201502231934Chrysanthemum on the Cliff-11 懸崖上的小雛菊-11

Without warning, the ringmaster opened the door of the wardrobe. However, fortunately, it was not the place that Gerald had hid.

Just when he was about to open the other side, he changed his mind, "I can't keep that cab driver waiting for too long. I'd better get back to him before he begins to suspect me."
Then, cursing and swearing under his breath, he walked out of the front door, muttering about having to find another boy to be the clown. 
After making sure himself to be safe, Gerald crept out of his hiding place and, using the address his mother gave him on the letter which he found on the table, managed to find the exact place where her mother claimed herself to have moved to. 
He viewed the little cottage from a small distance, couldn't quite control his excitement, after three years of leaving home, he could finally meet his mother again!
Gerald knocked on the door. No one answered. After discovering it to be ajar, he slowly pushed open the wooden door and entered the cottage.
Utterly overwhelmed and delighted by the view that met his eyes, Gerald dashed to his mother, who was sitting on a red rocking chair in the middle of the room-sized cottage containing minimal furniture. 
However, when his mother didn't seem to be able to recognise her own son, Gerald's eyes filled with tears as he realised that his mother had gone insane with sorrow!
"Mama must have thought that I was dead, too, after I didn't reply to her letters." Gerald concluded whilst clenching his fists, "It is that naughty Aaron again, who must have deliberately hidden my letters! How dare he do such a thing. I should've landed a good punch on his face before I left that revolting place!" 
All this while, his mother just stared at him, smiling, unable to recognise him.
After Gerald had calmed himself down a bit, he hugged his mother whilst saying, "On the bright side, mama, it will be a completely new life for us! Don't worry, I am still here for you. Fortunately I did all the housework for Mrs. Noir; so, I could do the same at home, too! I just can’t believe that I have to thank Mrs. Noir! I wouldn't be able to manage all this without her prior 'training'."
~To be Continued~
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