Athyrium silvicola Tagawa 高山蹄蓋蕨 @ Lady Ferns ~ Athyrium :: 隨意窩 Xuite日誌
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  • Plant Taxonomy and Systematics PhD. student in NSYSU, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
    Major in Taxonomy of lady ferns, genus Athyrium, in Taiwan

  • 200505041345Athyrium silvicola Tagawa 高山蹄蓋蕨

    Athyrium silvicola Tagawa, Acta Phytotax. Geobot. 2. 17. 1933.

    Athyrium silvicolum


    根莖短直立;葉柄基部覆蓋窄披針形淺褐色鱗片,葉柄長 25 ( 15 - 40 ) 公分,草桿色;葉身三角形, 35 ( 20 - 70 ) 公分,寬 30 ( 25 - 50 ) 公分,葉紙質,二回羽狀複葉至三回羽狀中裂,一回羽葉具明顯的小葉柄,基部二回羽葉上先型;葉遠軸面密被單細胞腺毛,近軸面葉軸、羽軸以及小羽軸上有長軟刺;孢子囊群短直,亦有彎鉤狀,緊靠中肋生長。

    Rhizome erect, scales pale brown becoming dark brown, lanceolate covered with stipe bases; Stipes 25 (15-40) cm long, stramineous; lamina deltoid, 35 (20-70) cm long by 30 (25-50) cm wide, texture thin, bipinnate-tripinnate; pinnae petiolate, alternate, 9-18 cm long; basal pairs of pinnules petiolate; segments of pinnules on large fronds free and sessile, segments on smaller fronds cut about 1/2 way to costa; upper surface with spines along rachilla grooves and costae. Sori costal borne at the base of fork of a veinlet, 1-2 mm long; indusia usually straight, thin, brown, entire or slightly erose.

    Distribution: Taiwan, China and Japan.

    Characters for identification / 鑑定用特徵

    Spines on costae and costulate

    Abaxial view of Pinnule

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