201502041805A lamp that green tea

A lamp that green tea, weak nameplates, how much, in the evening. A pot of unstrained wine or liquor, shallow action lingering fragrance, the setting sun. Is now the rain, the grief that autumn has no intention Air-Conditioner, cry out this season. Autumn leaves, green cream batch, lofty sky, the moon distal, everything is nothing. Autumn but green bright green, how, how, how leaves? No fall no reincarnation, how to know the world of mortals, fireworks blurred. Poets write autumn, autumn pictorial painting, but here there is no autumn, without fall without poetry, denied this, but here people are cold day, but if niche not dull?

Autumn, falling leaves, the setting sun is infinite, in what was supposed to be bleak qingyuan, cold hands. Yet, here is a piece of green, catkin flying, autumn is my too care about then, or autumn are supposed to, rather than not fall like this painting, no cixin qiu - yun, did not fall.

Here is the autumn, the next summer when observing did not take. Wind blowing rain floating leaf did not fall, why the need for daily small cold. Not already, also not intentional, but morning body for warmth, no charm, the heart is cool but the heart is cool.

More than 20 in the spring and autumn, autumn here nor in the autumn. Stand before the window, forget to wear a rain, if decree by destiny, also the vast gray, ask why? Accustomed to Ye Shu leaves fall QTS Hong Kong, spring and the autumn passed; the sudden heart of autumn, less the meaning the edge broken. If the wind struggling jun, smell the horseshoe, urgent and look out window, not returning, just a visitor, like the edge.

Cold autumn, quiet and beautiful, and gentle, is like a fairy in the cold and soft. Believe it, that all men are mortal. Can be in this autumn edge, not much, the breath of autumn is predestined friends the recall, not together, together, the beauty of autumn you meet autumn. Today's autumn, in addition to being cold, nothing at all; Today's autumn, it is of the same name you, only you name, not your fate, how about your heart. The affinity 雋景 課程, is knot, or understand,,,,

Life is a life time, plant an autumn, not autumn, life meaning? All say spring to a year, the autumn passed; the spring, but the autumn? Autumn in catkin flying, flying ants all over the sky, the letter? Can be at home, at home such akisato, in the heart of this is the fate, just know the autumn, ah good luck to you, submerged in the season of rebirth, only realizing the world of mortals the eye, shading to write. Boats water wave, the central party show.

Decree by destiny akisato, miss qiu road, decree by destiny, is not you on the road. This one season, recall in autumn autumn in the margin to know you leadership skills.