200803080316Pray for my mom again

Because recently I have to change my working time to leave more time for my mom.

So this Fri , I go for an interview. 

Although I didn't take the job.

I still learn a lot this week.

I realize how lucky I am.

God really gave me a nice mission,

To be a teacher.


I don't need to hide my emotion, because I have a group of sweet students.

They even go on my blog and encourage me when I feel depressed in the cram school.

I deeply feel warm.


With all of you, I will be brave to face the disease with my dear mom.

Next Monday, she will go to the hospital to check her body again.

Once her doctor decides the date of chemical treatment,

my sisters and I will need to sleep overnight in the hospital.


Please pray for my mom again:

1. She can have enough physical strength to face the chemical treatment.

2. These two days, she keeps coughing, Sometimes it's so serious.

   Then she can't have a good sleep. May God cure her.


Please pray for me:

1. I can't sleep well this week. May God give me more energy and confidence to face my life.


May our powerful God support u as always.


Helen Ho


 I love this song. I keep listening to it. It helps.










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