200704101419A Fancy Web Site of Fashion Design

A Fancy Web Site of Fashion Design 

(This BLOG owner very sincerely recommend you a fancy Web Site of Fashion Design, which is produced by my daughter Sophia Wu who was just graduated from a famous women school, Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia, PA in summer 2006. The education target of Moore College is to set the standard of excellence in educating women for careers in Art & Design. There are many of Sophia’s design works on her web site http://web.mac.com/sophiaiwu. You are welcome to visit her web site if you are interested in Fashion Design.)

The Works of my daughter Sophia getting Fashion Illustration Award (Fall 2006)


The Awarded Works to be printed on Moore College’s Bag

Sophia’s Resume is as follows :

1.         Education

Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia, PA            Class of 2006

l          Major in Fashion Design and Minor in Textile Design.

l          Coursework includes : Fashion Design, Fashion Design and Textiles, Fashion Design Studio, Fashion Illustration, Computer for Print Design and History of Costume.

2.         Summary of Qualification

l          Fashion Deign

Color Stories, Fabric Swatching, Design, Illustration, Technical Flats, Patternmaking,  Draping, Concept Boards, Garment Construction, Knowledge of Apparel Fabrics and Costume Design.

l          Textile Design

Digital/Hand Print Design, Block Printing, Batik, Shibori Dying Techniques and Silk Screenprinting Techniques.

l          Computer

Knowledge of Scanning/Importing and Proficiency in Photoshop and Illustrator.

l          Foreign Language

Mandarin Chinese (Fluency in Speaking and Writing).

3.         Professional Experience

l          DIANE von FURSTENBERG Studio, NEW YORK, NY

        (May ~ Sept. 2005)

ü            Backstage Dresser for the DvF Spring 2006 Collection.

ü            Fashion Internship

ü           Hand/Digital Design for Fabric Prints, Fabric Swatching, Flat Sketches, Creation of Concept Boards for Spring 2006, Development of Artwork for Embroidery, Development of Color Story, Screenprinting, Assistance to Fashion and Textile Director, Sample Room Tasks, Sewing and Model Fitting.

l          Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia, PA       (May 2004)

        Senior Show Backstage Dresser.

4.         Honors

l           Design work exhibited at Liberty Mall Exhibition. (May 2004)

l         Fashion Illustration Award for the Moore Bag at Moore College. (Fall 2006) (Refer to the above two photos)

l          Moore College President Scholarships.  (2003 ~ 2006)

l          Elsie R. Knaus Faculty Choice Award for Fashion Illustration. (May 2006)

l          Lele Tran & Doug Bucci Eveningwear Honorable Mention. (May 2006)

APPENDIX:Following was a letter from Sophia when she delivered three bags above mentioned to us.

這些在國外的經驗 學習與成長都是很多小孩想要卻要不到的
我和哥哥真的很幸運! 所以我們真的都非常珍惜和感恩
謝謝你們 我們也會繼續努力加油找工作 要對我們有信心喔
爸爸媽媽你們也要互相體貼 這樣辛苦的工作之下就不會覺得累了
也不要給自己太大的壓力 常常真的退一步就海闊天空了
我們四個人雖然沒有辦法在一起 但是心靈能緊靠在一起才是最重要的
小柔  (2006/11/29)


I, a sincere and diligent man, was born in Nanjing, China and grew up in Kaohsiung and Taipei, Taiwan.
I graduated from a certain university in Taiwan and earned a master degree in civil engineering from an American University. I have ever been a civil engineer for more than thirty-eight years which including 5 year experience of bridge maintenance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Fortunately I had joined some of very famous bridge construction projects in Taiwan, such as Guan-Du highway bridge in Taipei and Bih-Tan bridge of second Freeway in Hsin-Tien city. In the years from 1997 to 2009 I had worked with Taiwan High Speed Rail, which has ever been the biggest BOT project in the world. Recently since May of 2010 until the end of 2013 I joined in China High Speed Rail project with a Germany consultant company (DB International) in Zhejiang province.
I am a man who will try hard to succeed and will not give up when I set a goal.
Reading, walking, playing basketball and listening music are my major hobbies at my leisure. In the mean time, I like to make friend with and talk various topics with the person who is from any place of the world.