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  • 20161218223120161213 1TV- Пусть говорят - Куда пропал Витас 讓他們說-Vitas 哪兒去了

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    “Let Them Talk” TV show
    Theme “Where Has Vitas Disappeared?” 
    (shot on December 9, 2016; broadcast on December 13, 2016)

    Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qu_7zr1lJw8

    Translation by Anna Russia © 
    [Texts in brackets are the translator’s notes and explanations.]

    The program participants:

    Andrey Malakhov, the presenter 
    Anatoly Paduka, the music teacher of Vitas, from Odessa
    Viktoriya Fedotova, Vitas’ aunt, the blood sister of Vitas’ mother
    Yana Fedotova-Sakhnevich, her daughter (Vitas’ cousin)
    Yury Sakhnevich, Yana’s husband
    Dina Korzun, a famous actress
    Sergey Pudovkin, Vitas’ producer
    Yury Antonov, a famous singer
    Nikolay Gnatyuk, a famous singer
    Artur Gasparyan, a professional musical expert and journalist
    Elena Maksimova, a singer, a participant of the “Exactly The Same” show, where she made a copy of Vitas with “Opera 2”
    Denis Maidanov, a singer
    Lyubov’ Kazarnovskaya, a world-famous opera singer
    Zhang He [sorry if I spelled his name wrongly], a Chinese guy, a participant of the Chinese contest of talents
    Arthur Marants, a former classmate of Vitas
    Nikolay Gnatyuk, a famous singer, the first outstanding performer of the hit “The Bird of Happiness” 
    Larisa Kurdyumova, an opera singer
    Svetlana Gracheva, Vitas’ wife
    L.P. Kolpakov, the fake father of Vitas, and his son Stanislav
    Irina Grankovskaya, Vitas’ mother-in-law


    The program summary:

    Popular singer Vitas has not communicated with his father for a long time. This is the only message that Vitas received from Vladas Grachev for the last years. (A screenshot of the father’s message is shown.) Vitas stopped coming home to Odessa. His music teacher Anatoly Paduka shows what happened to Vitas’ home in his native city. Vitas’ mother Liliya Gracheva was buried in Odessa. Her blood sister regularly visits her grave. Why has Vitas’ father never seen his grandson Maksim, who was born two years ago? Meanwhile, Vitas’ fame has been spread beyond Russia. Look how China meets our singer. The songs of its idol sound everywhere in China.


    Part I

    A. Malakhov: Today Vitas is the guest of our program. Where has he disappeared in recent time? Today we will know all the truth about him. Let’s meet our hero!
    (Vitas enters the studio.)
    Vitas: Good evening!
    A. Malakhov: I must say that five years ago, in 2011, Vitas was in this studio and was sitting on the same sofa as now. And at that time his father was also in the studio. You can see him on our screen. (to Vitas) In that program you said that your relations with your father are not always good. In May of 2016 you got a message from him in the social net. Let’s see what your father wrote there.
    (A screenshot of the message from Vitas’ father is shown on the studio screen. Vitas is reading it aloud.)
    Vitas: “Hi my son! I decided to write you while I’m alive... Man is mortal and, what is the most important, can die suddenly... And I’m already at the age when this can happen at any moment. There is something that hampers you and me to make a normal dialogue... In recent time I have often seen Lilya [Vitas’ mother] in my night dreams. Probably she is waiting for me... When I go to heaven, please don’t install any expensive monuments to me. My life was hard and modest... And in recent years, after the death of Lilya and my parents, it has become especially hard and needless... The only thing that still keeps me alive is the memory of those days when your mother and I were young and you were a little kid... And also the songs that I write... That’s all I wanted to tell you... Send my best regards to my grandchildren...”
    A. Malakhov: And how long haven’t you seen your father?
    Vitas: I saw him for the last time about three years ago. My father has never been so sincere with me throughout my 37-year-long life as in this letter. You know, Andrey, I would like, if it’s possible... My father watches this TV program, so I’d like to address him directly from this studio. 
    (to his father) Dear father, the letter you wrote is actually deeply moving. I want to ask you: Please don’t worry so much and don’t be nervous about our relations! Just know that we love you and wait when you come here. I want to say you “thank you very much” for the strong support when I was a child. As you remember, in my childhood you gifted me Ionica [musical key instrument], my first musical instrument. You remember how I ran away from the school lessons in the wish to play this instrument as soon as possible. I want to say “big thanks” to you for everything! And what is the most important, the New Year – a big family holiday - will come soon. Please come to Moscow! You have me, you have Maksim and Alla - your grandchildren, you have a big family that loves you. We are waiting for you on the New Year holiday. I hope you will come!
    A. Malakhov: That is, your father hasn’t seen your son Maksim, who was born two years ago. Let’s see a video fragment from those days when you became a father for the second time. Let the grandfather see his grandson.
    (Video fragments from the birth house are demonstrated.)
    A. Malakhov: Why did you name the son Maksim? In the honor of Galkin? [Maksim Galkin, a famous Russian humorist, the husband of famous singer Alla Pugacheva]
    Vitas: Maksim is a very short and laconic name, which both Svetlana and I like. But I agree that this coincidence of names [with the above-mentioned famous stars], Alla and Maksim, looks strange. (laughing) I’ve never thought about this strange thing but just now.

