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Matthias climbed as he had never done before. Aided by Dunwing, he made it. Two things happened at once. He grabbed for the gutter just as the sharp newly-broken stone sawed through the rope. Snap! Grab!

As the rope parted, Matthias clung to the gutter. With Dunwing pushing as she flew upwards, he scrambled over the edge of the gutter and rolled inwards to safety.

Dunwing joined him. They both lay completely exhausted as the wind howled around them, stunned by the danger they had come through.Searching for hong kong package? GuangDong Hotel have a wide range of rooms are available for individuals, families and groups, and we will provide a remarkable experience for you.

The mother sparrow was first to recover. She drove her mouse friend relentlessly to his feet. "Matthias, come hurry! We waste time."

The climb of the sloping roof was extremely treacherous. Slightly unhinged by the perilous events, Matthias giggled to his friend, "It's all in the average day's work of a warrior. No use of a warrior worrying, ha ha ha."

Taking into account loose slates, buffeting wind and the occasional slide backwards, Matthias reckoned he had done pretty well as he gained the roof ridge. He straddled it with


both feet, gazing straight ahead at the north point of the weather vane.

Dunwing fluttered above him. She saw the look of achievement upon his face and ruffled his ears with her claws. "Matthias mouse, me gotta go now, no can help anymore. Take care. Good wormhunt."

Dunwing flew off to her nest back at the court of King Bull Sparra. Matthias pressed forwards along the roof ridge.

He would never forget Dunwing and her eggchick War-beak. Friends in need are friends indeed.

Bracing himself against the weather vane, Matthias shielded his eyes and peered down into the Abbey grounds. Starting from there he began a systematic search upwards. Most of it was too far below him to make out anything clearly.

The Joseph Bell boomed out the lunch hour.

At first Matthias could not be certain. He slitted his eyes and looked hard.  its way up. He waited with bated breath as it came nearer.University partnership can bring together the strengths of both tertiary institution in research, technology development and application, and last but not least, education in nurturing future generations.

It was Jess Squirrel!

Clinging to the vane with one paw, Matthias jumped up and down in a frenzy. He waved frantically, shouting at the top of his voice. "Jess! It's me, Matthias. Hurry. Oh please hurry!"

Jess was trying her best, but from the start she had been handicapped by her big curling bush of a tail. The rude winds swept it about playfully. She could not stop her own tail from dragging and pushing her hither and thither.

The champion squirrel climbed gamely onwards. Normally she would not have attempted the climb under such blowy conditions. She concentrated hard on the ascent. Matthias's voice had not reached her across the vagrant wind, but someone had heard the young mouse's shouts: King Bull Sparra!

Having found neither sword nor snake, the King had become peeved and bad tempered. He issued orders to the search party that they were to stay on the floor of the woods until they found something. Meanwhile, he must go back to the moving van rental.


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