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Design sense: graphic design on a limited budget (NC997.M61B81 1998)

This book contains great graphic design ideas that will inspire you to:
--Cut costs creatively
--Design more efficiently
--Get results without spending a fortune
If you are seeking to save money for your firm or client--here are more than 200 imaginative graphic design solutions that work. Fresh, well-planned, and inventive--these projects represent the creative vision of an international collection of design firms. Whether packaging, direct mail, corporate identity projects, or on-line promotions, each work featured is a polished example of high-quality design on a limited budget.

Splendid slippers: a thousand years of an erotic tradition (GT498.F66.J13 1997)


For a thousand years, Chinese mothers tightly bound the feet of their daughters and encased them in tiny, exquisitely embroidered slippers. How and why did this torturous tradition evolve and continue into the 20th century? Beverley Jackson's vast collection of photographs and a prized collection of "splendid slippers" create a uniquely poignant and evocative portrait of Chinese culture. Full color throughout. Size C. 124 pp.

Design in depth: unique projects created, visually explored and analyzed by fifty-one leading design firms (NK1404.A1.H64D81 1997)


To understand design, many projects must be explored; no one project will explain it. For instance, when people need to be shown how to get around a building complex, this is called wayfinding, a discipline of environmental graphic design. Graphic Designer Roger Whitehouse of Whitehouse & Company in New York created a unique visual, tactile and audible wayfinding system for the Lighthouse Inc. Headquarters in New York. When consumers are introduced to a line of products, this is called concept merchandising. Zimmermann Crowe created a program of apparel with video support called Sweats for Levi Strauss & Co. in San Francisco, an inspired example of concept merchandising incorporating product and promotion design. Sit with Design in Depth awhile, pore over its 51 unique design projects. The book was intended to be amusing, compelling and educational. The pictures tell the story, and the brief copy aids in further clarifying each project. Each of the 51 projects and the firms who created them were carefully selected by the directors to reflect part of the range of projects, geographic location and companies designers become engaged with. The idea was to show the entire astounding bounty of products produced in North America. This is only part of what designers can do; the list is endless.

Computer animation (TR897.7.St8 1998)


Welcome to the renaissance of animation. The box office success of Toy Story has inspired a whole new generation of boundary-breaking work. Featuring eleven of today's top studios and software development firms, Computer Animation: A Whole New World lets you witness the animation process firsthand. Animators discuss their creative process and techniques for bringing a project from the drawing board to the screen. The evolution of big screen projects and commercials, plus the cutting edge of research and development is shown through sketches, screen-shots, and selected key segments of animated effects. Tips and tricks of the trade relating to tools, color, sound, and more are featured, as well as galleries of new work.

Chapters include:

  • A brief history of the industry
  • Step-by-step breakdowns of animation projects-from concept to completion
  • An inside look at eleven top animation studios and software developers, including Pixar, Microsoft Softimage, Industrial Light & Magic, Mainframe, Medialab, Pacific Data Images, Alias/Wavefront, and many more.

    About The Author
    Rita Street began her career in animation with a sales position at Expanded Entertainment, the film distribution company for independent animated shorts. Since then she has been both Editor and Publisher of Animation Magazine and written about traditional and computer animation for such publications as Variety, Film & Video, Shoot and Cinefex. Street founded the international organization, Women In Animation in 1993 and as president of the International Board, she is committed to helping others create or expand their careers in the art form. Street now works on the production side of animation in story development at Jim Keeshen Productions in Los Angeles. She is also co-authoring a book on the Unicef Animation Consortium Project.


The best new animation design


The Best New Animation Design features all facets of animation from every type of media, including television, billboards, film, and computer. This is the first book to offer an in-depth collection of the most creative animation design, providing inspiration for professional animators as well as students. Part of the successful Motif Design series, each of the over 350 full-color images is accompanied by a brief descriptive caption referencing designer, material, process and function.

Henri Matisse 1869-1954: master of colour (N6853.M33.Es7 1993)


"Woman with the Hat" & "La Danse" are among the works discussed in this study of the 20th-century artist whose use of unrestrained color shocked a turn-of-the-century world. Examines his later doup period. 9" x 11 3/4". Color plates & b&w illus.


Architecture as response: preserving the past, designing for the future (NA737.G85 1998)


Experience the thoughtful and dynamic architecture of Einhorn Yaffee Prescott, an award-winning architecture/engineering firm, through this beautifully illustrated monograph. Architecture as response is the guiding principle behind the work of the firm: EYP has created unique architectural solutions that seamlessly meld the aesthetic and the pragmatic, and at the same time, graciously meet the clients' user needs. The featured projects sample some of EYP's most stunning and creative work, including the preservation of historic monuments, the adaptive reuse of a train station, and additions to college halls. This volume illustrates the evolution of the firm's philosophy and proves why Einhorn Yaffee Prescott is among the leading architectural engineering firms in the United States.

