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I love you the purplest  /by Barbara M. Jooss (館藏類號: PZ7.J74W62 1996)

家中如果有兩個以上的孩子,父母最頭痛莫過於經常被問起:「你最愛哪一個?」以「媽媽,你愛我嗎?」(Mama, Do You Love Me?)一書風靡全球的暢銷作家芭芭拉(Barbara M. Joosse)為這個問題給出一個好答案。

她在「I Love You the Purplest」一書說了這樣的一個故事:夏日傍晚,媽媽帶著兩個小兒子Max和Julian去釣魚。Julian從土裡挖出肥蟲,Max用鏟子挖出一團糾結的蟲,問媽媽:「誰的蟲最多?」媽媽笑答:「Max,你罐子裡的蟲最活潑。Julian,你罐子裡的蟲最肥美。」當母子三人乘著小木舟,兩兄弟各持著槳努力地划船。Julian上氣不接下氣地問媽媽:「媽媽,誰是最好的槳手?」媽媽笑答:「Julian,你划得最用力。Max,你划得最快。」

兩兄弟努力表現,希望得到母親最多的愛。"Who do you love best?" 入睡前,兩兄弟悄悄問媽媽。

媽媽對Julian說:「我愛你最藍!」(I love you the bluest! ),對Max說:「我愛你最紅!」(I love you the reddest! )她用顏色來說明兩個孩子的特質,以及他們的獨一無二。


許多讀者受這本書的啟發甚深,Amazon網站上有位媽媽的評語別有趣味,她說讀了書後,她對孩子說:「我愛你最巧克力!」(I love you the chocolatiest! )


I Love You the Purplest

Early in the evening the brothers and their Mama finished supper in the sturdy red cabin and set out to fish.

The lake slowed its thrashing to a soft, even beat.

The mosquitoes dipped low to the water and the water bugs skittered on top.

The moon glowed on one side of the lake while the sun shimmered on the other.

This was the time when fishing was best.

Max exploded from the cabin, twirling the shovel in front of him.

Mama came next, and then Julian.

Julian shut the cabin door tightly to keep it safe from burglars and bears.

Julian scooped the dirt to find the fattest worms.

Max jumped on the shovel and flung dirt in the air until a tangle of worms filled his can.

“Mama, who has the most worms?” he asked.

Mama smiled.

“Max, your can is full of the liveliest worms. And Julian, your can has the juiciest.”

Max, Julian and Mama stepped into the small wooden boat.

Julian took one oar and Max took the other.

Julian planted his blue boots wide and took deep, even strokes.

Max braced his red boots against the ribs of the boat and stroked quickly through the water.

The brothers' faces were hot and they gulped at the air.

Julian gasped,

“Mama, who's the best rower?”

Mama's eyes grew soft.

“Why, Julian, you took the deepest strokes. And Max, your strokes were fastest.”

The three fished until stars sprinkled the sky and water turned dark as night.

In the end, Mama caught one fish,

Julian caught one fish and Max caught three.

“I'm the best fisherman,” cried Max, hoisting his fish in the air.

Julian pushed his hat brim low on his face.

“Three fish! What a bountiful fisherman you are,” said Mama.

“And Julian, you're the cleverest. Your fish hid in the weeds, but you waited.

When your bobber jerked in the water you kept your pole high and you reeled in a fine, fat fish.”

When the fishing and the baths and the stories were done,

Mama tucked the brothers into bed.

Julian slept in the top bunk and she reached up to kiss him goodnight.

“Mama,” whispered Julian,

his hands forming a tunnel around her ear.

“Who do you love best?”

Mama thought for a minute, and then she whispered,

“Why, Julian, I love you the bluest!

I love you the color of a dragon fly at the tip of its wings.

I love you the color of a cave in its deepest,

hidden part where grizzly bears and bats curl up until night.

The mist of a mountain

The splash of a waterfall.

The hush of a whisper.”

I Love You the Purplest, Scene 1
Joose/ Chronicle Books

Early in the evening the brothers and their Mama finished supper in the sturdy red cabin and set out to fish.

I Love You the Purplest, Scene 11
Joosse/ Chronicle Books

"Why Max, I love you the reddest! I love you the color of the sky before it blazes into night. I love you the color of a leopard's eyes when it prowls through the jungle, and the color of a campfire at the edge of the flame. A wide open hug. The swirl of a magic cape. The thunder of a shout." The Smile on Max's face grew and grew until his cheeks couldn't hold it in. Then it came out in a big, thundery laugh.

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