    A. Malakhov: As far as I understood, you haven’t been in your native Odessa for a long time. I propose you a virtual walking along its today’s streets.
    (Video of Odessa is shown. Anatoly Paduka, the music teacher of Vitas, tells about the childhood of his former pupil.)
    A. Paduka: Here is house No. 24, in which Vitalik lived in the childhood. A sweet small yard in Odessa. Here we all lived, ate soup, cabbage, and cucumbers, drank vodka, and communicated with each other. Vitas’ father sang songs, Vitas also introduced his first vocal records. At that time we all went to a common toilet, where big rats often ran, we all liked to eat fried fish at home of our neighbor Sara... Vitalik looks more like his mother. She was a beauty from Samara. Vitas’ mother always hold him by the hand when they were going to or from the school. Apparently, he was the sense of her life. And the sense of his life was music and his mother. It was a very simple family. Once, when I was a guest at their home, I was shocked by seeing how poorly they lived. The only expensive thing that I saw at their home was an accordion. The mother sewed clothes for Vitas, she was a perfect clothes designer. She sewed coats for him and followed the current fashion. Vitalik, do you remember this shirt that your mother presented to me when I was for the first time at your home? (shows a shirt) I’ve been keeping it for about 19 years. Vitas’ father was a gasman. He was very modest. His name is Vladas. He strongly loved Vitas’ mother and never left her, that’s why such a wonderful baby was born in this family. The father left the family when Liliya Mikhailovna died. I think he didn’t leave it by his own will, but there were smart women in the yard who “put their hands” on him.

    (The cemetery in Odessa where Vitas’ mother was buried is shown. Vitas’ aunt Viktoriya came to visit her grave.)
    Aunt: Vitalichka, I has come to the grave of your mother and brought flowers. She is so beautiful on this portrait! (to Vitas’ mother) We miss you so much! Please forgive me for my rare visits here. I often communicate with Vitalichka. We are OK. We all feel badly that you left us. 
    A. Malakhov (to Vitas): As far as I understand, it is your aunt.
    Vitas: Yes, it’s my aunt Viktoriya Mikhailovna, the elder blood sister of my mother. 
    A. Malakhov: Are you in contact with her daughter Yana?
    Vitas: Surely. We have begun communicating recently, because the fate scattered us to different corners of the Earth. 
    A. Malakhov: Today Yana lives in Belgium, but despite the difference in time between you and her, she has flown to Moscow specially for this TV program. Let’s meet Yana Fedotova!
    (Yana enters the studio, hugs Vitas, and gives him a present.)
    A. Malakhov (looking at the present): What is it?
    Yana: Belgian beer.
    A. Malakhov: You knew Vitas’ mother, your aunt, very well. What can you say about her?
    Yana: She was an enchantress, first of all, because she was very talented: she sewed perfectly. As you know, at that time there was a small variety of goods at the shops. But any girl wanted to wear beautiful clothes. And my aunt always made me a princess by sewing such clothes. I have the warmest memory of her. She was my good friend.
    A. Malakhov: Today we talked about the changes in the behavior of Vitas’ father after the death of Vitas’ mother. What could have happened to him, in your opinion?
    Yana: He felt Lilya’s death keenly. All people take such tragedies differently. He took it in this way.
    A. Malakhov: Maybe, the death of Vitas’ grandpa at the age of 90 also influenced him?
    Yana: Yes, all these tragedies were superimposed one on the other. When you love somebody, it’s very hard to take and endure all this.
    A. Malakhov: Vitas, we all remember your grandpa. He was so fiery, merry, and cheerful! Let’s watch a fragment of our TV program with his participation shot five years ago.
    (Fragment of the archive TV show “Let Them Talk” (shot in December 2011) is shown: Vitas and his grandpa are singing the song “Friendship”.)

