201608091049Playmobil Detectives: The Fox Wedding-6 摩比神探之狐仙嫁女-6

That day was spent drowsily by the three girls: Tiffany simply lay on the sofa-bed all day, dozing in and out of sleep. Claire, on the other hand, kept making coffee to keep herself awake. As for Eliza, she was continuously getting in and out of a cold shower to refresh herself. Seems like the productivity on the first day for them was zero. All they hoped for was that the following day would turn out better, so they could make up for their undone work.

那天女孩兒們都過得昏昏沈沈的:蒂芬尼整天躺在沙發床上;Claire 則一直泡咖啡提神;Eliza 是一直沖冷水澡讓自己清醒。那天的生產力是零。她們只希望明天會好轉,這樣好補回今天該做卻没做的事情。

Nevertheless, the proceeding morning proved their hopes to be in vain. As after another restless night, the girls were absolutely exhausted that they couldn't even think about working. 
"I was having the same dream as yesterday!" Claire broke the long silence. 
「我跟昨天做的夢一樣!」Claire 說。
"Same here! But it seemed more vivid today!" Eliza elucidated. 
「我也是!只是這天夢境顯得更真實了!」Eliza 答道。
"Yes! This time, I remember that there weren't only people, but also foxes in the celebration!" Tiffany said.
"Yes, there were lots of red foxes!" Claire added, "The people seemed to be worshipping them."
「對呀!有好多紅狐狸啊!」Claire 同意道。「大家好像在祭祀牠們一樣。」
Suddenly, they perceived some movement. The girls turned around only to catch a glimpse of some red tails, which soon slipped out of sight. In fact, all this while, they had been surrounded by foxes, which had been so quiet or the girls too tired, such that none of them took any notice. 
"Since when were there foxes on this island?" Claire queried.
「這座島上什麼時候有狐狸啦?」Claire 問道。
"I dunno." Eliza responded confusedly, "I've never seen any foxes here since we landed."
「不知耶!」Eliza 疑惑地答道。「我從下遊艇到剛剛才看見!」
"OMG OMG OMG!" Tiffany exclaimed, out of breath, "It must be a bad omen, some sort of a wicked spell, or black magic! Our dreams for two consecutive nights must be somehow linked to these foxes. We'll be bewitched, we'll be doomed! Help! HELP!" Tiffany started sobbing. "I don't wanna die yet, I don't wanna become the slave of foxes for the rest of my life!"
"Calm down, Tiffany!" Claire soothed her, "It couldn't be that bad! It could've all just been a coincidence after all. I mean, foxes are nocturnal hunters, right? So it's not surprising that we didn't see any before."
「冷靜點兒啊,蒂芬尼!」Claire 安慰道。「沒這麼糟吧?再說,這些可能都只是巧合啊!況且,狐狸是夜行性動物,我們沒遇到過也不稀奇啊!」
"NO!" Tiffany screamed, "I demand the help of someone. And that someone is Jeffie, I know he is such a good ghost hunter and a great physicist, he must be able to solve our problem! I demand his presence!"


"Umm, excuse me! The physicist is my brother Shaun! Jeffrey studies History!" Claire interrupted.

「不好意思噢~我哥孝恩才是物理系好嗎?傑佛瑞是學歷史的耶!」Claire 說。

"Gosh! You just want Jeffrey here, don't you?" Eliza inquired, "What if it turns out that it's nothing supernatural, and it was just pure coincidence?"

「真是的!我看你只是要找傑佛來而已吧!?」Eliza 問道。「如果這整件事情都只是妳大驚小怪、根本只是純巧合呢?」

"Actually, I kinda agree with Tiffany here! I mean, we couldn't get any work done, so far it's been two days wasted, and our holiday ends very soon." Claire continued, "If we want anything done, we have to get this dream sorted, whether it be supernatural or not!"

「其實,我也同意蒂芬尼的說法耶!我是說,我們浪費了兩天,什麼事兒都沒做!而且假期很快就要結束了。」Claire 繼續說。「如果我們想做好這些事,我們就得把怪夢事件解決掉,不管它是不是巧合!」

"I want Jeffie here, NOW!" Tiffany sobbed.


Claire, unable to stand Tiffany's tantrum, but also secretly getting scared, decided to write to her brother. In the E-mail, she explained their current situation and asked for help.

招架不住蒂芬尼的無理取鬧、而且內心也感到有些毛毛的 Claire 最終還是寫了電郵給她哥哥,說明她們現在的狀況。

"How would they get here then?" Eliza questioned with her hands on her hips.

「那他們要怎麼來這兒?」Eliza 手插著腰說。

"Simple! Using my private jet, of course!" Tiffany replied, excited to meet Eliza's handsome cousin again. "I have to go and put some make-up on, I swear I look like a panda!"

「這個簡單~坐我的私人客機來就好啦!」超級興奮又能再次見到 Eliza 的帥表哥的蒂芬尼答道。「我得去化妝了~我看起來真像隻貓熊!」
~To be Continued~
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