ZHOU YANZ SELECTED FILMOGRAPHY (writer & director, occasional producer):



An Officer and a General (working title)

Work in progress, 2015 - present

Memory Community Movie-Memoir

Webisodes, 2011 - present

Wong Tsoo

Documentary feature project, 2013 

Long Time No See

Co-written screenplay, 2011

A Visit to Heven

Feature film synopsis, 2010 

Reet’s Tears

Feature film synopsis, 2010

My Funny Tour Guide

Short film script, 2010

First Prize, CF Script Competition, City of Keelung, Taiwan

Picky Piggy

Adapted screenplay, 2009 - 2010 

Joyful Reunion -- Eat, Drink, Man, Woman 2

Screenplay, 2009

Winner of Taiwanese Government Fund for Big Budget Productions

Ode to Taiwan’s Hundred Year Feminist Movement

Documentary feature, 2008

My Second ID

Feature-length teleplay, 2004

Best Script Nominee, Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan


Screenplay, 2004

Blue Is My Word

Feature-length teleplay, 2003

Be My Valentine

Feature film, 2002

Gold Award, Low Budget Category, WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, USA  

The Taiwan New Cinema

Documentary feature, 1998

Silver Award, 1998 Flagstaff International Film Festival, Arizona, USA

Angel Dust

Feature-length teleplay, 1997

Historical Site Now and Then: Lin Family Residence in Wu Feng, Taichung

Documentary, 1995

1996 Best Cable Programming Award, Taiwan 

Green, Green Leaves of Home

Feature film, 1993

1993 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, 3 nominations

(Screenplay adaptation, music score, sound recording)

1994 Asia-Pacific Film Festival, Sydney, competition

1994 Cannes Film Festival, France, international film market

1998 Chang Chun Film Festival, China, showcase

The First Grade Historical Monument-Fort Santo Domingo of Tamsui

Documentary, 1993

1994 The Golden Video Award, Taiwan 

Postmen Always Rings Twice

Postmen Always Rings Thrice

TV comedy series scripts, 1988       

Guilty or Not Guilty

Screen story, 1987

National Feature Film Story Award, Taiwan