    Part II

    A. Malakhov: Today, Vitas is a guest in our studio, and we prepared a lot of surprises for him. A new surprise is an actress that has come from London – Dina Korzun [a famous Russian actress, who lives in London now]. She has flied in order to get acquainted with you!
    (Dina Korzun enters the studio and hugs Vitas.)
    Vitas: Hello! I’m glad to get acquainted with you. 
    D. Korzun: Hello! Andrey, where may I sit down?
    A. Malakhov: You may sit next to Vitas. I must say that we invited Dina to many different programs, we did all possible in order to know more about her life and art interests, but she agreed to come to our studio only for meeting with Vitas! She put her tight work schedule off only for the sake of this program!
    D. Korzun: That’s true! When the program editor called and invited me to participate in this program, I answered “Yes!”, and a big smile appeared on my face. It’s very important to thank people for their good actions and to respond them with the same coin. I got such a big present from Vitas owing to his songs! I got such a big inspiration, such a great power, and divine blessings! 
    A. Malakhov: What is your favorite Vitas’ song?
    D. Korzun: I like many of his songs, including “Opera 1” and “Opera 2”, his vocalises and arias. But it’s difficult to get to Vitaly’s concerts, because he is always in China.
    A. Malakhov: I know that you even asked your husband to make you a Christmas present and buy two tickets to Vitas’ concert in China, where you were going to fly. So, Vitas, you should make her a Christmas present today. (All smiled.) 
    Vitas: Yes!
    D. Korzun: When our family (my husband, I, and our 6- and 7-year-old daughters) were traveling by car across Europe last spring, we regularly listened to Vitas’ CDs that Sergey [Pudovkin] gifted me earlier. And at the end of our 3-days tour, even my husband finally claimed: “I respect this singer!”
    A. Malakhov (joking): Vitas, I’m waiting for your response to this story and for two tickets – no, four tickets! (for the whole family) – to your concert!
    Vitas: Many thanks for your warm words! Thank you for getting inspiration from my songs! Thanks to your husband, who has finally understood the sense of these songs! And thank you very much that you have flied here! Nice to meet you! You are wonderful!
    D. Korzun: Thank you!
    A. Malakhov (to S. Pudovkin): Sergey, when will you give tickets to Dina?
    S. Pudovkin: Tickets? No problem! We will surely give them to you.
    D. Korzun: I’m so happy!
    A. Malakhov: We prepared a short video demonstrating the big popularity of Vitas in China. Let’s watch!
    (Fragments of documentary videos shot by S. Pudovkin in China are shown on the studio screen.)
    A. Malakhov: The popularity of Vitas in China is unlimited. He is at the top of hit ratings. Tickets to his concerts are always sold out. The Russian artist is considered the same symbol of China as Confucius and Mao Tse-tung. Vitas’ monument was installed in one of the parks in Shanghai. Many cell phones, computer games, mineral water, and even a plane and a high-speed train were named after him! The Chinese fan club of Vitas comprises more than a million people! Chinese fans are learning Russian to be closer to their idol. (Fragments of videos with Chinese fans speaking Russian are shown. They say: “I love you!”, “You are the most handsome man!”, “I like you songs very much! You have a wonderful voice!”, “I want Vitas come to China!”) Some outstanding Russian artists try to explain the phenomenon of Vitas’ popularity in China. Here is what Yury Antonov, the People’s artist of Russia, says.
    Yu. Antonov: I was surprised and overwhelmed: Tens of thousands of people [Chinese] gathered at the stadium to listen to Vitas. The Chinese language is based on the sounds similar to bird’s voices. (Yu. Antonov is trying to imitate these sounds). Such high-frequency sounds act hypnotically on the Chinese. I value the success of this man who managed to make China and Russia closer to each other and congratulate Vitas and Sergey Pudovkin on this excellent victory! They brought Russian songs to the country with the highest population in the world and made them popular there! I call this a victory!

