201506021250Journey to the East-3 東遊記-3

Chapter 2- Fairyland (Part I)
As Victor, now a mouse, scuttled into the hole in the wall, he was completely enveloped by darkness and he couldn't see a thing. However, he didn't stop running. He ran and ran and ran, which seemed like for ages, until he eventually perceived a small speck of bright light at the end of the seemingly never-ending tunnel. Then, as he quickened his pace even more, the speck got bigger and brighter till he was completely out of the long, dark tunnel. 

At first, he wasn't able to see anything, as his eyes had long been accustomed to the low illumination of the tunnel, which caused them to be unable to stand the bright sunlight that shone straight towards them. 
Then, as Victor's eyes gradually got used to the light, he was absolutely stunned by the sight that entered his eyes. He seemed to have entered into a Fairyland, there was a magical castle floating on the surface of a glimmering lake, a fairy boat gliding on top of the crystal clear water, fairies with butterfly-like wings soaring in the clear, blue sky! And that's not all! There were also winged horses, which he later discovered to be called Pegasus, flying gracefully on top of him, and beautiful mermaids resting on the granite rocks by the river. 
"Wow!" It was a long time before he could usher any signs of amazement. "Have I entered into some sort of dreamland that only appears in fairy-tales?" he thought to himself as he looked around in order to take in every beautiful bit of the scenery, as if afraid that it would soon disappear. 
Then, suddenly, he discovered that he was no longer standing on all fours, assuming that he had turned back to his old self again, Victor quickly dashed to the lake bank and peered into the crystal clear water. 
Nevertheless, the cruel truth seemed to slap him on his face as he stared in horror at the image of his reflection- an overgrown mouse with long eyelashes standing on two feet, wearing a red dress, with a red bow-tie on its head and wearing bright red high-heels. 
Oh no! This time, Victor had not only turned into a mouse, but also, a female mouse, too!!!
~To be Continued~
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