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美麗風景照部落格(Beautiful landscape shots blog)
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名言佳句(Wisdom from Skinners)
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統一發票(Uniform Invoice )
Govermental Uniform Invoice 間稱 GUI
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法律常識(Legal knowledge)
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電腦(Computer for XP and access sample )
access 使用與製作例子
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前甲玉皇宮 blog
Chian-Jia , Temple of Emperor the Chinese Gods, in all Gods , the master is God of Wen-Heng-Sheng-Di ( generally called is “God of Guan-Gong “ or “God of Guan-Sheng-Di-Jun “ and more …) , God of Wen-Heng-Sheng-Di has be to execute that act on orders of Emperor of the Chinese Gods , and treatment or mediate two circles of soul (underworld ) and people (world) affairs , Main purpose of the Temple of Emperor of Chinese Gods is taking care for Believers anything case to be free and easy going. (完全免費處理)。
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其他宮廟傳奇(Legend of the other temples )
其他宮廟傳奇(Legend of the other temples)
(Temples throughout Taiwan lively interest in temple picture ... welcome to visit appreciate the traditional temple culture)
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善心善念(Benevolence benevolent)
善心善念(Benevolence benevolent)
(There are good-hearted a good side, the world will be peaceful, peaceful and quiet community will, the state will be stable, will bring the so-called universal brotherhood.)
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國樂(Traditional Music)
國樂是國家民族本土傳統音樂(Traditional Music is the local music of the Taiwan)
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醫療知識(Medical knowledge)
醫療知識(Medical knowledge)
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音樂網(Music website)
很美動聽的音樂(Beautiful sounds of music)