    A. Malakhov: They say, the wax figure of Vitas will soon be put among the similar figures of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Celine Dion in China. Moreover, the Russian singer became the star of Chinese cinematography. (A fragment of “Mulan” movie is shown.) 
    (to Vitas) Is it true that many Chinese bring water to your concerts in order to charge it with the power of your voice?
    Vitas: Why only Chinese? I saw this for the first time at my concert in the Kremlin Palace in 2002. When the stage curtains were opened, I saw dozens of jars with water in front of me. This is the way how people demonstrate me their love.
    A. Malakhov: And how does this water help them?
    Vitas: It’s better to ask them this question. I think it stimulates them. Water has different effects on man as it contains a crystal. [??? – It must be Vitas’ personal discovery. :))] Under the impact of my voice, this crystal opens like a flower. Under the impact of the “Rammstein” band music (may this wonderful band forgive me for these words), the flower dies, and water exerts a negative effect on man. 
    A. Malakhov (to journalist Artur Gasparyan): Artur, have you ever heard about this effect of water?
    A. Gasparyan: I remember some medical investigations on this subject. Some time ago, an experiment on the vivifying effect of Vitas’ voice was carried out in the Norway clinic. Vitas is always surrounded by various mystic stories. I remember, when I first saw Vitas... this was when Pudovkin (already well-known person in show business at that time) came to my hit rating program and said: “Look! Here is my new singing boy.” He showed me a set of photos of a bald-head guy with a red scarf. Later I saw his MV, where Vitas demonstrated his gills under the scarf [“Opera 2”]. During my next hit rating program, I saw a long queue of fans wishing to see these gills with their own eyes. People believed that Vitas was an amphibian man with natural organism mutations. 
    A. Malakhov (to Pudovkin, joking): Sergey, did Vitas actually have gills?
    S. Pudovkin and Vitas (in chorus, laughing): Surely! 
    E. Maksimova (singer): When I watched this MV, I also sincerely believed that Vitas had real gills. 
    A. Malakhov: And moreover, he was bald-head.
    D. Maidanov (singer) (joking): I think Artur Gasparyan kept baths with water during his musical program, just in case if Vitas would decide to jump there after the performance.
    A. Gasparyan: I must say one important thing concerned with Vitas. In fact, the artist and his fans become alike in many aspects with time. Just remember the early photos of Vitas, in which he had big eyes and a typical Slavic face. And now I look at him and see that he is like a typical Chinese: the same small eyes and even the hairdo like that of Mao Tse-tung. (The audience is laughing.)

