201509071158Beauty is the Beast-3 美女是野獸-3

Flora knocked on the wooden door of the cottage, which after having performed the action, she instantly began to regret it.

"Now that I am a beast, who will be able to accept me and be kind to me?" Flora pondered, "I should've just stayed in the confinements of the trees in the forest and never come out again until I die."

At this moment, she heard footsteps coming, and a feminine voice murmuring, "Who could it be at this time?"

The poor Flora suddenly felt extremely agitated, and as the footsteps approached the door, she decided to hide behind it, so she wouldn't be seen.


At first, when an old lady opened the door of the cottage, she perceived no one standing outside the door. "It must have been the wind," she muttered to herself as she began to close the door.


Suddenly, she perceived the large dress of Flora.


"Who's there, hiding behind the door?" the old lady scolded sternly, "Come out now, it's not funny! I can see you!"


"Oh great! Just what I needed!" Flora thought to herself, "I have angered the old lady before even meeting her. Now I stand no chance at all, whether in my current appearance or not, to ask her for a lodging tonight."


Flora then reluctantly stepped out from the concealment of the wooden door, half expecting to hear a scream of the old lady as she uttered a 'hello' shyly.


Nevertheless, to her utter astonishment, the old lady neither screamed nor fainted, but stood there, with her hands on her hips, and said, "So it was you who knocked and hid behind that door, wasn't it?" To which Flora apologised sincerely.


"Never mind that, what do you want at this time of the day?" the old lady inquired.


After Flora, who had already prepared herself for a refusal, had explained the cause of her knocking on the door, to her amazement, the old lady said. "I don't mind you staying here for a night or two. However, I'm not the boss around here. I have to ask my master before I can give you a reply."


At this instant, Flora heard a sound of metal, and an ugly figure of a man wearing helmets appeared at the doorway. "What's all this noise about?" demanded the man, "Can't you see I'm trying to read?"


"Your highness, this poor creature is lost in the forest and has asked for a lodging for tonight before she finds her way out of the forest tomorrow." the old lady replied, "I am wondering whether it is possible....."


"Whatever! Suit yourself! She can stay here as long as she likes as long as she helps you with the housework, indeed, you have gone quite old these days to manage by yourself. Just don't bother me with my reading!" The haughty and ugly man replied as he strode, with the armour making a din, back into the house.


"Well, as Prince Benjamin had consented, you can stay here if you like," the old lady said to Flora, "My name is Diana, and I'll show you around the house.


As they entered into the cottage, Flora soon found out that there was nothing Diana could really 'show' her to, as the cottage was extremely tiny, with minimal furniture, and could hardly fit two people, let alone three.


"I'm afraid you'll have to sleep on the floor for tonight," Diana said, "As we are quite short in beds."


After replying that she didn't mind at all, Flora introduced herself and, after making sure the ugly man wasn't looking, inquired in a whisper, "Diana, did you say that he is a prince?"


"Yes, indeed I did. Pray, do not inquire me about his past, as I am oblivious of it." Diana responded with a whisper, "One day, he came knocking on my cottage in the forest, claiming that he is a prince, and I have decided to keep him here, as he had nowhere else to go."


"Poor thing!" The benignant Flora thought to herself, "This man had not only a hideous appearance, just like myself, but he had also lost his mind somehow. It must have been a huge catastrophe which had caused this tragedy. He is less fortunate than me, so I should not complain about his haughtiness."


~To be Continued~

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