201407232335I very much hope to return to the family home in Canada, please help me .

I very much hope to return to the family home in Canada,  please help me .


I very much hope to return to the family home in Canada, the strong request for help!http://classic-blog.udn.com/alpineatks/15148203
Since June 24, 1997,  I have not seen my son and two daughters for 17 years. http://classic-blog.udn.com/alpineatks/14612099
If anyone can tell me that they are living well, I would appreciate it.http://classic-blog.udn.com/alpineatks/14540549
I have immigrated to Canada, 16 years ago my family and property in Canada disappeared.http://classic-blog.udn.com/alpineatks/13161059

Why am I on the status of education in Canada disappointed expectations judicial ends of justice!http://classic-blog.udn.com/alpineatks/7502003

Please help us once again happy reunion will be when appreciate it . http://classic-blog.udn.com/alpineatks/12473710
Prevent Child Abuse America- arrest USA-new-jersey/clark-chang is wanted http://classic-blog.udn.com/alpineatks/14682822
4616 Halley Avenue Burnaby, British Columbia V5G 3E1產權登記資料(證1, 證2).http://classic-blog.udn.com/alpineatks/10928254
My house in Canada (4616 Halley Ave Burnaby B.C. Canada  V5G 3E1) was sold stealthily and torn down without my own awareness in 14 Jan.1998 . http://classic-blog.udn.com/alpineatks/12478755
Request immediately arrest- USA-new-jersey/clark-chang is wanted abduction of children. http://classic-blog.udn.com/alpineatks/12224607
Vancouver, Canada, Multiple Realty Paul Chang Pseudo-witness information  http://classic-blog.udn.com/alpineatks/12620687
Request immediately arrest-CANADA Vanouver Multiple Realty Paul Chang is wanted abduction of children. http://classic-blog.udn.com/alpineatks/12225067
Please try to help spread the separation I was looking for more than sixteen years, is known as the information hidden in Vancouver abducted three biological children (To My dearest son( Derrick )and daughters( Denise & Angela ), http://classic-blog.udn.com/alpineatks/12356256
Please help us to vigorously assist and now his son and two daughters in Vancouver they have been separated from my sixteen years, and three children of their own who has been brainwashed, hoping that they will change their mind as soon as possible so that I can be the father and son and two daughters, we once again close to the heart, happy reunion will be when appreciate it.  Sincerely Lord DEREK HSU   http://classic-blog.udn.com/alpineatks/12473710
I have immigrated to Canada, 16 years ago my family and property were lost in Canada.http://classic-blog.udn.com/alpineatks/11033849
CANADIAN Possessions stolen and sold internationally abducted children evidence was submitted to Burnaby RCMP Detachment Cst Travis MORTON (travis.morton @ rcmp-grc.gc.ca) investigating at the request of 17JAN2013  http://classic-blog.udn.com/alpineatks/12227853
Request screenwriter, director, reporter great help, and my past experience in the future should the story twists and turns is a wonderful material


I am alpineatks許登昭 (DEREK HSU).懇請貴惠指教及盼大力幫忙,我因為投資移民加拿大後,16年來所有家庭財產不見了,加拿大及台灣家庭都消失了,妻兒女等家人全失蹤了,祈盼貴惠助我們已分離十六年多的三位在溫哥華的親生兒女回心轉意,父子女四人能儘快心相近,再歡喜團聚,當感激不盡.謹祝
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