201306161328FIRERAMA火哈馬 7/20 (六) @ Revolver

FIRERAMA火哈馬  7/20 (六) @ Revolver

With Black Reign Intl Sound &Specials Guest !!

*All night Reggae Dance Hall DubRoots*

Free reggae mix cd’s for the first50 people and more cd’s on sale for only $50 NT all night.

Time: 10:30pm.  

Door 2 floor: 300NT+ 1 Free drink

Address: No.1-2,Sec. 1, Roosevelt Rd, Jhongjheng Dist, Taipei City / 中正區羅斯福路一段1-2號


FIRERAMA火哈馬  7/20 (六)夏季熱浪來了~ 終於等到Islandjam Firerama 重現雷鬼舞台,混合reggae、舞廳、dub、roots lover重低音上陣!由國際團體Black Reign 的DJ:Taili 和 Lion以及特邀嘉賓,將重新混音顛覆聽覺,讓你整夜熱舞不停。帶著你的打火機和舞鞋,準備點燃這場雷鬼派對。進場時:10:30PM。前50未進場的聽 眾將可獲得限量MixCD,更多的Mix CD特惠價出售:$50 NT。火熱上陣、千萬不要錯過。

Summer is here! We're bringing backthe reggae goodness of Islandjam's Firerama!  The show that, broughtreggae, dancehall, dub and roots lovers together some years ago to get theirbass heavy fix is back.  Black Reign Intl Sound Dj Taili& Mighty Lionand special guests are dusting off the old tracks and preparing the new vibesto keep you dancing all night long.  Bring your lighters, horns anddancing shoes, and get ready to light the FIRE.


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