201210062253We are second to none...

We are second to none

Dear Isaac,


我不知道你是否還記得爸爸跟你們講過的親身經歷;我就讀小學四年級的時候,有一天上午第四節下課前導師突然告訴我 (當時我們中午是回家吃午飯的),要我下午第一節上課時帶毛筆硯台到幾年幾班教室參加寫字比賽。因為當時我們學校有分校,而分校的學生幾乎全是台灣鋁業公司高級職員的子弟,下午等我到了報到地點以後,看到分校來參加比賽的學生不論男女,個個穿著整齊白上衣配藏青色的短褲或裙,加上黑皮鞋白襪子,老實說,我當時真的會有自卑感,因為我們住在兵工廠眷村的孩子衣著跟他們比差遠了,可是,兩個禮拜後,當校長在升旗台上宣布寫字比賽四年級組第一名是我的時候,我又對自己充滿了信心,We are second to none

小威,上面這段小故事告訴我們英雄不怕出身低,這個世界很多事情還是很公平的。你提到和你競爭翻譯工作的有些是留美碩士,在我的眼裡他們不見得比你強,我常常見到不少在美國混了兩三年拿個碩士回台灣的年輕人,一樣不敢開口,或者膽子大一點的說得一口 Chinglish,跟你目前的狀況比差遠了。記得,最後要比的是實力而非學歷,對自己要有信心,當機會來的時候,大膽的去 show 自己。另外提醒你一點,從事這種工作,對自己的儀容也要稍微注意與修飾。


Good Luck and Have a nice weekend !

Best Regards,

Dad (2012/9/7)


I, a sincere and diligent man, was born in Nanjing, China and grew up in Kaohsiung and Taipei, Taiwan.
I graduated from a certain university in Taiwan and earned a master degree in civil engineering from an American University. I have ever been a civil engineer for more than thirty-eight years which including 5 year experience of bridge maintenance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Fortunately I had joined some of very famous bridge construction projects in Taiwan, such as Guan-Du highway bridge in Taipei and Bih-Tan bridge of second Freeway in Hsin-Tien city. In the years from 1997 to 2009 I had worked with Taiwan High Speed Rail, which has ever been the biggest BOT project in the world. Recently since May of 2010 until the end of 2013 I joined in China High Speed Rail project with a Germany consultant company (DB International) in Zhejiang province.
I am a man who will try hard to succeed and will not give up when I set a goal.
Reading, walking, playing basketball and listening music are my major hobbies at my leisure. In the mean time, I like to make friend with and talk various topics with the person who is from any place of the world.