The architecture of Frank Williams (NA737.W56.C88 1997)


The architecture of Frank Williams celebrates the great tradition of skyscraper design in America, which Frank Williams has exported to Asia and beyond. This monograph on Frank Williams & Associates, Architects, showcases the firm's design, from the tallest hotel and residential building in New York City to projects for the skylines of Bombay, Shanghai, Bangkok, Berlin, and Beijing. Recalling the great skyscrapers of the 1920s and 1930s, the towers of Frank Williams are romantic in their bold massing and dramatic lighting. His work also responds sensitively to street life, creating oases for shopping, entertainment, and social exchange. As the practice of architecture becomes truly international, Frank Williams responds with innovative designs that respect local climate and culture. Today, Frank Williams represents the cutting edge in how architects practice around the globe.

Designing entrances for retail and restaurant spaces(NA6225.C93M87 1999)


From a coffee shop in Zagreb to a shopping mall in Seoul, from large malls to exclusive boutiques, from cafes in small towns to famous New York restaurants, a well-designed entrance can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business. The diverse projects present the world's best designed entrances, and prove that there is no single remedy for successful entrance design. Not only does this book presents design techniques used to create successful entrances, but it explores the relationship of the entrance to the street, and to the space within. Store-owners and designers alike will find this to be an invaluable reference.

Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix (PZ7.R79b 2003)


This stunning deluxe edition will have any Harry Potter fan feeling the magic of Hogwarts! The full-color jacket -- with unique artwork by Mary GrandPre that's different from the regular hardcover edition's jacket art -- is perfect for framing. The book itself includes full-color printed endpapers, foil title on the spine, and pages with special deckled edges -- and it slides into a unique full-color slipcase with matte lamination and foil stamping on the spine.

As Harry enters his fifth year at wizard school, it seems the bonds "of friendship and trust" have never been more sorely tested. Lord Voldemort's rise has opened a rift in the wizarding world between those who believe the truth about his return, and those who prefer to believe it's all madness and lies -- just more trouble from Harry Potter.



Designer posters (NC1806.8.D46 1996)


The latest addition to the successful and affordable Motif Design series, this volume showcases innovative posters created by designers themselves. More than 300 original poster designs are featured, including posters used for self promotion, client promotion, event promotion, invitations, announcements, and as product and service advertising. This illustrated guide to some of today's most creative posters is a valuable and informative resource for designers and poster collectors.


Workplaces and workspaces(HF5547.2.H38 1998)


Office planning is one of the most challenging aspects of interior design: the designer must create a beautiful space that is functional, yet retains the personality of the company. This handsome volume showcases some of the best examples of effective office space design, from large corporate facilities to small law offices. Beautiful photographs display all parts of the building, from reception areas to desk spaces to cafeterias, and text explains in detail why the space is effective. This volume will serve as an office-planning primer for this decade and the next to come.

Library Journal

Whitehead reviews the design concerns and considerations presented in residential interior and exterior lighting. Proceeding room by room, the book offers an abundance of photographs that show various lighting, such as track, recessed, and the like, with captions detailing how the lighting is used to create a look or to solve a problem. Although not a how-to book, this will give amateurs as well as professionals an idea of how to use lighting to create dramatic effects. An author-recommended list of architects and interior and lighting designers as well as a glossary concludes the work. A fine choice for larger collections.

De Yturbe arquitectos: dwelling versus building (NA759.D49.M92 1996)



For De Yturbe Arquitectos, the Mexico City-based architects, architecture is an opportunity to reunite simple pleasures, like light, air, view, colour, natural beauty, and simpleness. Over the years and full of ideas, they have always followed the premise less is more. The idea has been so marked in their theories, that they tended to open doors of minimalism.



Letterhead & logo designs(NC1002.L56 1992 v.2)


More than 400 images from top designers represent the most exciting and effective designs for corporate identity.


Letterhead & logo designs (NC1002.L56 1994 v.3)


This fourth collection of the world's best letterhead and logo design showcases the most elemental--and popular--areas of graphic design today. Each featured letterhead and logo design was selected for its creativity and effectiveness: the volume as a whole presents a wealth of ideas for designers and clients. Designs for letterheads, business cards, envelopes, logos, and related stationary supplies are all included, making this a valuable resource for businesses large and small.
Leaf through the pages and you'll see designs represented from all corners of business, education, and industry: colors both stark and vivid, designs both basic and adventurous, and every texture from plain to exotic. See how the others are using these tactile effects for their own gain, and profit from it yourself. Letterhead and logo design has never looked better!

Letterhead & logo designs (NC1002.L56 1998 v.5)


This brilliant collection of design ideas represents the most creative and effective logos and letterheads for all types of businesses and all styles of presentation. Packaged with a CD-ROM containing all the material from this book plus more material from past volumes in the Letterhead & Logo Design series, this collection is the comprehensive resource for logos and letterheads.


Architecture transformed: new life for old buildings(NA105.G85H22 1998)


Architecture Transformed: New Life For Old Buildings is a beautifully illustrated volume documenting today's building preservation efforts from around the world. The book includes more than 300 color photographs, floor plans, and line drawings; presents an in-depth look at almost 40 significant projects worldwide located in such places as the United States, Great Britain, France, Italy, Singapore, and the Netherlands; and features a wide variety of buildings - theaters, museums, corporate headquarters, libraries, and cathedrals. A valuable resource that gives a sweeping look at the extent and breadth of the movement to preserve architectural heritage.




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