201511141022Playmobil Spies: Embracing the Meteor Shower-3 摩比嬌娃之擁抱流星雨-3

After entering the space hub, the spies were led towards a small compartment by another man in suit. 
"Wow! This is very high-tech!" Claire thought to herself.
「哇!也未免太高科技了吧!」Claire 心想。

As they entered their compartment, which Claire and Eliza shared together, they were both absolutely delighted to discover that it is like a mini-house. There were a bunk-bed, a toilet with a shower room, a simple kitchen, a cabinet and a sofa, all in a space less than 3 by 2 metres!


Eliza was so excited that she started jumping up and down and examining every single place in the mini compartment.

Eliza 興奮地蹦蹦跳跳、東張西望。

"This place is so good that I can live here for the rest of my life!" She exclaimed.


After the excitement was over, the spies sat down on the sofa, just in time when they heard the announcement that the space hub is about to go into space.


3~~~~2~~~~1~~~~~ LAUNCH!!

3~~~~2~~~~1~~~~~ 發射!

Then, they felt a sudden motion, and soon afterwards, they started to see the beautiful night sky filled with bright stars. Then, the newest song 'Embracing the meteor shower' of the LOL began to play in the background.


"OMG! It's so pretty! Such a pity that it's only a simulation!" Eliza exclaimed in awe.

「噢買尬,這也太美了吧!真可惜這都是假的!」Eliza 感嘆道。

Suddenly, without warning, a huge rock crashed into their compartment, making it shake violently. The spies were immediately thrown off their seats as the lights went off completely. Then, the song started repeating itself in a certain part: 'let's embrace the stars, forget the scars.......forget the scars.....forget the scars......"


"OMG what is happening?" Eliza screamed.

「噢買尬,現在是什麼情形呀?」Eliza 尖叫道。

"This is too real to be a simulation, there must be something wrong!!!" Claire yelled as she forced herself onto her feet after perceiving a large crack on the window. "We have to get out of here, fast!"

「不,這太真實了,不可能是模擬!」Claire 一邊站起來,一邊大叫道。突然,她看見了剛剛巨石撞擊的窗戶上有一條長長的裂痕。「我們得敢快離開這裡!」

In the darkness, Claire groped her way towards the door of the compartment. However, to her great horror, as she tried the handle of the door, it didn't even bulge. They have been locked in from outside!

在黑暗中,Claire 摸黑走向門口。然而,她赫然發現門從外面被反鎖了!
~To be Continued~
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