201005102341no longer a dream =)

still couldnt believe what happened to me which was like something that occured yesterday. there are just too many ppl i hav to be thankful for so i thank god then. is this gonna last for a long time ? i seriously doubt :(   i was just get used to the normal life i lived on, and all this things that could only be in my day dream.
but you love me for me which does move me alot, seems like we are kinda different but then we are sometimes similar. i'd really wanted to be the one you need no matter how i'll have to change myself. now i get to know more about you and you're just perfect for me. i never dare to think of the future of us but i'll always keep those moment when there is me & you. <3



雖然我的網誌已經嚴重偏離主題~~但我還是愛KAT-TUN : )

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