allowed inspection prior payment under bank’s supervision.  Although I did not understand and had no idea about this stone at all, I instructed my bank to pay the bill because the amount was not big. After the transaction, the Australian company considered my company honest and started to send me rough opals to cut for them. As having no factory and experience, I needed other opal factory to help. In the introduction by one of my brother’s friends, I contacted one small opal factory in Tsim Sha Tsui and gave the rough opals to them to process for me. The honesty of the opal factory is very important. After the process has been finished, factory can return the quantity and quality as they like. If the factories are not honest, they can change your good quality opal with poor quality. At the same time, I bought equipment and employed few workers learning cutting and polishing opal.

Among all precious stones, opal is one of the most fascinating and colourful gemstone, but its quality is fragile, not as hard as jade. At that time, the Chinese people were not familiar with this stone, which was more popular in the USA and Europe. Most rough opals were brought by Australian firms and miners personally to Hong Kong, and opal cutters went to their staying hotels to buy. Nearly all the opal cutters were the swimming stowaways from China in years around 1960. At the end of 1969, one Australian buyer came to our factory to buy embroidered cardigans. By the way, I asked him about opals, and he told me that his friend was a miner in the Coober Pedy opal field also told me how to go there. After having the information, I prepared to go there to investigate the situation and hoped to buy the rough opal direct from the opal fields, which were in Coober Pedy and Andamooka. Although there were rumours about dangers in the opal fields such as criminal miners and robberies, I did not worry because I was young, not like old now afraid of everything. At that time, I still had no confidence in the opal business, therefore, I prepared to promote my embroidered cardigans to the Australian market at the same time. I arranged a trip for the first destination Coober Pedy, air ticket Hong Kong – Adelaide – Melbourne – Sydney – Auckland (NZ) – Hong Kong. I needed to buy air ticket in Adelaide for 7 seated planes to Coober Pedy.

First time to overseas, I seemed like a country bumpkin, a homeward person, even many places in Hong Kong and Macau never been, no idea about direct flight, international flight and domestic flight, etc. I only could act whatever I had met. I still remembered the scene on the first time I tripped overseas.  The airplane departed Hong Kong around 10 o’clock at night, and it took 4-5 hours arriving Darwin, Australia. All passengers were off the airplane, some transit passengers to the transit lounge and some passengers checking out to custom Department. As I did not understand I needed to check out, I thought that I was going to Adelaide and followed the transit passengers to the waiting lounge, pretending as an experienced traveller buying soft drink as the other passengers doing.  A while, an airport ground Miss rushed to me and asked me “Are you Mr. Hou?” I replied yes, and she gestured me to follow her. I supposed there were only several passengers checking out, and when I reached the custom department, I saw my luggage there and immediately understood that I had to check out. Until noon time, I left by domestic flight to Adelaide staying at the Grosvenor Hotel. Then I bought the air ticket from Opal Air for Coober Pedy. Before going to the mine, I got leisure time and walked around the city. I saw a grand and splendid building with guards at the entrance. I walked close to them and asked them “What is this?” They replied “Parliament.” I supposed them said apartment, and I said “I shall stay here.” They seemed surprised in my odd saying. Later on, I understood the meaning of Parliament.

There are three main opal mines in Australia, Lightning Ridge, Andamooka and Cooper Pedy and Cooper Pedy is the largest of them. I had used to Cooper Pedy and Andamooka when I was in opal business. Both of these two mines are in the middle between central and southern Australia. Opal is one of fossils and some was from sea creatures such as shell and lobster, of which shapes still remained well. It also tells that Australia long time ago was under the sea. When I arrived there, it was a desert without plant, very dry, hot, strong wind blowing up clay dust occasionally. Opal mining were in three ways, bulldozer pushing away the surface of the land, digger machine digging a hole, the third drilling a deep hole similar to coal mining. At that time, all mines were within 17 miles from  the Coober Pedy centre. Different areas produced different colour and quality opal, and the experienced or expert could distinguish where the opal came out. As it was a desert, water was very precious. Drinking water was gathered rain from roof also some water delivered from other place. There were very deep wells in local, but the water was quite salty not suitable for drinking. There was a motel called Opal Motel run by an Italian family. Two rows in two storey building had more than 20 rooms mainly for tour group, and on ordinary days, there was no guest at all. On the first day arriving, there was no guest at the motel. As I was the opal buyer, I stayed on the ground floor, which was more convenient for miners to contact.  I wrote the words “Opal Buyer” on a paper sticking on the outside of the door. At the night of the same day, opening the door and going outside, I felt extremely lonely because I had never experienced in such quiet and wide surrounding. There was no television in the guest room because of unable to receive the broadcast. Approximately, I stayed around 10 days for buying; I had no interest in promoting our embroidered cardigans and returned Hong Kong. At that time, I had no connection with opal cutters and factories, and the only way to establish the contacts was to advertise. Beside the real buyers came, some cheaters also came. As I refused any business negotiation and discussion at outside, the cheaters would not succeed in front of our several people. I had given up the office in Hong Kong side and moved to factory because there were more people to supervise during selling. Our factory still was in our own property at No.10 Junction Road, Kowloon City. As a result, the first time purchase was quite good, and I prepared to travel more often and stayed longer, bringing rice cooker cooking in the motel. I had often travelled by airplane until the1973 oil crisis took place. 

