201512101057Playmobil Fairy Tales: Pinocchio-4 摩比童話之皮諾丘-4

On the following day, something extremely bizarre happened.

It was early in the morning, Alilang, Samira and Pinocchio were enjoying breakfast when someone knocked on their door. When Pinocchio got up to answer the door, he was extremely shocked to discover himself.......or shall we say 'Prince Pinocchio' was standing by the door.

The others soon got up in inquiry of the cause of the complete silence, and after Adalah has announced that it's the prince, Alilang and Samira immediately bowed down on the ground. Only Pinocchio stood by the door, with his mouth wide open.

"Carpenter Alilang, may I request to have a word with your daughter, Samira, outside?" the Prince spoke.


Pinocchio immediately recognised from his actions that the man standing in front of him was actually the evil sorcerer Mamahuhu, who had turned himself into the form of Prince Pinocchio!


"No! Samira! It's a trick! Do not believe his words! He's not the real prince! He's a wizard in the prince's form!" Pinocchio exclaimed as he dashed forward in order to try and grab the false prince, but was instantly stopped by Alilang.
"Don't be silly! What nonsense are you talking about? I forbid you to be rude to the prince!" Alilang scolded angrily. 
"No, I insist that you apologise and go and sit in the corner to think over your conducts." Alilang said sternly. 
Pinocchio, seeing that nobody would believe his words until he is able to prove his identity, reluctantly muttered an apology and went to sit in the corner.
"Your highness, please do forgive his impertinent behaviour! It was my fault as a father for having not taught him his manners properly. Please do not blame him!" Alilang pleaded.
"Oh! 'Tis nothing!" the false prince replied, "Why would I blame an ignorant little boy like him? Samira, may we?" he said as he gestured Samira to exit the door.

The false prince and Samira strolled outside to the garden, the latter didn't even give the prince a second glance let alone speak the entire trip.


After a while, Samira broke the awkward silence, "Your highness, is there something in particular that you wish to communicate with me? If there be none, I am afraid I will have to excuse myself and to return home, I am feeling a bit cold out here."


Suddenly, the false prince kneeled down in front of Samira and said, "Oh my dear Samira, from the moment I set eyes upon your sweet little face, my heart cannot help but to fly to your side, will you accept my love and marry me?"


Pinocchio, who was spying in the distance, had to cover his mouth to stop himself from gasping. Sorcerer Mamahuhu had stolen his words, and proposed to Samira!


"I am very grateful for your special sentiments towards someone with a status as humble as mine, and I am not completely unaware of the favours that you are giving me, including the advantages of such a matrimonial alliance." Pinocchio took in a deep breath of air as Samira replied. "However, I am afraid that I have no choice but to decline your generosity due to the cumbersome filial responsibilities of a daughter to an ageing parent. I am afraid that if I am married, my father would be all alone with no one to keep him company and take care of him."


"I understand that it makes a woman more attractive and increases her value if she declines a man's proposal the first time." the false prince responded, "So, there is no need to reply so quickly. I will come back in three days time. And by then, I hope that you will have made up your mind; and if your answer is still the same, I am afraid that I won't be able to guarantee that your life will be as peaceful as before. Adieu!"


~To be Continued~

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