201304171256 The opposition support Dr Wright's phone.

"Clearly, in charge of fisheries minister, Nathan Road,teapot glass guy, had fallen asleep, and fisheries collapses, an iconic endangered indigenous species," livni said Labour's fisheries spokesman David hom. "

The Maori party said a rahui commercial fishing is a top priority <".

"Albacore eel is great significance to tangata whenua, especially inland tribes, and threat the existence needs urgent attention, said:" party leader Pita puls.

The greens urged the government to suspend.

"This report is a stark warning, it is the government of not doing enough to protect the endangered fin eel, said:" protection, a spokesman for eugenie, sage.

In recent years, from the long export and shortfin eel earn only about $5 million a year on average. Is using some of the eel pet food of meat food, she said.

"Part time DBA We won't put our little spots kiwi cat - we should not allow this kind of circumstance happening."

Nathan guy primary industries minister said in a statement, there are 75 business eels fishermen and three processing plants. Export revenues were about 10 ma, a year.

"This is an important question, I welcomed the report, and will be careful study before we make any decision by the primary industry and the ministry of environmental protection."

Victor Thompson, austral Mossburn enterprises, processing eel Waituna brand owners, said Dr Wright's report was disappointing.

"It lacks substance and outdated for 20 years. In the 1990 s, we have solved all these problems," he told: NZ club.

Eel fishing and fisheries,A Highlight on Best Retail Walmart Displays You Need a former manager, David Allen, also accused Dr Wright achieve she thinks "unfair evaluation, peer-reviewed research materials .醫療用品


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