201501181600KMPlayer V3.9.1.132 do not support the DTS, AC3 audio codec

The KMPlayer V3.9.1.132 do not support the DTS, AC3 audio codec... !

Q : I've installed last version of KMPlayer and tells me that DTS and AC3 audio codec is not supported! I've returned to the previous one which works fine. ( the old Version works fine.)


ANS : (ref. http://forums.kmplayer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=61605 )
  * KMPlayer doesn’t support Dolby (AC3/E-AC3) & DTS audio codec. 
  * In order to use this audio codec, you are required to buy Dolby & DTS Codec. 
  * The purchased codec can be added on KMPlayer through External Audio Decoder tab in “Preferences”. 
  * Please follow the below steps.
     1) Preferences(F2) → Filter Control → Decoder Usage → Internal Audio Decoder 
         → check “ALL Disable”.
     2) External Audio Decoder → click “External Decoder Search”.
     3) Add your purchased codec by clicking “Add External Codec”.

  ** KMPlayer supports Dolby codec (AC3/E-AC3) in Window 8

Note : 
       內部音訊解碼器 --> 點選  『ALL Disable』
       外部音訊解碼器 --> 搜索外部解碼器 (注意:AC3 和 DTS 音訊目前沒有指定解碼器)
       執行 『掃描...』(假設系統內已安裝有合法的解碼器...)
       掃描系統內找到....,勾選選擇 所需要的解碼器 --> 確定
       或,使用『新增外部解碼器...』,一個一個指定『.ax 或 .dll 檔案...』
       指定 個別音訊所使用的解碼器




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