201809171601exercise that requires just a sled


When winter rolls around most towns usually get a temporary outdoor ice rink. So if your town gets 1 take the family for a fun filled afternoon? Moderate ice skating burns a notable 355 calories per hour whilst intense ice skating burns 600 calories per hour. If you ice skate for 2 or 3 hours you can easily smash 1,000 calories and have a great time while doing it.


Sledding is a simple family exercise that requires just a sled, a hill and some snow. Sledding down the hill is good fun whilst dragging the sled back up the hill gives you a bit of a workout. Just 1 hour of sledding burns an impressive 476 calories per hour.


You might think snowball fights are for kids only but give it a try this winter and I am sure you will still enjoy it no matter what your age. Starting a snowball fight is easy. All you need is snow and some open space such as your garden, your street or the local park. Once you get into it, snowball fighting really won't feel like exercise but you will still be burning a reasonable 319 calories per hour.


Snow tubing is very similar to snowboarding and sledding. The main difference is that instead of using a board or a sled you use a large rubber ring. Snow tubing is a lot more friendly to beginners than snowboarding and most of the time it costs less too. This makes it a particularly good family exercise as everyone should pick it up relatively quickly and it won't cost you an arm and a leg. In terms of calories burned it is just as effective as snowboarding with 1 hour of snow tubing burning through 429 calories.


As you can see the Christmas weather brings with it plenty of fun family exercise opportunities. So next Saturday or Sunday why not pick 1 or more of the activities on this list and take the whole family on a fun filled day out? Not only will you spend valuable time with your family but you will also be able to maintain your regular exercise routine.


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