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Then the children speak and count enlightenment,diver tear a piece of paper count enlightenment, reading a picture book count, look at a map count, listen to a song count ...... if every feeling and recognition know all enlightenment, why not just recognize some words of enlightenment it? Of course, some people will say the child must first play, be happy, and literacy is not happy. I really am not happy to read it? So teach children to draw or color is not happy to recognize itLearning cards helps blind learn the word ?

Which kinds of early education tool more focused on your child do?

We know that children are born with colored pens like Tu Tu painting, it had really are happy, now, imagine an educational context: parents or teachers before school to preschool children must be able to say the name of 20 kinds of colors,Appropriate literacy card for kids You can draw some patterns.

When the job is learning every day this card to the children, parents recognize things every day supervision color, painting patterns and examine the children, the children do well on the criticism - so down,Child shows interest to buy a deck of learning cards recognize colors and painting has become a disaster, it is preschool not the ban should also recognize colors and painting it.

Exclusive custom learning card is good medicine Freaky parenting class teacher of

Here, the problem is actually already understand,About card game called Solitaire there is no knowledge of the pros and cons, and any children who can accept things that are good, the problem is how to put these things for adults to teach children. About child early literacy, early recite classic this matter, it was firmly believed that children should not be accepted before the age of 7 to read,Star homeless solitaire card deck should not accept the independent reading. This must be wrong.


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