200910131643超好吃的「老疊香」麻辣鍋 The super tasty "Lao Die Xian"


I’m very picky about food. I seldom eat spicy hot pots, but if I have decided to taste it, I would always choose the best one. Of all the spicy hot pot restaurants I’ve been to, “Lao Die Xian” is the one I highly recommend, for its perfect flavor really blows their visitors away.

**一般來說「hot」這個字除了可以解釋成「熱或燙」(若較正確些,指氣溫很熱用weather hot,而物體燙熱則用temperature hot)之外,還可意指「辣」的思意。不過為了避免混淆,若指某食物很辣時,在前加上「spicy」這個字會比較清楚些;比如:This dish is spicy hot. 這道菜很辣。但有些人常常單單用spicy就想要表達辣的意思,但其實還是不夠精準,因為spicy常指某道菜「口味重」之意,比如說該料理加了很多香料或者有厚重的口感等,並不一定是辣的意思喔。上一段的Spicy hot pot就可以形容麻辣火鍋,而單單hot pot則指火鍋。 

**for」這個字通常是指「為了」的意思,常以介系詞的身份出現。不過,如果它在一個句字中的逗號後出現,它即意指「因為」。如:I like playing basketball, for its a very good sport to me. 我喜歡打籃球,因為它對我來說是一項很好的運動。  



“Lao Die Xian” Spicy Hot Pot is run by my colleague—Gillian (also nicknamed Chan-Chan)’s parents. Its head store is located on Wan-Shen St., Chien-Jing District, in Kaohsiung city with a Chinese ancient aura on both interior and exterior designs. Not sized spaciously, the restaurant makes its owners and sellers able to easily attend to the visitors of every table. In addition to the palatable hot pots in “Lao Die Xian”, the owners’ hospitality and amiability are the other features having made strong impression on me. 



Soup and Ingredients are the two essences for hot pots. However, they are exerted to the perfect extent in “Lao Die Xian”, attracting gourmets entirely at every mouthful. 


Let’s begin with the Soup of  “Lao Die Xian”. On the whole, the soup of general spicy hot pots, nothing but pepper hot stimulating to one’s tongue or throats, or even to his or her anus, are mainly for brewing the food ingredients and unsuitably edible. They are usually so hot enough that eaters’ sense of taste tend to be dulled to truly reach the authentic mouthfeel. And the next day, one would also worry about having the runs because of the power driven by the spicy hotness the night before. Well, Lao Die Xian’s soup is another story. The spicy hotness of its soup is categorized into: small, medium and suicidal, personally made and prepared by the owners, who have good knowledge of Chinese traditional medicine. The soup has thus turned into a health- preservable and tasty one. It’s spicy hot enough and fit to eat; meanwhile it does not spoil your one’s taste bud. Most importantly, one can be protected from having loose bowels. I always choose the medium hotness to begin with, and later on advance to suicidal when requesting refills. It’s really awesome! 

**一般而言、具體而論、總括來說的用法除了大家常用的Generally speaking之外,還可用In generalon the wholeby and large等。


When it comes to Lao Die Xian’s hot pot ingredients, the only words I could use to describe their delicacy are: fresh, fresh, and super fresh. Since both the owners are very fastidious about the ingredients, they make all of which freshly in order to remain their freshness. Take their "cuttlefish paste" and "pig’s large intestine" for example. They are processed under a perfect way by the owners to produce fresh and chewy texture. The pig’s large intestines are surely the one deserving my thumbs up because the fat is totally removed, and they taste utterly crispy with marinated spice deeply rooted in. They are so delicious, let alone other ingredients. 


Apart from Lao Die Xian’s individual spicy hot pot, its “Yuan-Yang” pot, the combination one with spicy hot pot and pickled mustard green pot, is also worth of being suggested. I all ordered Yuan-Yang pot over my previous visits of the shop. After enjoy the hot spicy flavor, the try of the sour and sweet combination soup would be a great change of air. Talking about the Yuan-Yang pot in Lao Die Xian, I cannot help singing the praise of it. The pickled mustard green, freshly made by the owners in person, not extremely sour but a bit sweet from its slightly acid flavor, are finely shredded in small particles and so appetizing. One will only truly feel Yuang-Yang’s deliciousness when he or she makes a try to it. 



“Lao Die Xian” is the only spicy hot pot restaurant I will frequently visit. Those friends of mine who I brought to the restaurant all keep heaping praise on the foods there. Lao is definitely different from other spicy hot pot restaurants because it’s really special and the hot pots are really second to none. Well, merely describing how good the restaurant is is no better than eating there personally. You will know what I have mentioned when you pay it a visit.  

老疊香麻辣鍋店網址 “Lao Die Xian” 's homepage


Key Words

1). to be picky /
fastidious about…:對…很挑剔/很講究的 (= to be fussy about
2). spicy hot pot
3). ~blow
4). ~be located on/in/at~~座落於~ (= be situated on/in/at~其後的介詞視地點而定)    

5). to heap praise on~~讚不絕口、對~讚譽有佳 (= sing the praise of~)    

6). mouthfeel口感 (= flavor = texture)    

7). have the runs拉肚子 (= have loose bowels)    

8). attend to服務、照顧 (= serve = give service to~)   

9). ~ to be categorized into~~被分類成~    

10). appetizing美味的 (= palatable = delicious = tasty)
11). When it comes to~當提到~、一說到~ (= As far as ~ is concerned)    

12). pickled mustard green(客家人或台灣人常吃的)酸菜    

13). chewy有嚼勁的    

14). ~ make a good impression on 人:~()


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