At that time, except few factories were larger, most were small factories. Only few rough opal wholesalers were available in Hong Kong, and our company was one of the supplies. After I had run this opal business for one year, my two brothers closed their woollen factory and joined my opal business. We tripped by turns to Australia to buy rough opal. In 1972, my father sold the whole building of No.10, Junction Road, Kowloon City to SHK for reconstruction, profit more than 30%, and then our office was moved to No.17, Sau Chuk Yuen Road, Kowloon City. Later my father bought from the owner the whole building including the front and the rear portions. Most cut opals were exported to USA, and usually, the opal buyers came to Hong Kong and bought from the factory personally. Customarily, the payment terms of the cut opal business were 2-4 months personal or company postdate cheque. I hardly accepted such payment terms because I had used in terms of D/P and L/C in my previous experience. Conversely, payment terms of rough opals were cash on delivery. During the rough opal wholesale business, our company was a member of the US Jewellery Association. I had been USA and Japan for selling, but the results were not good. The Hong Kong market was still the best for rough opal.

At that time, it was a big demand for high quality 0.3 ct diamond in Korea, and many Hong Kong smugglers carried personally to there. It made me interesting in this business. I learned and studied appraising diamond also went to USA to buy some for the beginning. The result was not good, and finally, I gave up.

 Actually often travelling on the airplane and away from home was not suitable for me. Once, I was in the pilot seat of a small airplane from the opal field to Adelaide with infection of fluid, one of my ears was very painful making me mad. Due to the need of travelling on planes, one specialist Dr. Yeung made an operation of putting a small tube through my eardrum. After the operation, I felt not comfortable and itchy in the ear for all the time, and finally, one more operation took out the tube.  Another time in opal field, I sat in a miner’s van going to buy rough opals, passing hard clay land full of stones, shaking very vigorously. A while after returning motel, I felt dizzy and wanted to vomit but laid on the bed feeling comfortably. So I returned Hong Kong immediately for treatment. After that, my headache and dizzy have been with me attacking occasionally. Besides this, I also have been an introverted person and not liked to be outside. 
25. Love and Marriage

People marry when grow up are normal and reasonable. Some have acquainted each other during childhood; some are classmates; some are colleagues; but, I have none of them. The only way was the introduction by friends. Some parents introduced their daughters, and some friends introduced their friends. Although I was introduced with more than one dozen girls, I only dated two girls one my first lover and the other one my wife. I am an old-fashioned, not romantic and little dictatorship person. At present, this personality is hardly able to be accepted by a dating girl.  When I ran my opal business, my elder brother and elder sister both of them had married. As had confidence in my business, I prepared to marry seeming reasonable. The first girl I met was the sister of one of my opal buyer’s wife. I saw the photo before hand, and she was a slim and gentle girl. At the meeting, she seemed too short and not attracted me.

Decision of marriage is abstruse and complicate, and everybody had different expectations. Some husbands wish to marry a rich wife, who can help him in his career; some expect her able to managing the family well; some care about her appearance; some care about her characters; etc. Some wives wish to marry a rich husband, who will give her comfortable life; some appreciate an intelligent and wise husband; some want husband loving and caring her; some prefer a husband with good knowledge and connotation; some expect a romantic husband; etc. It is very complicated but still has the exception that some marry without consideration and planning.

