201904231032Daunting task of binding bimetallic screw barrel

Binding thick documents can be tricky, especially if you are new to the practice. But even if you are a seasoned pro, you might still run into trouble. Not every binding method is capable of performing this task and even when a machine can process larger books, there may still be some limitations present. This article will outline the five best ways to bind your large documents - and hopefully provide you with some helpful hints!

1. Thermal Binding. This is a wonderful binding method to choose if you want to produce a soft cover or hardcover book. Thermal binding, whether it's done on a Fastback or Unibind machine, is an elegant binding method that really makes your documents look their best. A thermal binding machine can be helpful when binding longer items because with most machines, you can bind documents that are up to two inches thick. Unibind and Fastback machines can accommodate up to 340 pages (about an inch and a half) which is great if you're doing a one-off run of a China screw and barrel for extruder special report or even self-publishing a novel.

2. Screw posts. Using screw posts is a viable option when dealing with longer books. However, this binding method does not look as good as thermal binding. However, it does get the job done and sometimes that's all that matters. Screw posts can be up to four inches long and you can actually even get extensions for these screws for those super thick documents, reports or archives.

3. Double-loop wire. For documents up to an inch and a quarter thick, double-loop wire can be a good choice. You can use hard covers with this method, so it's great if you want to give your document a professional look.

4. Velobind. If you're interested in binding, chances are you've heard the name GBC before. GBC is a binding industry pioneer and is known for producing high-quality, innovative binding machines. This company offers a great way to bind long documents that are over two inches thick: Velobind. Velobind machines aren't too difficult to single screw barrel use and they provide a durable, secure finish for your legal briefs, financial reports, etc. However, one disadvantage to Velobinding is that once you've bound your document, you won't be able to edit it. If having that option is important, than you will love the next binding suggestion.

5. Plastic comb binding. This is a great way to bind documents that are up to two inches thick and it is one of the least expensive binding methods around. When using plastic combs, you will need to use the oval-shaped combs for larger documents. These combs are specially designed for large presentations and they even have special locks on them so the document won't fall apart if someone picks it up by the spine. Documents bound with plastic combs will lay flat, so both reading and photocopying your document will be easy.

These five binding methods are great when you are dealing with the daunting task of binding bimetallic screw barrel a long document. If you choose one of these methods, you can be sure your document will turn out great. Happy binding!


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