    A. Malakhov: Now, let’s give word to Lyubov’ Kazarnovskaya [world-famous opera singer], who evaluates Vitas not only in the “Exactly The Same” show [where she was among the judges] but also in other aspects.
    L. Kazarnovskaya: When Vitas appeared in the “Exactly The Same” show, I was curious what artists he would copy and which of them would be copied perfectly. The range of artist’s images he showed us was incredible! – From rap singer Serega to opera singer Maria Callas. [L.K. was mistaken: In fact, rap singer Serega was copied by another participant of the show, and Vitas copied scandal rock singer Sergey Shnurov.] (Video fragments of Vitas’ performance in these images are shown. L.K. comments on his Maria Callas.) What hands he has in this image! Their movements are so gentle and feminine! His turns of the shoulder and head, his mysterious gaze specific to women only... – these are typical woman’s attributes. He understands all this, he feels all this, and he can do all this. Dear Vitas! I wish you would stay this mysterious Vitas who gathers full stadiums of spectators, whose wax figure would be installed in the Madame Tussauds Museum, and who gave me a great pleasure to sing in duet with him. Be happy!

    Part III

    (A. Malakhov again tells the subject of the program and repeats the above video fragment of Vitas’ speech to his father.)

    A. Malakhov: This evening we have a lot of surprises for our guest. And now, Vitas, I want to show you how your famous hit “Opera 2” is performed by a Chinese singer at the China contest of talents. His name is Zhang He. (Video of this singer is shown.) Have you already seen this?
    Vitas: No, I see this for the first time. He is singing not badly. Even better than Vitas. (The audience is laughing.)
    A. Malakhov: I especially like the cap on his head.
    Vitas (ironically): The first couplet was surely better performed than I sing it. 
    D. Maidanov (singer): In my opinion, to win the heart of China is, first of all, to win a mental victory. To realize the scales of this victory, let’s imagine that some Chinese artist has come to Russia [in hope to win its heart]...
    A. Malakhov (interrupting): We will realize this just now, because Zhang He has come here to get acquainted with Vitas. He has a dream to get a selfie with his idol. Meet our guest from China!
    (Zhang He enters the studio and demonstrates a national dance.)
    A. Malakhov: Hi! (pointing at Vitas) Here is your idol. We expected to see you in the same rabbit’s cap [as at the Chinese contest] but saw you with national dances.
    Vitas (with doubt): Is it really him? (Malakhov nods.)
    Zhang He: Next time when I come here, I will take this cap with me.
    A. Malakhov: And why do you like Vitas? Why did you choose his song for the performance?
    Zhang He: Once I heard his dolphin’s voice and thought it was the voice from Heaven. I liked it very much! 
    A. Malakhov: I know you have two dreams. One dream is to get a selfie with Vitas, and another is to find a bride in Russia. (The audience is smiling and laughing.)
    Zhang He: Could you take a photo of Vitas and me?
    A. Malakhov: Surely. While I’m looking for a cell phone, tell something about yourself to Russian girls to make them understand why they must marry you. (All are entertaining.) Tell us your height, weight, your occupation, etc.
    Zhang He: My name is Zhang He. I am a peasant. I like to sing songs to peasants. (Vitas stands up and comes to the Chinese guy for making a photo.) 
    A. Malakhov: Where do you live? Do you have your own apartment? You should understand that Russian girls are also interested in such things. (Takes photo of Vitas and Zhang He.)
    Zhang He: You know, Chinese girls like guys who have their own home. I think Russian girls are the same.
    A. Malakhov: Do you want to find a Russian girl and stay in Russia or take her with you to China?
    Zhang He: I want to find a girl with home... (All are laughing.) who will love me...
    A. Malakhov: You have a rival in this field of activity, Prokhor Shalyapin [a young Russian singer, who married a rich woman much older than him but then divorced her and is now looking for a new rich wife]. But Eastern men might also have success among Russian women. 
    Zhang He: It does not matter if she is tall or short. Her age is also unimportant. (All are laughing. Vitas is rolling from laughter.)
    A. Malakhov (joking): He is surely a rival of Shalyapin!
    Zhang He: The only important thing is that she must not be too old, otherwise my mother will be against the wedding. (All are rolling from laughter.) We can marry either in China or in Russia.
    A. Malakhov (joking): We will celebrate your wedding both in China and in Russia in support of our international friendship.
    So, you are unpretentious. I see. 
    (to Vitas) Let’s watch numerous parodies of you on YouTube. (Fragments of video parodies of Vitas are shown.)