After buying opals for several times in opal fields, as my head and neck were hurt by violent shaking in the van, I had to take a break and a rest for a few months. During this period, I began dating my first girl friend. At that time in our church, my mother was one of the deacons, and another female deacon was a good friend to my mother. She told my mother wishing to introduce her daughter-in-law’s sister to me.  As all of us were in the same church, we had known her daughter–in-law’s sisters all were beautiful.  My mother’s friend lived on Argyle Street, quite near to my house on Junction Road. She arranged a meeting for us at her home. After that, I and my first lover started our dating for several months. She was a good and decent girl, two years younger than me and was rather worrier and quiet. She liked reading, and her writing was in beautiful font style. Although our dating was only a few months, we loved each other, not like the young generation not serious in this matter. During the course, I had attended her parent birthday dinner, and she also had attended my father birthday. My father told us that after we would marry, he and my mother would move out their flat and let us live there. Frankly speaking, the flat was not an ideal living house, no lift and car park. It was a flat in an old building on Junction Road, Kowloon City. Time passes quickly, especially for the happiness, I had to go to Australia for buying opal again. The day before going to Australia, it was Sunday, and our factory was closed. After I and she had attended the church worship in the morning, we stayed in the factory. She helped me prepare my clothes, giving me her photo and a necktie, and also asking me for my photo, and I gave her too. Besides, she asked me to visit her sister on Argyle Street and told me that this sister was happy for our getting together. On the next day, she came to the airport to see me off to Australia. This time I stayed around 20 days in the opal field. During the stay, I had phoned her, and she had also sent me a letter, unfortunately, received after our separation. The summary of the letter was some happy recalls and praise. Before I returned Hong Kong, her mother had visited my mother on Junction Road. On the day returning home, she picked-up me at the airport and dined together with my family but looked listless.  After dinner, I drove her outside and asked her about her uninteresting, and she said “nothing I heard that you were bad temper.” I asked her who said that, but she did not reply.   On the next day, her mother phoned me and said that her daughter was a good girl and had the excellent home education, and asked me to begin again. She also told me that her daughter had found a new job and had been working in a new company, and if I wanted to phone her daughter, I might call her at home. I did not understand her conversation and supposed that she wanted a very obedient and rich son-in-law. The same story had also taken place when her daughter had been dating with my mother’s friend’s son. At that time, our family’s circumstance was not bad, but I had no own property because I had just started in my self-reliance. I worried troubles would happen in the future with her parents, and it would affect and not good to me and her daughter. Therefore, I was forced to give up this love affair. At that time, I was unhappy and hopeless. To my understanding, since that, she has not married. However, we were friends before; I really wish her life in happiness. 

After I had separated with my girl friend, church friends saw us not together in the Sunday worship, understanding what's happening between us. At the same time, they introduced 4-5 girls to me, and my wife was one of them. As had usually not paid attention to people in the church worship, I did not recognize my wife. This time I was purposely to see her during the Sunday worship. She sat on the left side in the next front row and was young, long hair with sweet looking appearance. She had a glance to back and saw me a mature man with black glasses, me looking much older than my actual age. She was 5-6 years younger than me, and this time was her first dating also the only one. Her character was kind, good temper, easy to stay with, clever and intelligent. She knew my separation and asked me that any possibility of recovering between me and my previous girlfriend. After having the experience of the previous dating, this time, I behaved more aggressively. She complained me holding her hand and putting my hand on her shoulder too quickly after dating. DurIng this period, we bought our second vehicle Ford 2000. We married in January 1974, and I thank God giving me this good wife. My father said that my wife was the most suitable to my character. For the recent years, she has been enjoying drawings and writing poems.

26. Real Estate
27. Children Dress
28. Opal Cutting and Polishing
29. Loaning
30. Chrysoprase
31. Lapis
32. Beaded Handbag
33. Silk Sequin Dress
34. Beaded Sequin Motif & Fashion Accessories
35. Leather Watch Band
36. Immigration to Overseas
37. Settlement in Overseas
38. The Death of Parents
39. Business Spin-off and Again in Business
40. Become a House Keeper
41. Again Investing in Stock Market
42. The Big Date in Life
43. The Past and Experience in Financial Market

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