201607081017Seven pig

Seven pig is Excellencies pastime a poker game, very popular among Hong Kong adolescents. The number of participants up to 13 people (can join the other decks to increase the number, but it's possible to make confusion).

A version
First, each assigned a number of Ninety-nine poker, do not look at the licensing situation turns the cards, the cards at the same time called 1, when the second call 2 cards, and so on from 1 to k, the cycle continues. Ruoguo the same card and said, everyone immediately Momobizai, the slowest will be called a struggle upstream pig, lose it for the two pigs, pig until seven so far. This version is Fifty K similar to the lapel batting, commonly known as a heart attack Taiwan.

Version two
First,  each assigned four cards, the one passed to the next one, and the one obtained from a card, the purpose is to make your own with the same four cards. When you own the same brand Mobi Zi four or see other people when you are going Mobi Zi, the slowest Ten-thirty will be promoted to a pig, lose it for the two pigs, pig until seven so far.

Can not respond to higher pig speak
This game also has moving service an interesting feature that people can not talk to pigs, pigs at different levels can not talk to each other, otherwise the lower pig will automatically become more advanced stages of pigs. For example, if so, what was the response to a talking pig, he immediately set up a pig; a talking pig and three pigs, three pigs themselves would become. But pigs can speak higher to a lower level porcine or human (not downgraded)


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