    A. Malakhov (to Vitas): Well, we have one more surprise for you. It is a man whom you haven’t seen for 25 years. Today he has come to our studio. Let’s meet him and see whether you recognize him or not.
    (A guest (Artur Marants) enters the studio.)
    A. Marants (to Vitas): Do you recognize me?
    Vitas: Yes, I do! (They embrace.) 
    A. Malakhov: Well, who is it?
    Vitas: I even know where he lives now. In the USA. It is Artur, my classmate. 
    A. Malakhov: Good evening Artur! How long were you on friendly terms with Vitas in the past?
    A. Marants: We got acquainted when we were in the first grade and stayed friends till the six grade. We lived close to our school and went together there. (Two photos of their classmates are shown, with the faces of Vitas and Arthur encircled.) And we also went together to the music school. I played the piano, and Vitalka played the accordion. The mother of Vitas always accompanied him to school and always carried his schoolbag. Pupils always asked him: “Vitalik, can’t you carry your bag yourself? You are a big boy.” But his mother answered: “No, I must carry it myself.”
    Vitas: That’s true. I must also say that my mother didn’t allow me to carry the accordion to the music school till the third grade. On frosty days, she and my aunt Vika [his mother’s sister Viktoriya] carried it in turn but didn’t allow me to carry it. And I couldn’t take it away from them!
    A. Malakhov: Why?
    Vitas: My mother told me: “My sonny, you will play the accordion for 5 hours today. You will get a pain in your back [if you carry the instrument yourself]”. My mother loved me so much that didn’t allow me to carry a 36 kg accordion to the music school.

    A. Malakhov: Nikolay Gnatyuk [a famous singer, whose copy Vitas made in the “Exactly The Same” show], the People’s Artist of the Ukraine, who lives in Germany today, should also have come to this program. But at present he is on a pilgrimage tour to Greece and sends you his regards from there.
    (Video address of N. Gnatyuk to Vitas is shown.)
    N. Gnatyuk: I’m on Mount Athos in Greece now, on a pilgrimage tour. Thank you for presenting my copy in the “Exactly The Same” show. Oh, it was exactly the same! 
    (A fragment of Vitas’ performance in Gnatyuk’s image is shown.) 
    N. Gnatyuk: I think it’s too early to make global conclusions about Vitas’ art. Let the guy work and go ahead, and life will tell... I have a very good attitude to him and wish him all the best in his creative career. Best wishes to everybody! See you soon!

    A. Malakhov (to actress Larisa Kurdyumova, an opera singer): Larisa, you also sing like Vitas. We remember you in the old famous film “The Courier”. You sing no worse than Vitas.
    L. Kurdyumova: I’m highly delighted that God gave such a talent to Vitas. (to Vitas) I just ask you to take care, because God gave you a voice, an appearance, an intellect, and, particularly, a big diligence. I sincerely congratulate you and bow to your talent!
    Vitas: Thank you very much!
    A. Malalkhov (to L. Kurdyumova): Let’s see the film fragment where you are singing.
    (A fragment of the film “The Courier” is shown, where L. Kurdyumova is singing the famous Russian romance “The Nightingale” by A. Alyab’ev.)
    A. Malakhov (to Vitas): You also have this song in your repertoire.
    Vitas: Yes, but I sing it in a somewhat different manner.
    (A fragment of Vitas’ concert performance of “The Nightingale” is shown.)

