201510042340Mother Languages Gladiator Taiwan vs. Hong Kong and Macau

  Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. These place can use in Chinese. But these places have their own mother languages. For example Taiwan’s mother languages are Taiwanese/Hokkienese(臺語/福建話/河洛話/閩南語), Hakkanese(客家話), Aboriginal’s own languages(原住民各族語); Hong Kong and Macau, these two places mother language is Cantonese(粵語/廣東話); Malaysia and Singapore, their mother languages are Malaysian(馬來語), Hokkienese(福建話/閩南語), and some Chinese dialects.


  I’m going to talk about Hokkienese/Taiwanese, Hakkanese and Cantonese. I’ve been wondering that why Cantonese(粵語/廣東話) can speak in whole Hong Kong and Macau? And why people whoever go there will speak that languages? Why in Taiwan we only can speak Mandarin(普通話) in whole Taiwan? And people who come to Taiwan can’t necessarily speak or understand Taiwanese/Hokkienese(臺語/福建話/河洛話/閩南語) or Hakkanese(客家話)? Why? Why? Why?


  Let me tell you why. In Taiwan, about 1949, the ROC(中華民國,Republic of China) Government came to Taiwan due to they failed the China Civil war, the KMT(中國國民黨,Kuomintang) is the big party of ROC(中華民國,Republic of China). When KMT(中國國民黨,Kuomintang) came to Taiwan, they forced Taiwanese people not to speak Taiwanese/Hokkienese(臺語/福建話/河洛話/閩南語), Hakkanese(客家話) and aboriginal own languages and have to speak only Mandarin(普通話), otherwise you have to pay some money, so that’s what we called White Terror(白色恐怖). Now, Taiwanese/Hokkienese(臺語/福建話/河洛話/閩南語) and Hakkanese(客家話) are not as influential as Cantonese(粵語/廣東話), people in especially Europe or America, etc. They can’t recognize what is different from Taiwan and China.


  Now, let’s talk about Cantonese(粵語/廣東話). I don’t really understand why Hong Kong and Macau can speak Cantonese(粵語/廣東話) anywhere, when every time if two Cantonese people together, they will speak their mother language, why? And also many people in the world can accept Cantonese, why? Why can’t accept Taiwanese/Hokkienese(臺語/福建話/河洛話/閩南語) and Hakkanese(客家話) but accept Cantonese(粵語/廣東話)? Because Hong Kong has been ruled by Great British Government for 156 years. the British Government didn’t force them not to speak Cantonese(粵語/廣東話), so that’s why Cantonese(粵語/廣東話) is more influential than Taiwanese/Hokkienese(臺語/福建話/河洛話/閩南語) and Hakkanese(客家話)


  It's not fair to Taiwanese/Hokkienese(臺語/福建話/河洛話/閩南語) and Hakkanese(客家話), they aren’t influential than Cantonese(粵語/廣東話) that’s OK, but why people can’t accept Taiwanese/Hokkienese(臺語/福建話/河洛話/閩南語) and Hakkanese(客家話), not only this but also look down upon them. It’s really not fair.


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