201407251658Playmobil Spies: The Fairy Godmother's Wish II 摩比嬌娃之神仙教母的心願-2

Claire, Eliza 和 Selena 正準備上前敲門時,門就打開了。從門後走出一名女子,全身穿著黑色的衣服,頭上還戴著黑色的斗篷。
Claire, Eliza and Selena were about to go up to the door and knock when the door opened. A woman dressed all in black with a black cloak over her head emerged from inside.
Suddenly, the woman in black said in a monotonous voice: "We've been expecting you for a long time already, come in quickly!"



The woman in black led the three friends into a darkly-lit room, a dark-red light illuminated the room, making it feel extremely sinister.


There were several pieces of old-fashioned furniture inside the room, a long settee, a cabinet, and a Turkish carpet that dates back to the Victorian era were placed on the floor.

黑衣女子指著長沙發,對著 Claire 和 Eliza 説:「妳們兩位先坐在這兒等,Selena,跟我來,妳的神仙教母在等著妳呢!」

The woman in black pointed at the long settee, and said to Claire and Eliza: "The two of you, please wait here for a while. Selena, come with me, your Fairy Godmother is waiting for you!"

黑衣女子帶著 Selena 上樓梯。

The woman in black led Selena upstairs.

Claire 和 Eliza 聽到 Selena 的腳步聲漸漸淡去,她們坐在長沙發上感到心裏非常的不安。

Claire and Eliza, on hearing Selena's footstep going fainter, eventually leaving their earshot, they sat on the settee and felt very unsettling.

Claire 説:「Eliza, 妳有沒有覺得這裡怪怪的呀?」

Claire said: "Eliza, do you feel that this place seems very weird?"

「嗯,確實有些!這個暗紅色燈光讓人有種毛骨悚然的感覺。不知是否是我的錯覺,我總覺得似乎不知在哪裡有人偷偷地監視著我們的一舉一動。」Eliza 回答說。

"Hmmm, yes, indeed! This dark red light makes the atmosphere very creepy. And, I can't be sure whether it's just me or what, I have a feeling that someone is hiding somewhere and secretly spying on our every move." Eliza shuddered as she replied.

「被‧‧‧被‧‧‧妳這麼一説,我也有這種感覺耶!我‧‧‧我突然覺得有點兒冷!這‧‧‧這裡燈光這麼暗,又不能做一些調查,我們只能儍儍的坐在這兒等,Selena 又還不下來!我都快急死了!」Claire 用著顫抖地聲音抱怨著。

"Now...now that you've...you've mentioned it, I feel the same too! I...I suddenly feel so cold! This light is not bright enough for us to do any investigation, all we can do is to sit here like dumbos and wait. What is taking Selena such a long time?" Claire complained with a trembling voice. 


After a while, sounds of footsteps got nearer to them.

原來是黑衣女帶著 Selena 下來了!

The woman in black and Selena were finally back!

Selena 的臉色慘白,看起來似乎驚魂未定。

Selena's face was extremely pale, and it seemed like she has not recovered yet from a great shock.

黑衣女又用她那機械式的聲音說:「下一個換到 Claire 了!」

The woman in black announced in her monotonous voice: "Claire, you're next!"


Claire followed the woman in black up the stairs.

Claire 的心裏感到非常的不安,她的心怦怦地跳著。

Claire's heart pounded deafeningly like a stampede of buffaloes inside her chest as she felt that unsettling sensation creeping over her again.
到底是什麼讓 Selena 驚魂未定?那個黑衣女究竟是誰,為何似乎對她們的名字瞭若指掌?又會有甚麼樣的事情在等著 Claire 呢?
What exactly had caused such a great shock to Selena? Who is that woman in black and how come she seems to know their names very well? And what is waiting for Claire upstairs?
~To be Continued~
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