201411152011The Whimsical Wizard of Oz-8 夢回奧茲-8

After Dorothy has found out how the 'Great Wizard of Oz' was a fraud and how he, too, came from the future and went back in time accidentally to arrive in Oz, Dorothy pulled him out of his little room and showed her friends the real wizard.
"As you can see, the Wizard is not what we thought he was!" Dorothy announced, "In fact, he is just an ordinary human-being. Therefore, he would not be able to grant our wishes....."
"Oh no! What should we do now?" replied the Lion after breaking into a fit of sobbing, "Does that mean that I'll never get courage....oh no......"


After the Lion started to sob, a sense of hopelessness and depression seemed to creep into the others' minds and deeply influenced the previously jubilant atmosphere.
 "Guys! I haven't finished! Let me finish first before you start your sobbing!" Dorothy, annoyed by the pessimistic attitude of her friends, snapped angrily, "We will NOT lose hope! There must be someone else in this Kingdom that can help us...... According to the book: 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz', the main characters- Dorothy and her friends were not granted their wishes by the Wizard of Oz. Instead, the Good Witch of the South- Glinda granted their wishes. But the book is not always right......does THIS Oz happen to have a good witch named Glinda as well?"
After Dorothy's inquiry, everyone fell into a deep thought, but doesn't seem to be able to come to a conclusion. Just then the Wizard spoke.
"I know a fairy named Glenda that lives not far from here and I could take all of you there! Though I am not able to guarantee that she will be able to grant you your wishes, that is the least I can do for you for disappointing everyone after my true identity is revealed."
Therefore, the Wizard led the five friends onto another path different to that of the Yellow Brick Road.

After around half a day's walking, they finally arrived at the little hut in the forest that belongs to Glenda.


"Wait a minute!" Dorothy suddenly exclaimed, "Wasn't this the place that I first landed on, where I met the Evil Enchantress of the East, when I first arrived in Oz? OMG! This is just ridiculous! I didn't know it was that near to the Emerald City! This means that the Yellow Brick Road is not the nearest road to the Emerald City! And I could have just gone to this house in the first place instead of wasting so much time! Oh! What have I been doing? I wish there was GPS back then to tell us the way....."


Suddenly, a tall, slim woman dressed in a pink dress with a pink robe, with a bizarre-looking crown on her head and holding a magic wand on her hand appeared in front of everyone.


"Hello everyone! My name is Glenda!" the woman spoke, "It is not necessary to introduce yourselves or the cause of you being here, as I know everything already. However, unfortunately, the person that is able to grant your wishes to you is not me......"

Everyone nearly fainted after hearing Glenda's words. Glenda was their last hope, how could Dorothy return to Kansas now?
~To be Continued~
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