201508021042A Sequel to the Real Tale of Cinderella-7 (Final Ending) 灰姑娘真實版後傳-7(完結篇)

On the following morning, Gabriella and her mother, who were banished from their country by Prince Henry, arrived at the train station with minimal luggage and boarded the earliest train of the day to Paris, where they have decided to start over a new life. 
As for the house where they previously lived in, Gabriella's mother left it, with all the furniture, to Cindy, since it was originally the property of Cindy's deceased father anyway. 
"Phew! At least we've finally gotten rid of Cindy and will never have the obligation to see her ever again!" Cindy's stepmother quietly thought to herself on their way to their new home. 

After their arrival in Paris, Gabriella met a wealthy French merchant, an old acquaintance of hers whom she met during the Grand Ball hosted by Prince Henry. The two fell in love at second sight and were soon married before the second semester of the year was quite over. The merchant, unlike Prince Henry, had a mild temper, a special taste to music and literature, and, most important of all, he wholeheartedly loved Gabriella. The couple lived happily ever after. 
"How about Cindy, then?" one would ask. 
Cindy, after her marriage to Prince Henry, led a life of luxury in the royal palace, devoting all her leisure time in dancing with the Prince in the grand hall, and had thus gotten quite fed-up with the activity despite it being her favourite hobby before her marriage. The Queen, Charlotte and Caroline, whom Cindy seized hold of any opportunity to appease, pronounced Cindy to be the most affectionate, tender and intelligent girl they've ever met, so they hadn't even thought about ordering Cindy to the kitchen, which her poor stepsister had suffered before time was reversed. 
There was only one tiny secret which Cindy had kept from her dear Prince Henry, and that was she dared not show herself without her make-up in his presence. Every morning, she woke up early to put on make-up and wig before her husband awoke; and every evening, Cindy waited until her husband was sound asleep before she dared to remove her make-up and blonde wig. 
Well, one could still argue that Cindy also lived happily ever after, in her own, different way.
~The End~
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