201010162050HIStory – The Making of The Album COVER

HIStory – Past, Present and Future Book I

The Making of The Album COVER - How it all begann.

"I know the creator will go. But his work survives.
That is why to escape death I attempt to bind my soul to my work."

-Michelangelo, quoted by Michael Jackson in a 2007 interview with Ebony

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He wanted the cover of his new album is a big surprise.
He reportedly replied, as record bosses asked him what to do in his opinion: "Build a statue of me."

Art Direktion: Nancy Donald, David Coleman and Stephen Walker

Sculpture: Diana Walczak

Cover Design: Kleiser-Walczak Construction Co.

Photo: Timothy White

Dave Glew, head of Epic Records, was responsible for acclerating the output of the douple album "History", making sure that
Michael Jackson finished the song that would be part of the disc.

The cover art concept was aimed at a picture of Michael in the classic position of a statue, a position that was to start his Dangerous Tour.

Is called well-known illustrators & designer to begin to make sketches of that the future would be the disc cover. The result
was dozens of design that were submitted for consideration by Michael Jackson. All the sketches played off the costumes
used by Michael in his presentation at halftime of Super Bowl American football in 1993.

One of the sketches was made by illustrator and designer Drew Struzan, known for his illustrations of major Hollywood
productions such as E.T., Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, etc., etc. etc.., its more than 150 movie posters,
including Star Wars film series.

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Dozens of drawings were submitted for consiteration by Nancy Donald, art director of SONY Music. All corrections were
Michael, and since the time spent and should launch the disc, Jackson decided to conduct a photo session to express their
wishes as it should be a statue and instead of a picture, its parent is a corporeal statue to provide a basis for other large scale to promote the album.

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The company Kleiser-Walczak Construction Co. (now Synthespian Studios) was chosen by the art directors of Sony Music for the project of the statue.

Diana Walczak, would be responsible for modeling the statue in its first phase in clay. For this and as the weather was very
tight, and because Diana was pregnant of 7 1/2 months, in May 1994 was held in New York photo shoot in the studios of
renowned photographer Timothy White.

The idea was to capture Michael Jackson in the desired pose from different angles to get a perspective to serve as a model.

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Although requested Michael pose without make-up to see more clearly form 3D in the photos, Jackson, on arrival,
spent average hour clothing and with full make-up.

The photo session took place in May 1994 in the Timothy White Studios in New York.
Despite the fact that they had told Michael that it was better not to use make-up, he spent half an hour in the locker room and came out fully made ​​up again.

Photo by Timothy White, 1994

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The time given to Diana Walczak to model the sculpture was very low, barely a week, with the help of two assistants managed to finishthe job. The statue measured 1.20 meters.

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In the photo you can see Diana Walczak at work building the clay figure. On the walls the pictures of the session where
Michael appears photographed at different angles with and without glasses.

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After obtaining the approval of Michael Jackson himself, the clay skulpture was used a hard resin mold. During the
procedure the original is lost by emptying. The model obtained was performed over tour thousand lines that served to mark the topography of the work; of them were used to digitize and send its coordinates to the computer.

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It´s own Diana Walczak responsible for carrying out the blue and orange pinstripes for subsequent digitization

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We decided to use the computer graphics technology to create a high quality image and realistic, rather than draw it.
Computers helped to perfect the lighting, details, textures and camera angles.

Managers scan the statue were Metrocom company engineers. Digitized image and taking the frame on the computer as
shown in the three-dimensional plot began to give them a touch of texture to simulate bronze, platinum and marble.

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Although the artwork is displayed only half-length of the statue, a stone
pedestal designed, lights that illuminate it and people walking around.

For the graph was also used a background of clouds and sky ambientaban
reddish sunset.

While the work was done by managers, each step completed was supervised
by David Coleman & Nancy Donald by SONY company though an online system
of intercity connected computers.

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Diana Walczak next to the statue in a photo taken on June 26, 2009.

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Copy of the statue that belonged to Michael Jackson himself and was exhibited in
Michael Jackson Fan Fest

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Statues around the World to promote the Album HISTORY and History Worldtour

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Gigant of MJ Statue

On 14 June 1995 went to Michael and Lisa Marie together for an hour-long interview with Diane Sawyer in U.S. TV show Prime Time Live.
The following day, the 15th June, was dragged a giant Michael Jackson statue on a barge down the Thames through London, England, to the release of his latest album HIStory: Past, Present and Future Book I on Friday, 16 June to promote.

These and eight other statues were each 10 feet tall and weighed about 2,100 pounds, made ​​of a steel support frame and a fiberglass surface. According to one report, a team of at least thirty people were needed to build the statues over a period of three months, plus additional costs and labor in order to position them. As part of the campaign, there were 1.80 meter cardboard versions of the statue.

"This is a 10-meter-high fiberglass statue. It was manufactured in the UK

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The British film and television director Rupert Wainwright felt the strange urge his opinion about his former co-director with Michael as the promotional clips for the album HIStory, the famous "teaser" to express. He said he had tried to explain to Michael, the giant statue was not a good idea ... she was perhaps a little too pompous, too megalomaniac ... "I was sitting next to him and tried to explain that people would see it perhaps as a very selfish man, but he looked at me, without batting an eyelash." You have all over the country statues of these women, is not it? "replied Michael. "What woman?" said Wainwright. "You know, this woman ... the Queen ... "Michael said.