201407300847Playmobil Spies: The Fairy Godmother's Wish VII (Final Ending) 摩比嬌娃之神仙教母的心願-7 (完結篇)

After the spies have figured out the mystery of the murder, they hastily arrived at the Fairy Godmother's place.

After the spies have knocked on the door, the woman in black led them upstairs to see the Fairy Godmother. It was just like the way it was when they last went there, the room was illuminated by a dim, red light. The Fairy Godmother sat behind the table, and on top of the table was the weird glowing stone.
不過,這次不一樣的是,嬌娃們沒有等到神仙教母先開口,Claire 便說:「神仙教母,妳不用在這裡裝神弄鬼了!你如何毒害老紳士的奸計已經被我們識穿了!」
However, this time it was different, the spies did not wait until the Fairy Godmother began to speak, Claire exclaimed: "It's not necessary to pretend anymore! We have discovered how you have poisoned the old gentleman!" 
然後,Eliza 便把她們剛剛在記者會現場發現的所有事情詳細的陳述了一遍。Eliza 一邊陳述,一邊從暗紅色燈光隱約察覺,黑衣女子的臉色愈來愈慘白,她身上所穿的黑色衣服更襯托出她驚恐的表情。Eliza 一講完,現場頓時一片鴉雀無聲,仿佛連一根針掉在地上的聲音都能被聽得一清二楚。
And then, Eliza began to explain everything that they've just discovered. Eliza noticed that whilst she was talking, the face of the woman in black became paler and paler, which created a great contrast with her black clothes. After Eliza has finished, there was a dead silence in the room, it seemed like that even the sound of a dropping needle could be heard clearly.
Eventually, the woman in black broke down, she started to sob violently whilst exclaiming: "There's no point in pretending anymore, my dear sister! As you've heard, they have found everything out!"
After the woman in black has finished, she took off her black cloak and threw it onto the floor. The Fairy Godmother also took off her turban, mask, glasses one by one and threw them onto the floor, revealing a beautiful face belonging to a middle-aged woman around forty years old. 
The Fairy Godmother replied: "If you know everything already, then there is nothing left to conceal! Arrest me!"
「逮捕妳是遲早的事,我們已經聯絡了警方,他們隨後就會趕到。可是,在他們還沒來的這段時間,不知我是否可以基於好奇的問妳:妳到底為何要殺害那個老紳士?」Eliza 冷靜的說。
"It would just be a matter of time before we eventually arrest you, we've contacted the police already and they'll arrive at anytime. However, in the meantime, could you please answer my question out of curiosity: Why did you kill that old gentleman?" Eliza inquired calmly.
The Fairy Godmother replied: "Although it is a long story, I will tell you, as you are very like me when I was younger. In fact, when I was around your age, I was also a spy working for the P.M. Secret Spies Organisation. One day, the headquarters requested me to investigate into a case of a house being burnt down due to unknown reasons. When I arrived at the scene, I was horrified to discover that the house was our house! My father and mother were at home that day, and they've been suspected to be taking a nap so they couldn't escape in time, resulting in their death. The police immediately informed my sister, who was still in her primary school at the time. When she arrived at the scene, she was unable to control her emotions and bursted into tears. At that time, I swore that I will investigate until I have discovered the criminal! However, after a long while of investigation, I was unable to discover anything useful as all the possible clues have been burnt away into ashes along with the house. One day, I accidentally found a document in my father's office containing information on my father borrowing money from a Mr. Barkis; we have never been wealthy, but it seemed that our father didn't want us to worry so he never told us about this. Afterwards, I asked a boy who has passed our house around ten minutes before the fire was discovered, he claimed that he heard shouting in the house and there was a stranger's car parking outside our house. At that moment, I was suddenly called back to the headquarters. When I have arrived, I was informed that a Mr. Barkis wanted to see me. That Mr. Barkis admitted that on the day of the fire, he drove to our house to ask my father to return the money that he has lent him, but my father replied that he was unable to return it yet at the moment, Mr. Barkis was furious and there was a huge conflict where he accidentally killed my father. He was afraid that his crime would be discovered, so he burnt the house down to destroy any evidence. That Mr. Barkis never regretted his sinful deed, he even smirked at me and told me not to follow this case up any further as it would be all in vain since he was also a spies manager in the headquarter and he has already destroyed all the evidences." When the Fairy Godmother got this far, she bursted into violent sobs.
"My sister and I spent twenty years and was still unable to find any evidence to prove Barkis' crime." The woman in black continued. "It was only recently did we have a sudden idea of using fortune-telling and pretended magical powers to kill Barkis. I admit that the road accident of Pretty Pink Lady was also fake, we were the ones that threw the branch at her windshield! But.....but....it was our only choice as we have none other, we have to trick everyone into believing our magical powers in order to kill Barkis and take revenge on him for the sake of our parents! I was the one that came up with the name "Fairy Godmother", as in fairy tales, the fairy godmother always grants other people's wishes but never has a wish of her own. Who said that the fairy godmother can't have a wish? Her wish is to revenge on Barkis for our parents!" The woman in black bursted into tears after she has finished.
At that instant, the police has arrived! They arrested the Fairy Godmother and the woman in black. When they were putting handcuffs on them, the Fairy Godmother exclaimed with tears in her eyes: "For twenty or so years our only thought was to take revenge, now that I am going to be taken to prison, I regret everything that I've done. However, there is no turning back now! I can only say to myself that the spirits of my parents in heaven can finally rest in peace!" The Fairy Godmother and her sister left the room without turning their head once.
The Fairy Godmother and her sister spent their youth in planning revenge, now they're also arrested for their crime, which was indeed not worth it at all. It would be better if they've left everything to God to punish the criminal after searching in vain for any evidence, instead of seeking for revenge. As the Fairy Godmother rightly said: "Do not think that karma will never find you, it's only that the time has not yet come." One day, God will punish everyone that deserves to be punished. We can only say that pitiful people have their hateful side, and hateful people also have their pitiful side. Everyone has a story behind them.
~The End~
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