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A hundred year historic store

Xu Jian, founder of Goldenx, was of Tsiang-tsiu Fujian province in China, born in Guangxu year 32(1906, Meiji year 39), the next year of the year Russo-Japanese War which Japan prevailed occurred. At the time Taiwan has been ceded by Ching Dynasty to Japan for 10 years.

Xu Jian’s father operated bakery on Fangliao street, Zhonghe. The family made and sold variety kinds of pastries and sweets. Xu Jian, however, didn’t take over the job. He was rather in favor of the significant crafts since he saw the golden and silver accessories wore by elders. To learn the professional technique of working with accessories, Xu Jian was articled to a goldsmith from Tamsui, so began his goldsmithing life. Tamsui used to be called “Little Shanghai”. The prosperous trade port of Tamsui gathered craft masters with superior skills from every field.

Xu Jian acquired goldsmith skill after putting himself through the mill for three years and four months. In 1921 (Taisho year 10), 15 years old Xu Jian started his business on Fangliao street. He named the title “Old Jin San”(the Chinese title of the store. English title “Golden X” was named afterward), which had been teased for calling it “old” at the initiation. No one knew that Xu Jian has put faith to operate Old Jin San for good and all.

Taiwan in the period of Japanese occupation was insufficient in raw materials. The accessories were made in not only gold but also silver and bronze. Fangliao Street was the only shopping district in the agricultural society of Zhonghe. Commoners who were busy at farm works would not have time to shop at Fangliao street. To increase sales volume, Xu Jian carried shoulder pole contained crates of accessories and steelyard to peddle from farmers in the fields to woodmen on the mountain or fishers at the ports, for them to choose accessories to their liking or make to measure. The storm-tossed and wind-battered peddling was harsh but the fame of goldsmith spread out in no time.

After the Pacific War broke out, Japanese government took extremely restrictions on metals. Even the frames and knocker rings of the jewelry store were levied by Japanese police to support the military supplies of the frontline, not to mention the gold, silver and other precious metals. The goldsmith work was forced to shut for once.

Fangliao Street was once the only shopping district which provides daily products in Zhonghe and Yonghe. Old Jin San is the only jewelry store that started the operation at the period of Japanese occupation and kept it till the present. It’s the main store which provides accessories in this district.
By convention, Xu Jian did not teach his son the technique of goldsmith for it would be less strict for father teaching his own children, and children may idle if the master is their own father. Therefore after graduating from high school, Mr. Xu Sa-Long packed off to become an apprentice at Taipei Jiancheng Circle, the most prosperous and bustling area had countless vendors and stores after war.

Old Jin San Jewelry trained its own goldsmiths. They were usually the youths around ten or more, and trained from a clueless novice at the beginning to a mature and professional goldsmith master. With the flourishing of Fangliao street in Zhonghe, Old Jin San had at most ten-some goldsmith masters to process and produce gold accessories.

In the 60s of the Republic Era, economy of Taiwan had a rapid growth, people also became much wealthier. Jewelry store began to sell accessories made of diamond and other gems. The demand of customization was also increased in this period. Old Jin San Jewelry has specialist jewelry designer providing service of custom accessory.

The new operator of the hundred-year store has studied abroad in United States for jewelry appraisal and received qualification of diamond and jewelry appraiser of GIA approval.
Xu Sa-Long said, there was no Fangliao night market when his father just started his business. He set a net goldfish vendor beside the entrance of the store, which has thrived the business; the success of net goldfish vendor attracted various vendors and stores, which formed the prosperous Fangliao night market. Though the night market is gone, the signboard of Old Jin San Jewelry still shines the street. Old Jin San has gone through all the vicissitudes of hundred year life.

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