    A. Malakhov: Svetlana Gracheva, the wife of Vitas. They have been together for 17 years. Let’s invite her to our studio.
    (S. Gracheva enters the studio.)
    S. Gracheva: Good evening Andrey! Good evening all the guests! The New Year is coming. On the eve of this holiday, I’d like to present you, Andrey, with real Chinese green tea.
    A. Malakhov: Thank you very much!
    S. Gracheva: And I want to congratulate all the guests on the forthcoming holiday!
    A. Malakhov (to her): My first question is to you. This evening we are all looking for a bride to our Chinese guest, Zhang He. He is 26-year-old and wants to find a girl with home in order to live here. (joking) Don’t you have any appropriate female friend?
    S. Gracheva: All my female friends are married. They have families and children. 
    Vitas: Not all.
    A. Malakhov: Vitas, I see you have unmarried female friends.
    Vitas: I know a few Sveta’s female friends who are unmarried.
    Zhang He: Since I’m here, I’d like to perform a Chinese national song. And maybe somebody of the girls will want to stay with me.
    Vitas (joking): I think Sveta shouldn’t have appeared here. [Probably he meant that her appearance provoked a new talking about Zhang He and his future bride.]
    Zhang He: I want to sing a Shanxi Province national song.
    A. Malakhov: What is it about?
    Zhang He: About love. The hero wants to meet with a girl but fails because her mother checks her actions and doesn’t allow them to see each other. (He is singing a song.)
    A. Malakhov (joking): I bet, after this program a lot of girls will assail you with love letters so that we will have to do a sequel to this program. (to Sveta) Sveta, how do you look at Vitas’ popularity in China and the attempts of Chinese fans to tear him to pieces?
    Vitas (joking): Won’t they actually tear me?
    S. Gracheva: When I was in China, I was simply shocked by the scales of this phenomenon. It was wonderful! I had never thought that my husband was so popular in China. Amazing!
    Vitas (to her): Won’t they actually tear me?
    S. Gracheva (laughing): You are already a big boy to find the solution of this problem.

    Part IV

    (A. Malakhov reminds of the subject of the program and repeats the above video fragment of Vitas’ speech to his father.)

