Athyrium auricaulatum Serizawa 耳垂蹄蓋蕨 @ Lady Ferns ~ Athyrium :: 隨意窩 Xuite日誌
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  • Plant Taxonomy and Systematics PhD. student in NSYSU, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
    Major in Taxonomy of lady ferns, genus Athyrium, in Taiwan

  • 200505051700Athyrium auricaulatum Serizawa 耳垂蹄蓋蕨

    Athyrium auriculatum Serizawa, J. Jap. Bot. 46 (9): 280-281. 1971.
    Type from Taiwan: Terng-jy, Kaohsiung Co., Aug. 1970, S. Daigobo 634 (HT: TNS)

     Rhizome erect, scales narrowly lanceolate, black; stipes tufted, stramineous to purple, 15-20 cm long, scaly at base. Lamina ovate to deltoid, 25-35 cm long, 25-50 cm wide, bipinnate; rachis grooved on adaxial and glands in the grooves, pubescence on abaxial side; pinnae with 2-5 mm petiole, costae with obvious spines on adaxial side, pubescence on abaxial side; pinnulate shallow lobed, margin serrate, apex acute to round, costulate with obvious spines on adaxial side; basal pinnulate of each pinnae opposite except lowest pinnae with anadromous pinnulates. Sori short, slightly curved, curve crossing the veinlet. Indusia thin, margin erose.

    Notes: This species was proposed by Serizawa at 1978 who based on the specimen collected from Tengchi, Kaohsiung Co. This species was ignored by authors of Flora of Taiwan (1994). Zhang, X. C. treated this species as synonym of Athyrium clivicola Tagawa. Even Dr. Kuo, C. M. recognized this species but the main herbariums (TAI, TAIF, HAST) in Taiwan did not hold the specimen labeled this name. Besides according to the type specimen photograph, authors also investigate Tengchi, the location of type specimen. We find the living plants in that area and also collect it in neighboring area. Authors are not first collectors after type specimen collected. In fact, Mr. Wang, B. J. and Miss. Lu, B. F. also collected it in Tengchi, and deposited specimens in TAIF. But they did not identify this species or miss identify. According to the records, it is mainly distributed in Tengchi and neighboring area, northern to Pingfunshan, southern to Peidawushan. This species usually grows in the understory of ridge or near summit, altitude range 1400 to 1700 m. The native populations are small in number. This species is distinct to Athyrium clivicola Tagawa by morphological characters. The differences are pubescence on abaxial rachis and costae, sori position closed to midrib of pinnulate, stipe base scales black, and obvious spines on costulate.

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