201306102232VLN為期三個月的河堤雷鬼派對Rum in the Sun-Summertime Edition


Vive La Night presents
Rum in the Sun-Summertime Edition
Riverside Party

Jun 22nd to Sep 28th
Zhōu měi jiē hé shuāng 21 hào gōngyuán, shuāng xī mǎtóu

Dear Party People,

If you have decided to stay in Taiwan over the summer or you will be landing on this great land and looking forward to having a fun blasting experience in Taipei; Vive La Night returns on June 22nd to September 28th to present to you a series of summertime adventures of Rum, Sun, jet ski’s, yachts, BBQ, Ceviche, Spanish Tapas, Special chef, BIKINI, wet, River, pool and more fun!!!!!! That ought to sum it all up!! Time to chill, bask in the sun and party!

Special treat for the ladies considering they rule the world. Sexy ladies wearing bikinis get in for FREE during the first hour of every party. FREE tequila shots for ladies every hour on the buzz! BUT WAIT there’s more, all the ladies are entitled to FREE rides on our yachts. We just took it to another level for the ladies!!!

There will be great music from beginning to end. Starring are few of the top DJ’s in Taiwan, artists & performers. Look out for the Taiwan Dancehall Crew!!

La caja de Musica has vowed to bring to you the most original taste of Spain in their exquisite cuisine from BBQ, tapas, and sandwiches to ceviche. Mouth drooling yet? Some persons may need to wear a bib!

Special drinks with a special twist to keep you feeling ‘nice’ or in better words “Irie”; Sangria, Rum Punch, piña coladas, and thirst quenching cocktails.

Each party will have its unique concept! Stay tuned for announcements coming soon.

This is an event you can’t miss!! Be sure to come down to the riverside and enjoy this rush of adrenaline that VLN brings to Taipei this summer.

For ticket purchase:

Call or text 0983733964 or contact any of the PR’s for this event.

Entry fee: Pre-sale tickets: 500 NT’s
Normal Tickets: 700 NT’s

Group tickets are available, for more information contact any of the organizers listed:

Vive la nite Taiwan: https://www.facebook.com/vln.vln.9?ref=tn_tnmn

Vive La night-nightlife & party productions.

Yours truly,

PS: Tickets include open bar from 14:00 to 16:00; after 16:00 all drinks are 100NT’s.


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