    A. Malakhov: It is strange but is a fact: Every time Vitas appears in our program, we get a lot of the following phone calls from the spectators. After one of the last programs about him, Sergey Patalakh from Kazakhstan claimed he was the true father of Vitas. So, we made a special program with his participation. We made a DNA testing, which yielded negative results. This time, when we announced the new program about Vitas, Leonid Petrovich Kolpakov from the city of Kherson called us. He has been calling to our program editors for a year, claiming that Vitas is his blood son. Today he is a guest in our studio. Meet him! 
    (Fake father L.P. Kolpakov enters the studio and comes to Vitas. They embrace.)
    Vitas: Good evening!
    A. Malakhov: Leonid Petrovich is 75-year-old. Leonid Petrovich, why do you think that Vitas is your son?
    Fake father (showing a document): I brought a refresher course certificate. During this course I got acquainted with Lilya, the future mother of Vitas. Then, on September 28, there was a farewell banquet. She [Lilya] came there in an overwhelming silk white dress with fine flowers. BTW, later I saw this dress in her family photo, namely, the photo of little Vitas and her sister in this dress. Well, Lilya and I were neighbors at that banquet table. We danced together all the evening. Then we walked out-of-doors for a long time. But since it was late September and it was already cold, we parted. But next day we met again and were together all day long. We parted only in the evening: I went to Kherson, and she went to Odessa. In April I came to Cherkassy for a workshop. One day I exited the room of the hotel where I lived and suddenly saw Lilya in a brown cloak, who exited the room where two of my female colleagues lived. She saw me but turned away from me and went another way. I stood dumbfounded and couldn’t understand what was going on. We had so warm and so intimate relations earlier... What had happened? At that moment I couldn’t even imagine what was the real cause. 
    Vitas: An interesting but apparently not true story.
    Fake father (to Vitas): Do you think so?
    Vitas: I think the husband of my cousin can tell us what he thinks about all this. I see how he looks at me... He is nervous and anxious.
    A. Malakhov: The son of Leonid Petrovich is also in our studio, and he is also nervous and anxious because of this story. 
    Vitas: Yes, they are both nervous.
    (A. Malakhov comes to Yury Sakhnevich, the husband of Vitas’ cousin Yana, and takes a short interview.)
    Yu. Sakhnevich: As for Lilya, she was a very beautiful woman, like my mother-in-law, and surely many men would like to position themselves as the heroes of her love stories. I spent much time to purify the memory of Lilya. For all her life, Lilya was nowhere except for Sverdlovsk and Odessa. Her husband and her son were the only objects of her love and care.
    A. Malakhov (to Stanislav, the son of Vitas’ fake father): Do you think your father wants to position himself as the father of the famous person?
    Stanislav: Look at this old man. He would hardly search for fame. Probably he just wants to find the truth for himself. Maybe his behavior causes an ambiguous reaction, but I can’t judge him. 
    A. Malakhov (to the fake father): You were married when you met Lilya, weren’t you? 
    Fake father: Yes, Stasik [the son] was 10-year-old already. And I was 36. Surely, only a DNA testing can yield the final solution to this problem. So, I ask you to perform a DNA analysis, and I ask Vitas to agree to do the same analysis. I understand that it’s hard to him to stand all this after the previous program [about his fake father S. Patalakh] and again pass this procedure...
    Vitas: Well, why not? Andrey, if you organize this testing, I will pass it.
    A. Malakhov: Let’s look at the photo of Leonid Petrovich in his youth in order to know how he looked at that time. (The photo of the fake father is shown.) 
    A. Malakhov (to S. Pudovkin): Sergey, and what is your opinion of all this? Haven’t you got tired of such stories for the years of your producer’s work?
    S. Pudovkin: I’m not tired but rather insulted by such humiliating stories. They arouse my protest and outrage. Well, leave these people to Heaven. If they remember their old stories many years later... In fact, Vitas is very sensitive to such things. He takes everything concerned with his mother, grandpa, and uneasy relations with his father too heavily. I know all this and feel pity that he receives endless insults. I understand that any popular person has to bear this heavy cross. Such stories appeared earlier, appear today, and will appear in the future. Well, we will listen to these stories and know that Vitas has several fathers. Though I know only one father, whom we fortunately saw in the studio a few years ago... – I’m very grateful for that program! And we cherish the memory of Vitas’ mother! 
    A. Malakhov: As far as I understood, Vitas is ready to pass a DNA testing.
    Vitas: Surely.
    Fake father: I could foresee this reaction to my words, therefore I’m sure that only a precise DNA analysis will tell the truth.
    A. Malakhov: Well, if both Leonid Petrovich and Vitas are ready for a DNA testing, we will make it backstage. And meanwhile we have one more surprise for Vitas: His dear mother-in-law and his children have come to our studio. Let’s meet Irina Grankovskaya [Sveta’s mother], Alla, and Maksim!
    (Vitas’ relatives enter the studio.)
    Vitas (looking at Maksim with delight): Oh, what gaiety! (Alla seats Maksim onto the sofa.)
    A. Malakhov: Wow! He already walks himself!
    Vitas: And rolls over...
    A. Malakhov: How old is Alla?
    Alla: Eight.
    A. Malakhov: Eight! And what talents do you have? Who do you want to be in the future?
    Alla: A horsewoman.
    A. Malakhov: A horsewoman??? That is, you love horse, yes?
    (Alla nods.)
    A. Malakhov: And have you achieved success in riding a horse?
    Alla: Yes.
    A. Malakhov: Have you already written a letter to Santa Claus?
    Alla: Yes!
    A. Malakhov: And what did you ask him for?
    Alla: A big raccoon.
    A. Malakhov: A big raccoon???
    Alla: Yes. A raccoon toy.
    Vitas: BTW, Alla, tell us what you said about Andrey when we were going to this program. You said that Andrey is...
    Alla: Handsome.
    A. Malakhov: Handsome? (smiling) Thank you very much!
    (to Vitas) There are so many fans in the studio! They came from different corners of the world to see you. Will you present us with any song?
    Vitas: Yes. Surely!
    (Vitas is singing the song “Dances in the Moonlight”. The heroes and guests of the studio are dancing.)
    A. Malakhov: It was Vitas’ benefit. Good bye! Take care of yourselves and your relatives!

    - The end of the show -