201505141030Playmobil Detectives: the Witch's Wraith-11 摩比神探之巫女的怨靈-11

After Mr Bruce has finished speaking (and laughing), a mafia-looking, bald man with tattoos all over his body and face appeared. He hauled Shaun up easily as if he had no weight and carried him outside of the little humid room. All the way, Shaun struggled, kicked and yelled but all was in vain, as either way he couldn't stop the tough man, and the fact that he was being tied up didn't help either. 
"Boss, should I stop him from yellin'? He's getting' on ma nerves!" the mafia said in a gruff voice. 
"Let him be Sebastien," Mr Bruce responded with a malicious grin on his bearded face, "There's no one around here that can possibly hear him anyways. Might as well let him scream all he can before he can no longer utter another sound. Hahahahahaha!"
Jeffrey looked on in horror as his friend was lifted onto the cold and mossy stones of the well and, with a mighty push, went into the well. 


To Shaun, at first, the fall seemed long and painful, everything seemed to be in slow motion; and images from his past life flashed in front of him. He saw his mother, his father, his friends, and his childhood memories all appeared in front of him. 
"Am I really going to just die like this?" Shaun thought to himself, as he had a sense of powerlessness. 
Then, his senses seemed to come back to him, and he thought to himself, "No! I don't want to die so soon! I still have loads of things that I want to do in my life!" 
Then, suddenly, he seemed to perceive a white and glowing object emerging from the bottom of the well. As it got closer, he began to see a green face, no wait, it was a woman in Mediaeval clothing with a green face! The woman held out her arms, then Shaun felt a powerful force was pushing him back upwards, but with no hands touching him at all!  
"This is completely against the laws of Physics! What's going on? Who is she?" Shaun thought to himself. 
Then, Shaun emerged from the well, and landed softly on the bit of grass next to it. Then, Shaun perceived that everyone seemed extremely frightened, the tough-looking guy that pushed in was scrambling away on all fours in fear, and Mr Bruce was rooted to the spot, as if unable to move. Only then, did he notice that the Mediaeval lady that had saved him also emerged from the well after him, she was floating above it. 
"Stop! Stop pushing people into wells!" A high-pitched scream that came from the Mediaeval lady pierced through the moonless night sky, like the sharp blade of a knife, eager for blood. 
"'tis thee again, I see!" she said, as she pointed her ghostly, green finger at Mr Bruce, who was still glued to the spot, "Katrina! Thou have turned into someone else! But thou art still doing the same, evil thing thou did to me, to this young man here! People never seem to change, do they, ever? Not even after reincarnation!"
In fact, the Mediaeval lady was the wraith of the innocent Princess Patricia from the story, who was cruelly thrown into the well for something she did not do. Her ghost was still in the well, one thousand years after her death, until Shaun's determination of unwilling to die summoned her from deep down in the well. Now, she recognised Mr Bruce to be her reincarnated malevolent half-sister, what will she do to take revenge?
~To be Continued~
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