201507311041A Sequel to the Real Tale of Cinderella-5 灰姑娘真實版後傳-5

"Follow me," Querida said as she beckoned Cindy to follow her up the stairs and into her own private study, then, the former walked towards the fireplace, and pointed to two ancient grandfather clocks next to it. 
"So? What am I supposed to be looking at? Two broken pieces of trash that should've been thrown away two centuries ago?" Cindy inquired with her eyebrows raised. 
"Do not regard these clocks with scorn!" Querida snapped, "They are in fact the clock to time travel. They can reverse time, so YOU will be the one married to the prince instead of your stepsister....."


"OMG!" Cindy exclaimed in astonishment.
"Do not interrupt!" Querida shouted, "Where was I? O yes! But you have to promise me something, as I mentioned earlier.........before your mother, my sister, died, she asked me to make sure that you are married to a wealthy family, therefore, it is my duty as your Witch Godmother to fulfill it. After you're married to the Prince, my mission is accomplished. Then, I'll move to Paris to live my happy life. But remember, as time travel is only limited to once in every lifetime, you cannot regret your decision, and even if you do, you'll have to live with it. Will you promise me that?"
"Yeah, yeah, of course, whatever!" the impatient Cindy replied hastily without even listening to Querida's rant, "Just tell me what I have to do, then you can go and enjoy your life anywhere, even if you're going to the moon, I won't care a bit. Just. Do. It. Now. Please."
"Fine, a deal is made." Querida said, almost with a sense of relief, "Now, turn the handle of the clock closer to the you in the clockwise direction and I'll turn the one next to me anti-clockwise. Keep the same pace as me, don't go any faster or slower, and when I stop, you shall stop, too."
"Could you take us back to the night of the Grand Ball, so I can dance with the prince once again?" Cindy asked.
"No, we'll return to the day when the prince arrived at your house with your sister's shoe...." Querida answered.
"Don't worry! You'll have plenty of opportunities of dancing with the prince after you're married. Trust me."
Before Cindy could finish her sentence, Querida had already placed her finger on the handle of the clock closest to her. 
Then, after counting to three, the two started to perform their magic. As Querida was turning the handle of the clock closer to her, she began to chant, "Fee Fee Fo Fun, take us back to where it all begun."
Without warning, Cindy felt a sudden feeling dizziness, so she was forced to close her eyes.
It was the morning after the Grand Ball, Gabriella and her mother were in the living room, chatting about the Ball of the previous night, when Gabriella's mother suddenly said. 
"Hmmmm.......I wonder what that Cindy is up to? It is nearly noon and she is still in her bedroom. She was always an early-bird instead of a late-riser. She must be up to some mischief!"
Just when she rose from the sofa and to go and knock on Cindy's door, the doorbell rang from downstairs. 
"It must be the Prince!" She exclaimed as she quickly dashed downstairs to answer the door.
And it was the Prince indeed, with a royal footman behind him holding a tray containing a shoe, Gabriella's shoe! 
Will Cindy succeed this time and become the Prince's bride?
~To be Continued~
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