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When Gerald returned to the home of the Noirs, he took up his courage and knocked on the door. Whilst waiting for someone to answer the door, Gerald closed his eyes and took a deep breath, getting himself ready for the horrible insults he expected Mrs. Noir would shout at him as she opened the door, and he prepared himself to apologise for something that wasn't his fault.

Without warning, the door was opened by Mrs. Noir, then, completely opposite to his anticipation, Mrs. Noir did not commence to bellow insults at him. However, on the contrary, Mrs. Noir just glowered at Gerald and spoke in an unusually calm tone, "Come in and clean the house!" 
"Perhaps Aaron has finally admitted to Mrs. Noir that it was him who scared me, causing me to break the vase." Gerald thought to himself, a bit glad that things had not turned out as terribly as he assumed. However, when he stepped onto the dusty floor of the house, he realised the fact that the only reason Mrs. Noir did not shout at him was because she needed someone to clean the house for her. 
After placing his luggage in his old bedroom in the cellar, Gerald immediately got down to the business of sweeping the dusty floor. Suddenly, he noticed big pieces of cloth on the floor. Picking one up, Gerald was flabbergasted to remember seeing it somewhere before; but, where exactly?
"Anderson, what are you doing moping around over there?" Mrs. Noir, after perceiving him to have stopped, shrieked at him to get on with his work. Gerald haven't had any time to think thoroughly; he just collected them all up and continued with the housework.
The evening, when he eventually retired to his bedroom after a whole day of hard work, he discovered his broken toy ship still lying on the floor. 
Abruptly, he remembered where he had seen the pieces of cloth that he found that morning whilst cleaning the floor, it came from the sail of his ship!! He immediately took out the pieces of cloth, which he collected that morning, and pieced them together. Indeed, it fitted into a shape of the ship's sail! 
Gerald was so irritated that he burst into tears. "Why do I have to stay in this revolting place? Why did this horrid war occur?" Gerald asked herself angrily. Nevertheless, deep down, he knew very well that he could do nothing about it, so he thought to himself. "All I can do right now is to wait for the war to end."
~To be Continued~
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